Best Meat Delivery Services

Best Meat Delivery Services
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Home meat delivery is a great option when you can’t make it to your local butcher and want something more than the average grocer offers. 

There are several ship to your door meat companies that are worth checking out. We’ve evaluated some of them for you to come with the best for taste, texture, variety, price, and more.

Crowd Cow


Crowd Cow Box

One of the big perks of signing up with meat delivery services is that you (hopefully) have access to a greater variety of higher quality meats and seafood than you would find at your average grocery store or even your local butcher shop. Some companies have mastered the art of variety better than others, with Crowd Cow being one of the best.

What customers love about Crowd Cow is their incredible selection. Currently, customers have expansive options to choose from that include Wagyu beef, dry-aged steaks, pasture-raised chicken, Atlantic salmon, lobster, crab legs, heritage pork, and more. If you find something you’d like to try but have never cooked before, Crowd Cow provides cooking instructions and recipes on their website.

Crowd Cow is also a great place to get specialty meats and wild game like bison, venison, wild boar, and duck. They even offer plant-based ground “beef” for the non-carnivore crowd. Customer reviews of Crowd Cow say that their meats’ quality is consistent and that their high standards shine through in their products.

Crowd Cow offers a lot of great bundles that are perfect for today’s lifestyles. They offer boxes that have been specifically crafted for keto, paleo, pescatarian, Mediterranean, and flexitarian diets. You can also build your own box and have it delivered monthly.

With such a large selection to choose from, prices vary depending on what you order but overall, selections are priced well for what you receive, and there’s usually a selection of butcher’s specials at discounted prices. Another nice feature is that you can shop by farm. Crowd Cow provides a profile of each farm they work with, so you can learn more about the farm, its farmers, ethics, and approach to animal welfare and sustainability.

Crowd Cow will ship orders for free with a minimum purchase of $99.

Snake River Farms


Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms doesn’t offer the widest variety of different types of meats, but they excel at what they do offer: American Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Pork. When it comes to these categories, you’d be hardpressed to find a meat delivery service that compared to Snake River Farms, especially for their selection of American Wagyu Beef.

Japanese Wagyu Beef is considered a luxury in the culinary world, and it can cost in the ballpark of $200 per pound, which puts it out of reach for many steak lovers. American Wagyu is sourced from purebred Japanese Cattle bred with premium American Cattle. The result is beef that is beautifully marbled, tender, and intensely flavorful. Another perk is that it costs a bit less.

SRF offers more than fifty choices on their American Wagyu menu, including tomahawk ribeyes, filet mignon, ground beef, and even jerky. No matter what you’re preferences, there’s an option here for everyone. Pork lovers will enjoy the selection of Kurobuta Pork that has been raised on small family farms, with zero hormones added.

Due to the type and quality of their meats, Snake River Farms does cost more than many other meat delivery services. You can order a la carte or subscribe to one of their subscription boxes. Products are shipped to you frozen, except for dry-aged beef, which is shipped fresh. A standard delivery fee of $9.99 is applied to each order.

Omaha Steaks


Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a name that most everyone recognizes. Omaha Steaks has been in the business of providing their customers with the best meat choices for more than a century. They were one of the first companies to offer mail order services to their customers, and today you can find their complete collections of specialty meats, chicken & pork, seafood, wine, desserts, and more.

Their selection is incredible, and there’s something there for every type of meat lover in just about every price range. This makes them not only a good choice for stocking your own freezer but also perfect when you need a great, thoughtful gift for your favorite carnivores.

Omaha Steaks has an entire page of their site devoted to gift-giving. Gift packages include a Classic Bundle with various proteins, Dinner Bundles that include the main course and accompaniments, Surf & Turf, Sweet & Savory, Wine Gifts, and packages designed for special occasions. They also offer gift cards, which are always appreciated. Most gift packages are shipped free of charge.

