The Best Fruit of the Month Club

Best Fruit of the Month Club

We live in a world of subscription services, but there’s still something special about having a box of the freshest fruit delivered to your door each month. Whether you want to treat yourself or someone special, a fruit of the month club is a great way to give a healthy, delicious snack that won’t clutter their shelves or closets!

There is a fruit of the month club to suit every taste, and we’ve been fortunate enough to try some of the very best. The Fruit Company is our top choice with their HarvestClub Medley Box, featuring a wonderful selection of fresh fruit combined with good value. Still, there are so many others that deserve a spot on our list too.

If you’re thinking about having fruit shipped to yourself or someone else as a gift, these are our top picks!

The Fruit Company HarvestClub Medley


The Fruit Company HarvestClub Medley

Let us count all the ways we love the HarvestClub Medley by the Fruit Company. First, the selection of fresh fruit is diverse and always in peak season. Second, you get two delicious fruits each month, and third, the quality is always on point.

The HarvestClub Medley fruit club features delicious traditional fruits, so this is great for people who like a variety of premium fruit but don’t want a bunch of new exotic fruits to figure out how to enjoy each month.

Examples of the finest seasonal fruit you’ll find in your monthly fruit box include dark sweet cherries, ruby red grapefruit, mandarin oranges, imperial Asian pears, southern mangoes, and honeybell sweets.

In addition to the fresh fruit, another reason this is our favorite monthly fruit club is the variety of subscription options they offer. You can choose to sign up for a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, which is pretty standard among most monthly fruit clubs. What sets The Fruit Company apart is that you can also choose how many pieces of fruit you want to be delivered each month.

When you sign up, you can choose either the Classic box (appx four pieces), Grand box (appx eight pieces), Deluxe (appx 15 pieces), or the Executive (appx 30 pieces). The smallest box is great to give to yourself or to give to a single person, while the Executive box is ideal for large families or to give to your favorite group of office staffers, teachers, nurses, etc.

The Fruit Company isn’t the cheapest fruit of the month option out there, but the quality of their fresh fruits is unsurpassed.

Details of The Fruit Company Harvest club Medley

  • A mix of traditional and hard-to-find fruits
  • Super fresh produce shipped so that you get it at its peak
  • Shipping days vary to provide the freshest fruit
  • Perfect gift for singles, families, and offices
  • Free shipping

Amazing Clubs Fruit of the Month Club


Amazing Clubs Fruit of the Month Club

If you’re unfamiliar with Amazing Clubs, they offer a range of monthly subscriptions for consumable goods. In addition to their fruit club, they also offer a coffee club, hot sauce club, beer club, bacon club, bagel club, popcorn club, and wine club – and that’s just to name a few options from their list! While Amazing Clubs isn’t the least (or most) expensive fruit club on our list, we think they deserve the spot for best value based on the quality of fresh fruit they offer at their price point.

Amazing Clubs has been in the business of monthly deliveries of flavorful fruits for more than a decade. They have been independently rated as the best and featured on prominent media outlets, such as Good Morning America, USA Today, The Early Show, Today, and The Wall Street Journal. A reputation like this is hard to ignore.

But, back to what makes them such a great value. Amazing Clubs is a huge operation compared to other clubs, which means they can purchase and ship on a larger scale. This saves them money, and in turn, they can pass on the savings to their customers.

Each monthly delivery will include two types of the finest seasonal fruits. You don’t get a preview of what each month will bring, but they offer you a glimpse of the fruits featured in previous months. A few examples include heirloom oranges & Chinese gooseberries, organic blood oranges & ambrosia apples, and summer flame peaches & August bright nectarines.

Overall weights vary, but monthly deliveries average a generous five pounds of in-season fruits per delivery. This is more than what most other clubs offer. When you subscribe, you can choose three months, six months, and twelve months, or their seasonal subscription, which covers four months. Prices average between $43-$45 per month.

Details of Amazing Clubs Fruit of the Month Club

  • Free shipping within the continental US
  • Choose the month you want deliveries to start
  • Monthly payment options are available, but paying in full is more economical
  • Includes a free newsletter with fun fruit facts
  • Fruit arrives in specialty packaging to prevent damage

Frog Hollow Farm


Frog Hollow Farm Fruit

Frog Hollow Farm has been in business for decades and has been a prominent member of the organic food movement. Located in California, Frog Hollow Farm is USDA-certified organic. They offer a variety of fruit of the month clubs packed with seasonal flavors and the most luscious organic fruits.

