Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery: Locations, Cost, and FAQs

Amazon Fresh meal delivery

Do you love the idea of never setting foot in a grocery store again but grimace at the selection offered by local grocery stores and a new meal delivery service you’ve looked at? Amazon Fresh is a choice option for grocery and meal delivery. Let’s take a closer look at what Amazon Fresh has to offer.

How Amazon Fresh Works

Amazon Fresh meal delivery

Amazon Fresh is a grocery and meal delivery service that delivers to select cities in the United States. The pilot program for Amazon Fresh started some time ago, but more recently, they’ve decided to expand the market and appeal to their customer’s growing demand for groceries and household items delivered to their doors.

Amazon Fresh locations don’t cover all communities, and they are currently focusing more on serving major metropolitan areas. If you live in one of their service areas, Amazon Fresh offers a service that may make you reconsider your local grocery delivery.

Amazon Fresh offers a wide range of fresh grocery, pantry, and household items that you find, order, and have delivered right to your door at a day and time of your choosing. Their selection far exceeds what you’re going to find in your average grocery store, giving you more options without leaving the comfort of your home.

To take advantage of Amazon Fresh, all you need is an Amazon Prime account and to live in one of their delivery areas. From there, you shop online for all your favorites and a few new discoveries. Next, choose your delivery window, pay, and then wait for your complete order to be delivered.

Amazon Fresh is also top in terms of convenience. There’s no waiting for your favorite Amazon meal kit to come back into circulation, or waiting to see this week’s menu before you order. It’s all done on your time. If you change your mind, modifying or canceling an order is easy. Here are a few more important details about the Amazon Fresh program.


Whether or not you’re able to take advantage of all the great deals offered by Amazon Fresh depends entirely on whether there are Amazon Fresh locations in your area. While gaining traction, Amazon Fresh is still a relatively new service, and they’re continually working on expanding their service area.

Currently, Amazon Fresh serves many of the large metropolitan areas. This includes cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New Your City, Seattle, San Diego, Washington D.C, and a handful of others.

Amazon Fresh doesn’t make it easy to find a complete listing of their service areas, but it is easy to find out if you’re part of an area they deliver. Navigate your way to Amazon Fresh from the Amazon homepage. If you have location information enabled, it will tell you immediately whether or not Amazon Fresh is available in your area.

Amazon Fresh Meal Kits

Amazon Fresh Meal Kits

With more people stuck at home, or at the very least, limiting how often they eat out, meal kit delivery services have grown in popularity. The downside of traditional meal delivery services is that they require so much planning ahead, not to mention that some can be costly.

Amazon meal delivery has offered a solution for those who want the convenience of meal delivery, without needing to commit to a subscription service or order a week or more ahead of time. Amazon Prime meal delivery is available through Amazon Fresh product selections.

Amazon Fresh features meals that are fully prepared and require either zero preparation (such as with one of their fresh, gourmet salads), or minimal cooking with an Amazon meal delivery kit, like Pollo Asado tacos that come with three generous portions.

How does Amazon meal delivery service through their Amazon Fresh program stack up against others? Here’s a quick breakdown.


Most of the meal kits and prepared meals offered through Amazon Fresh are going to serve 1-2 people. These are great for singles or couples who don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen, don’t want to deal with food waste, and don’t want to worry about planning what to have for dinner every night. Not all meal kits are prepared by Amazon, so portion sizes may vary.

Cost Per Serving

From a cost perspective, Amazon Fresh outperforms many of the top meal delivery services. Some meals cost as little as $3 per serving. Larger meal kits, which can run up to about $18 in price, serve 2-3 people. On average, expect to pay in the range of $5-$7 per serving, although there are plenty of less expensive options.

Selection and Diets

Amazon Fresh

The selection of Amazon meal kits is likely to change over time based on popularity and availability. Some are prepared by Amazon Kitchen but they also offer a variety of meals from other manufacturers. There is enough variety and selection that you’re sure to find something that sounds easy and delicious.

You might have more of a challenge if you follow any special diets. Because these meals are prepared and packaged, you don’t have the option of eliminating ingredients or excluding ingredients when you shop. The best course of action if you follow a special diet is to check the ingredients and nutritional label before ordering.

Amazon Fresh Costs and Coupons

Amazon Fresh menu items

With grocery delivery services becoming more popular, customers like you benefit from competitive cost savings. In the beginning, Amazon Fresh cost about $15 per month in addition to other Prime membership fees. To keep up with the competition, Amazon now offers fresh for free to their Prime members.

As with most products on Amazon, you’re going to get a good deal on groceries and household items, with a few outliers that seem a little overpriced. Even in those cases, the convenience is well worth it and the cost averages out to be the same or less than you’d pay for local grocery delivery with fees.

For example, their antibiotic-free, natural fresh chicken tenders cost about $5 for just under a pound of meat. This is either comparable to grocery store prices or depending on where you live, a really great deal. With produce, expect prices to vary based on seasonal availability.

If you’re a bargain hunter, you’re going to like searching for a great Amazon Fresh coupon, which the site makes easy. At the top of the Amazon Fresh page, there is a clickable option for deals. Click on it and pages full of hot digital coupons will show up. Look for your favorites and save even more.


Bottom Line

Ready to try Amazon Fresh? Log in with your Amazon Prime account, check for availability, and then become better acquainted with what is sure to become one of your preferred options for meal delivery and grocery shopping.

Amazon Fresh is cost-effective, simple, and they make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are a lot of pluses in favor of Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is another solid service from a well-trusted company.

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