FarmFoods Market


FarmFoods Market

Having fresh, delicious meat home delivered to your door is a carnivore’s dream. Due to the escalating costs of beef, pork, lamb, and other proteins, it’s also something that isn’t always budget-friendly. FarmFoods Market has found the sweet spot between quality, ethics, and affordability.

FarmFoods Market offers a wide selection of grass-fed beef, heritage pork, pasture-raised chicken & poultry, grass-fed lamb, wild-caught seafood, and wholesale options. All of this at a price at or just slightly above what your local butcher might charge. Free shipping on orders of more than 10lbs also helps keep your overall costs low when ordering from this meat delivery company.

FarmFoods Market is also commitment to transparency. They list right on their site the farms they work with, providing a profile of each so that you can choose and support farms that are most aligned with your ethics and values.

Holy Grail Steak Co.


Holy Grail Steak Company

The name Holy Grail Steak Co. here isn’t a coincidence. Their collections of steaks feature some of the most premium cuts available today. You’ll find mouth-watering selections in categories like Japanese, American, Australian Wagyu, Dry Aged Steaks, Upper Prime Black Angus, 100% Grass-Fed Prime, Carrot-Finished Beef, Sonoma County Lamb, and Kurobuta Pork.

Holy Grail Steak Co also claims to be the nation’s only source for purchasing authentic Kobe Beef online. They work exclusively with only the best partners who take pride in their beef products; this includes following the philosophy that their steak’s quality depends significantly on how the animal was raised.

The Holy Grail Steak Co’s master butchers expertly cut each piece of beef before vacuum sealing and flash freezing it to preserve the beef’s taste and integrity. Your order is shipped to you in state-of-the-art packaging materials and dry ice to protect your delicious investment until it reaches your door.

Expect to pay more at Holy Grail Steak Co than other home meat delivery services. An Australian Jack’s Creek, Full Blood Filet Mignon costs $90-$99 for 8oz, and a 32 oz Upper Prime Black Angus Tomahawk costs $119. Shipping is free on all orders over $199.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is one of the more popular names in home meat delivery service. They offer a good selection of beef, chicken, and pork that can be ordered in customizable boxes or one of their curated packages. Their beef is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range, crate-free pork, and wild-caught seafood.

Butcher Box is a pretty straightforward subscription service. You choose whether you want shipments monthly or bi-monthly, and then decide what style of box you want. Options include a completely custom delivery, where you choose from more than 25 different cuts of meat, poultry, and seafood, and you can switch out items with each order.

Curated boxes are your other option, with a choice between a beef box, beef & chicken box, beef & pork box, or a mixed box with a variety of goodies for devout carnivores. Both custom and curated options give you a choice between two sizes – the classic box (24-30 meals), and the large box (48-60 meals)

Butcher Box is also one of the more affordable options for purchasing meat online, especially when you factor in the convenience of not needing to head to the store. The classic boxes are priced at $129/$149, which averages to right around $5 per meal, give or take a few dimes.

They ship for free, and your order will arrive at your door frozen to preserve freshness in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging.



Based in New Jersey, Rastelli’s has grown from a small neighborhood butcher shop to one of the premier top-quality meat and seafood providers. The family business that started decades ago has mastered the art of balance between their commitment to offering only the highest quality and unending dedication to supporting sustainable sourcing practices, environmental consciousness, and high processing standards.

Rastelli’s meats are free of any hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. They believe in true transparency when it comes to their sourcing process. Their website has dedicated pages detailing where your meat and seafood come from when you purchase from them.

Rastelli’s offers many of the types of meat you crave. Their selection includes everything from grass-fed sirloin and ground beef to organic chicken, pork chops, fajita strips, and pre-cooked ribs. Before Covid, Rastelli’s offered more selection but decided to streamline a bit to meet the increase in demand while providing customers with their top choices.

Rastelli’s prices vary but are reasonable. A whole, organic chicken, costs about $5.25 per pound (a 3.5-4.5lb chicken is $21), which is comparable to what you’d pay at the grocery store. Your box is delivered with each item being vacuum-sealed and blast frozen. The blast-freezing process helps preserve the freshness, texture, and flavor of their meats.