Many of the fruits you’ll receive in your monthly deliveries will be picked from Frog Hollow Farm’s own orchard. During those times of the year when the best seasonal fruit comes from somewhere else, you can rest assured that they only partner with organic farms and award-winning growers who feel as passionately about organic foods and sustainability as they do.

Most monthly boxes contain just fruit, but you can sign up for the Seasonal Care Package, which is delivered four times a year and features fruit along with a selection of handmade goodies from Frog Hollow Farms themselves.

Their most popular box is the Monthly Cornucopia of California, which features seasonally ripe mixed fruits. An example of the organic fruits you might receive include pomegranates, pears, and apples in the winter, or nectarines, apricots, peaches, and plums in the spring.

Prices vary for Frog Hollow Farms fruit of the month options depending on which club you choose, along with the duration and the weight. Their pricing is a bit more than some other fruit of the month companies, but considering the quality of their certified organic fruit, we definitely think it’s worth it.

Details of Frog Hollow Farm

  • Several fruits of the month options
  • Completely organic fruit club
  • Mixed fruit or single fruit subscriptions are available
  • Based in California
  • Known for their delicious fruit
  • Shipping included

Harry & David Signature Light Fruit Club


Harry David Signature Light Fruit Club

Sometimes a fruit of the month club is just more fruit than one person can handle. Unless you eat multiple servings of fruit each day, sometimes multiple servings of the same fruit, it’s next to impossible to get through it all before it goes bad.

While some fruit of the month clubs offers size options, even the smallest can be too big for one. The Harry & David Signature Light Fruit Club is an exception to this rule, offering just the right amount of fresh, juicy fruit for one person to enjoy.

Weights will vary depending on the fruit, but you can expect to receive about three pounds of fruit (give or take). Months that feature selection like cherries will weigh less because it would take a long time for one person to get through three pounds of cherries!

Honeybells, Cara Cara oranges, giant strawberries, apples, and royal Riviera pears are just a few of the types of fruit that might arrive in your box.

Details Harry & David Signature Light Fruit Club

  • Receive one type of fruit each month
  • Choose three, six, nine, or twelve-month subscription options
  • See what you’ll receive well ahead of time
  • Harry & David offers lots of edible baskets for gift giving

A Gift Inside


Best Fruit and Cheese Club

In our opinion, we can’t think of two things that go better together than cheese and fruit, well, except maybe the addition of a nice glass of wine. But for cheese lovers, who also love fruit, the Premium Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club is pure decadence.

Each month, you receive a box of curated fruits and cheese pairings. Most months, you receive one type of classic fruit and two wedges of cheeses. An example might be Rivermaid Red Pears, which are partnered with Beehive Seahive Honey-Tea Rubbed cheese or Vella Mezzo Secco Dry Jack.

While the fruit is predetermined, you can choose your preferred option among several kinds of cheese for the month. That way, you have more control over receiving a type of cheese you already know you aren’t fond of.

The Fruit and Cheese Club can be purchased for any duration, from one month to twelve months. The average monthly price hovers between $44 and $53.

Details A Gift Inside

  • Choose the first shipping date
  • Future orders shipped the second week of the month
  • Shipping included with most orders
  • Select your cheeses far in advance
  • Ripening instructions and tasting notes for the cheese are included

The Fruit Company HarvestClub


The Fruit Company HarvestClub Exotica

The fruit company makes it onto our list of the bests again with their Exotica fruit box. If you love exotic fruits or know someone who does, this box is a fruit lover’s dream come true.

This is a great gift, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality and freshness of the fruit inside. The fruit mix offered by The Fruit Company includes exotic and tropical fruits like champagne mangos, blood oranges, yellow dragon fruit, strawberry papaya, and Christmas pomegranates.

Each shipment includes one type of exotic fruit. You choose the frequency and average size of each box by picking the Classic, Grand, Deluxe, or Executive Club. That way, you get or give the perfect amount of fruit each month.

Details of The Fruit Company HarvestClub Exotica

  • Prices start at $149
  • Shipping days may vary
  • Shipping included
  • Substitutions are made for states with shipping restrictions on certain fruits

Fruit Gift of the Month


Best Fruit of the Month Club Gift Fruit Gift of the Month apple

The aptly named Fruit Gift of the Month offers monthly subscriptions featuring the best fruit, plus fun little extras in each box. One of the things we love about this fruit box, besides the high-quality fruit, is that they include a personalized newsletter. After nearly 25 years, it’s obvious that Fruit Gift of the Month has perfected and personalized its service to every customer.

