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AIP meal delivery is perfect for those following the Autoimmune Protocol diet but who don’t want to spend hours prepping their own meals. There are several AIP meal delivery services available but how do you choose one?

Let’s see how they stack up, taking into account ingredient quality, range of choice, pricing, and of course, the all-important taste!

Paleo On The Go


Paleo On The Go Meal Delivery

Paleo on the Go is the overall winner when it comes to the AIP diet. With a wide range of AIP compliant meals, high-quality ingredients, and choice of bundles, including a pack for AIP beginners, or a-la-carte meals, they offer the widest selection of meals on the market and at an affordable price.

Average cost: $18.75 per meal. Minimum $99 order. Delivers to 50 states.

Key Benefits

  • Fully AIP compliant
  • 21 AIP entrees and a total of 43 AIP foods available
  • Food packs and a-la-carte options available
  • Delivered frozen, heat and eat
  • Organic vegetables, and hormone and antibiotic-free meat, grass-fed beef and lamb, and wild-caught fish

Pete’s Real Food


Petes Real Food Box

While Pete’s Real Food offers a limited range of AIP meals, they do win our fresh food award, thanks to their organically sourced vegetables, sustainably raised meat, and the fact that each ingredient comes packaged separately.

Average cost: $16.50 per meal. Minimum five meal order. Delivers to 50 states.

Key Benefits

  • Fully AIP compliant
  • 5 AIP meals
  • A-la-carte option only
  • Delivered frozen, heat and eat
  • Organic vegetables, grass-fed, sustainable beef and lamb

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Trifecta is unusual in that you can create your own meals using your preferred protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. This means that although they don’t offer AIP specific meals, you can build your own to suit your needs.

Meals start at $119 for 20 meals. Free delivery to all 50 states

Key Benefits

  • No specific AIP meals
  • A-la-carte choices allow you to build individual meals with your chosen ingredients
  • Delivered fresh, can be frozen, heat and eat
  • All organic ingredients, grass-fed meat, and wild-caught seafood

The Good Kitchen

the good kitchen box sm

The Good Kitchen wins our award for the lowest price meals, with prices ranging from just $11-14. Their range is somewhat limited at 4 menu options a week, but with regularly changing menus, you shouldn’t get bored.

Average cost: $12.50. A-la-carte has a minimum of 7 meal orders. Delivers to 50 states, free delivery to 48 states.

Key Benefits

  • Great AIP reintroduction phase meals (not elimination phase compliant)
  • 4 AIP meals
  • A-la-carte or food packs, with weekly changing menus
  • Delivered frozen, heat and eat
  • Organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, and pasture-raised poultry, pork, lamb and turkey, Seafood Watch compliant seafood

Buying Guide

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What is AIP?

AIP stands for Autoimmune Protocol, and it is an elimination-focused diet. It’s a relatively new approach to trying to reduce unwanted inflammation through food. It is thought that by eliminating certain foods from your diet, it is possible to treat a range of autoimmune conditions that cause inflammation in the body.

AIP is often used to treat a condition known as leaky gut. This is a theory that autoimmune conditions may be caused by tiny holes in the intestines. These holes are believed to allow food to be released into the body, which triggers a response from the immune system. It is thought that the AIP diet can heal this leaky gut.

AIP is rooted in the Paleo diet, in that a number of food groups are banned, including grains, legumes, dairy products, processed foods, refined sugars and industrial seed oils, such as vegetable oil.

AIP meals are based on ‘real’ food. This means that ingredient lists should be short and easily identifiable, with no additives. The diet is rich in meat and vegetables, with some exceptions.

Due to the list of restricted foods, which may be added to pre-prepared products, those of you looking to follow an AIP diet are likely to find it easier to use an AIP meal delivery service that provides balanced, AIP compliant meals that are simple to prepare.

How is AIP different from the Paleo diet?

AIP differs from the Paleo diet in that it is more restrictive, as it also cuts out a number of other food groups. These include eggs, nuts, and seeds, spices such as coriander and cumin, nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, gum, alternative sweeteners and emulsifiers, and food thickeners.

In addition to meat and vegetables, some other foods are allowed. These include coconut products and olive oil, non-dairy fermented foods, such as kombucha, vinegars that contain no added sugar, some honey and maple syrup, herbs, arrowroot starch and gelatin from grass-fed beef.

Perhaps surprisingly, fruits are a contentious subject within both AIP and Paleo diets. Some approaches allow small amounts of fruit, while others forbid the consumption of any fruit due to the fructose content.

Preparation and cooking skills required

As covered in the previous sections, all of these meals are ready to heat and eat. This means that no preparation is required other than placing them into a microwave or oven. Meals are ready in minutes if you opt for the microwave, or around twenty minutes if you prefer oven heating.

Fresh vs Frozen

The vast majority of these AIP meals are supplied frozen. This gives them a longer shelf life should you not be able to use them within a few days. Freezing is also a good way of locking nutrients into the ingredients.

Those meals that are delivered fresh can be frozen to extend their life expectancy.
Whether the meals are fresh or frozen, they’re carefully packed to ensure that they’re delivered at an appropriate and safe temperature, ready to put straight in the freezer or fridge.

Ingredient quality and ethical production

In line with the ethos of the AIP diet, of consuming only high-quality food, all of these AIP meal delivery companies use ethically reared and sustainably sourced ingredients. This includes organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and lamb, and wild-caught or Seafood Watch compliant fish and seafood. All meat is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Meal Variety and Taste

The range of AIP meals available differs wildly. Paleo to Go offers an impressive 43 different AIP options, including a pre-packaged meal bundle for ease of ordering. The other companies offer a much more limited range, although regularly changing menus mean that you are unlikely to get bored.

Taste is obviously an important factor when choosing an AIP meal delivery service. With a limited food range, seasoning and flavors are key to enjoying the AIP diet. All of these suppliers produce high quality, flavorsome meals that can be enjoyed with minimal preparation.

Bottom Line

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For those wanting to follow an AIP diet, AIP meal delivery is the easiest, most time-efficient way to achieve this. There are a number of suppliers in the market, all offering high quality, tasty, quick to prepare meals.

Of course, there can only be one winner, and for us, it has to be Paleo on the Go, thanks to its outstanding choice of AIP meals, taste, quality of ingredients, and overall price point. Pete’s Paleo wins our best tasting award, while Good Kitchen is the most affordable option.

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