Rastelli offers both curated bundles and a la carte options. Their service is entirely customizable, and you can choose to purchase from them at your whim or save a little on your order by subscribing. Shipping is free with a minimum of $200 order. Rastelli delivers to all of the continental United States.

Porter Road

Porter Road

Porter Road started as two friends starting their own catering business. They discovered that even when they shopped local, getting their hands on fresh, high-quality meat was a challenge. Before long, the two friends decided to redirect their energy into making really great cuts of meat accessible to more people.

From this concept, Porter Road was born. Today, they have grown to deliver across the country and work exclusively with select farms that meet their high standards. This includes ensuring that animals are fed vegetarian, non-GMO diets, that animals are raised outside, and that proper care is given to the process at every step. Porter Road regularly visits the farms they work with, not only to guarantee quality but also to form long-standing relationships.

What makes Porter Road stand out is their attention to detail. Each piece of meat is meticulously hand-cut at their own facility. With a few exceptions, Porter Road ships all of their meat fresh, not frozen. Shipping fresh preserves the integrity of their proteins so that when you cook their products, what you end up with is something exceptional rather than ordinary. They also dry age their beef for a minimum of 14 days to maximize flavor and tenderness.

Porter Road offers curated boxes, subscription services, and a la carte items. If you opt for a subscription, you can choose your delivery frequency to be every two, four, or eight weeks. Porter Road is reasonably priced, with their Butcher’s Choice Box that contains 8-10lbs of meat costing $127. Shipping is free on all orders over $100.

What To Look For in a Meat Delivery Service

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Meat delivery services offer an opportunity to try something new or maybe treat yourself to a premium cut of steak. Depending on what you expect from your meat home delivery service, variety can be very important.

Our top choice, Crowd Cow, is one of the best for variety. They offer everything from free-range chicken breasts for a weekday family dinner to exquisite premium beef and wild game cuts. Other services, like Rastelli’s, have found that by streamlining their selections, they’ve been able to serve their customers better. Rastelli’s might be perfect if you have a couple of select cuts you rely on.


For many American households, meat is one of the largest portions of their weekly grocery bill. Meats with flavor and texture that exceed what you find in typical grocery stores are even more expensive. Based on your budget, the price point is definitely something to consider.

Budget-friendly companies like FarmFoods Market are great options for customers looking to get the bulk of their meat delivered to their door. With this service, you’re not going to spend that much more than you would from your local butcher. Other companies like Holy Grail Steak Co cater to those looking for a high-end steak, whether it’s for a special occasion or for someone who just really loves a premier cut of beef.

Fresh or Frozen

There are different thoughts on whether fresh or frozen is best, and your personal preferences will weigh in heavily here. When frozen, ice crystals form inside the meat. These crystals deteriorate the integrity of the meat’s structure, causing it to “bleed” as the meat thaws. The result is a cut of beef that is dry and less tender. For this reason, some companies like Porter Road only ship fresh.

Other companies flash freeze their beef, with doesn’t damage the protein. If a company does ship their meats frozen, it’s worth the time to research their freezing process and avoid meats that aren’t flash frozen.

Subscription or A La Carte

The final detail to consider is whether you’re required to sign up for a monthly/bi-monthly subscription or if you can choose items a la carte at your whim. If you rely on a delivery service to replace buying meats at the store, a subscription service is usually a good option, especially since many companies offer at least a 5% discount when you sign up.

If you like to experiment with a variety of options besides steaks like maybe ground pork for dinner one night and free-range, organic chicken that’s free of hormones the next, then an a la carte option is likely better suited to your needs.

Bottom Line

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Home meat delivery is a treat you can enjoy any day of the week. Our top choice is Crowd Cow for their combination of value, variety, integrity, and the overall level of satisfaction with their selection of meat. Other companies are just as good but in different ways. What are you craving for dinner tonight? Sirloin steaks on the grill? Something a little fancier like foie gras? Whatever you’re in the mood for, these meat shipping services have it all.

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