What you get when you give a gift from them is five pounds of fresh fruit, featuring a variety of traditional and exotic fruits, so that it never gets boring. All fruits are hand-picked and include favorites like honey tangerines, Taylor’s gold pears, bing cherries, tropical kiwi, comic pears, and more surprises each month.

You can choose from two, three, four, six, or twelve-month gift subscription options, and from there, you can decide if you want the recipient to receive a box every month, every two months, or every three months. Prices range from $36-$40 per month.

Details of Fruit Gift of the Month

  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • The newsletter included with each delivery
  • Choose to have shipments delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months
  • Fruit is shipped directly from the grower
  • Great variety for gift-giving
  • Shipping included

Runner Ups

Harry & David Medley Fruit Club

Harry David Medley Fruit Club

Harry & David makes it onto our list a couple of times, but their Medley Fruit Club is one of their most popular. This monthly fruit club gets great reviews for the quality of its fresh fruit, and Harry & David has a long-standing respectable reputation.

Each month of the year, you receive a generous selection of seasonal fresh fruits. Depending on the month, your fruit delivery might include high-quality fruits such as royal pineapple & honey mangoes, navel oranges & grapefruit, gold tropical kiwis & plums, an apple medley, or apricots & plums.

The Harry & David Medley Fruit Club offers mostly classic fruit with wide appeal. This isn’t really it if you’re looking for tropical or exotic fruits. But, it is all fresh-picked fruit and, overall, of much higher quality than you can find in grocery stores.

The Medley Fruit Club can be purchased as a three, six, nine, or twelve-month subscription. You pick the starting month, and Harry & David will make sure your premium fruits are delivered fresh to your door each consecutive month.

The smallest subscription for three months costs $129.99, which is a little over $43 per shipment (prices reflect current costs and are subject to change). The twelve-month subscription averages a little over $35 per month, making it an overall more economical option.

Details of Harry & David Medley Fruit Club  

  • The weight of shipment varies depending on the type of fruit
  • Each month is already planned, so you can see what you’ll be getting ahead of time
  • Pictures and details are available for each month
  • Option to add a premium gift to the first month for an additional charge
  • Shipping is based on the dollar amount and ranges from $7.99-$24.99
  • Their customer service reviews are less than stella

FruitGuys – Organic Harvest Mix


The Fruit Guys offer a bit of a different type of fruit of the month option. Instead of receiving a recurring shipment, you log in and purchase a box of organic fruit whenever you want it! This means not wondering if you’ll be able to eat all your fruit before it goes bad or being worried that you won’t be home when your monthly box arrives.

FruitGuys offers several types of produce boxes, but we feel that their Organic Harvest Mix deserves a spot on our list. The Harvest Box includes a great variety of the freshest, seasonal fruits that will arrive at your door at their peak of ripeness and ready for you to enjoy.

Depending on the season, you might receive a box full of persimmons, pomegranates, peaches, and plums. A portion of the proceeds from each box goes toward fighting hunger and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Details of FruitGuys

  • Choose from a small, medium, or large box
  • Prices start at $45 for the small box
  • Activity sheets, health information, and recipes included in each box
  • Organic Staples box with apples, bananas, and oranges also available


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Is a fruit of the month club worth it?

It can definitely be worth it if you love fruit, or the person you want to give the gift to does. Often, you receive hard-to-find or exotic varieties of fruits that you can’t easily find in your average grocery store. Plus, these clubs make a point of shipping right when the fruit reaches you at the peak of freshness. You’ll pay more than shopping at the store, but the quality is almost always worth it.

How much fruit do you get in a fruit of the month club?

It depends on which club you sign up for and how they structure their subscriptions. Some are weight-based and send out boxes that weigh anywhere from 3lb-10lb. Others base their boxes on a set number of fruits – four, eight, or fifteen pieces, for example. 

Bottom Line​

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Fruit of the month clubs make great gifts and are a nice way to treat yourself too! Whether you’re looking for exotics, classic fruit, a citrus club, or a nice fruit and cheese club, there’s an option for everyone. Our top choice is The Fruit Company for their combined quality, selection, and value, but all the services on our list are top-tier!

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