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Blue Apron Menu

Blue Apron is an excellent option for anyone wanting healthy, well-balanced meals that taste delicious. The preparation and cook time for these meals typically range between 25-55 minutes. You can expect that most fresh produce will need to be prepped yourself, but otherwise, Blue Apron neatly packages all your other ingredients and necessities for your meal.

Blue Apron has a decent amount of dietary options for their meal plans. You can choose from three different meal plans: The Signature Plan for 2, The Signature Plan for 4, or Vegetarian Plan for 2. Once you choose from these three meal options, you can narrow your weekly meals by protein, Beyond Meat, WW Approved, Mediterranean Diet, and Diabetes-Friendly, Carb Conscious, and 600 Calories or Less.

While Blue Apron does have options for some diets, they lack representation for keto, