The Best Black Owned Meal Delivery Services 

black-owned meal delivery

It’s important to make conscious decisions when choosing the companies you want to support with your hard-earned dollars, and supporting black-owned businesses helps to lift communities and create less economic disparity. Since we’re always on the hunt for the best meal delivery options, we found six amazing companies that are taking black-owned meal delivery service to the next level.

The at-home meal delivery services on this list mostly consider themselves to be small businesses, which makes them doubly worthy of your support. Each offers its services to a smaller area than the big meal prep delivery companies, but each is definitely worth checking out. Save yourself the trouble of weekly meal prep and enjoy some of your favorite foods in the process.

Chantel’s Catering


Chantels Catering menu options

Chantel’s Catering is a small business operated out of Queens, New York, that has knocked customers off their feet with the quality and taste of each meal. The culinary mastermind behind Chantel’s Catering is Chantel Quailey, who earned a culinary arts and food service management degree from Johnson & Wales before opening her black-owned catering company.

While catering services aren’t exactly the same thing as being a meal delivery service, Chantel’s Catering does offer family packs and meal prep options that taste home-cooked and delicious. You can genuinely taste how passionate Chantel is about her food and catering business services.

So, when Chantel Quailey sets out to create delicious meals, what types of food can you expect to see on the menu? The family meal packages feature favorite dishes with globally-inspired flavors. A Caribbean family pack includes jerk chicken, along with plantains, rice & peas, and vegetable. The Asian family pack features Teriyaki Chicken, along with vegetable lo mein, steamed garlic broccoli, and vegetable spring rolls.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about it! The family packs serve eight to ten people.

The other option offered by Chantel’s Catering is meal prep. Customers can choose ten selections from the menu and have each fully prepared, home-cooked meal delivered to their door. On this menu, you’ll surely find some of your favorite dishes, plus a selection of meals for those following a plant-based diet.

Not only does she make meal prepping easier, but the delicious food checks off all the boxes for being a delicious food, perfectly prepared, and offering a comfort food element.

Chantel’s Catering, black-owned meal prep and catering service is located at 146-51 221 Street, Queens, NY, and can be reached at

Global Village Foods

Global Village Foods Menu

Global Village Foods isn’t a typical delivery service in that they supply meals to local grocery stores rather than delivering them to your door. Still, if you live in Vermont and have access to a store that sells these healthy selections, you’ll soon find that this black-owned business knows how to infuse delicious taste into its global cuisine.

Global Village Foods is a family-owned business that was founded by a woman named Damaris, who leveraged her training as a chef, combined with Kenyan heritage and experience as an allergy mom, to offer the food industry something that it doesn’t see too much of – mostly plant-based meals with flavors of several different African regions that also happen to be free of most major allergens.

Global Village cuisine is free from dairy, eggs, peanuts, sesame, and fish. However, they don’t state that they are a gluten-free meal service, so these meals might not be best suited for you if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Healthy meals are made with fresh ingredients and are loaded with flavor. The menu isn’t large, but Global Village Foods does offer five completely different recipes.

These include African No-Nut Vegan Stew, an Ethiopian Vegan Lentil Combo, and Moroccan Lemon Chicken & Olives, among others. While the delicious recipes aren’t all vegan, there are definitely some tasty options for plant-based lunches and dinners.

Global Village Foods has been featured by Whole Foods, Forbes, and New York magazine. You can use their store locator to find their meals in select grocery stores in Vermont and nearby areas.


BoyceMode Menu

Are you interested in supporting black-owned businesses but also have a high expectation that the meal prep service you choose offers healthy food that tastes amazing? Let us introduce you to BoyceMode.

BoyceMode was founded by a man named Sam, who, at one point, was struggling with his own health. High blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity had a stranglehold on his health, but after one fateful doctor’s visit, he decided to turn it all around.

The journey led him to a plant-based lifestyle that he has since become passionate about. He combined his passion, dietary skills, and culinary abilities to create an at-home meal service that supports healthy, sustainable food choices and a balanced lifestyle.

Today, BoyceMode is all about supporting people with holistic nutrition. The company offers weekly subscriptions, where customers have the opportunity to customize their meals. BoyceMode also states on its website that if you have a food allergy, reach out to them directly, and they will work to accommodate your dietary needs.

BoyceMode meals taste like you had a private chef prepare them in your own kitchen, when really all you had to do to order, heat, and then eat. We also really like that they use sustainable packaging practices, with their packaging material being completely compostable and biodegradable.

Check out BoyceMode’s delicious, healthy meals and subscription options on their website. BoyceMode is available in select areas throughout New York and New Jersey.

Meal Prep Kingz

Meal Prep Kingz Meals

Meal Prep Kingz is a black-owned meal prep service that caters to the wonderful people of Southern California, including the San Diego area. The meal delivery service based in Santa Ana, California, offers an expansive menu of healthy options that can be best classified as nutrient-dense American dishes.

Meal Prep Kingz offers meal prep plans for flexitarians, keto, paleo, and dairy-free meals. Many of their meals are plant-forward, although not completely vegan. Still, you’re not going to find any junk or processed ingredients in these healthy and tasty meals.

These are the type of meals that all your family members can get behind. Think along the lines of Swedish Turkey Meatballs, Vegetarian Lasagna, Lemon Chicken Piccata, and Crispy Baked Sesame Tofu. Don’t worry. There are also a handful of options to appease your sweet tooth!


MacroBites Packing

MacroBites is a great company that’s also black-owned with an inspiring backstory. The three men behind MacroBites had found themselves propelling fast toward a life of crime as youth, and all three eventually spent some time in prison. Once they were out, they realized that society was only working against them and setting them up for a life that they no longer wanted part of.

The entire story can be found here, but to make a long story short, they created MacroBites and now find themselves as the heads of a very successful business.

MacroBites offers nutritious, balanced meals that have the flavorful flare of southern meals but are actually healthy for you. They offer these huge salads, like their hearty southwest salads that are so bright, fresh, flavorful – and filling. The weekly salad kit delivers an overly generous portion of fresh produce and lean proteins.

If you like meaty texture, without the meat, the glazed portobello bowl is delicious. The New Orleans Strip with veggies will satisfy any carnivorous appetite, and you can also order bulk foods a la carte.

MacroBites is located in New Jersey and offers local delivery and pickup, but they have also expanded into nationwide delivery, so you can enjoy their great meals no matter where you are

Rebel Chef Meals

Rebel Chef Meals

Rebel Chef Meals started when chef and owner Ashley was in a car accident and suffered multiple injuries that required an extended period of healing. Following a perfect storm of being on unpaid leave from work and side effects from medication, Ashley turned things around by starting her own meal prep service.

Ashley isn’t a woman that found her way into the meal provider game due to her career as a chef. Instead, her background is in business management, which, combined with her passion for amazing food, has created the ideal foundation for her company to flourish.

The menu features a selection of breakfast, lunch & dinner entrees, snacks, desserts, and by-the-pound food options for larger crowds or to have on hand for your own meal prep.

First Batch Artisan Food

First Batch Artisan Food Cookies

We couldn’t wrap up this list without at least giving a nod to First Batch Artisan Foods out of Atlanta. When we checked their website, all the options were currently sold out, but they have rave reviews for their healthy soul food, including vegan smoked brisket sandwiches that have our mouths watering. Their meal bundles also include five dairy-free desserts, plus they’ve won accolades for having the best dairy-free ice cream in Atlanta!

We’re not sure what’s going on with everything being out of stock, but we hope it all gets worked out soon!

Key Takeaways

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  • There are many great meal delivery services that are black-owned throughout the country, offering delicious, healthy food.
  • Many of them offer only local delivery, but if one catches your eye, it never hurts to contact them directly about delivery.
  • Small businesses like these offer home-cooked meals instead of the sometimes sub-par frozen meals from larger companies.

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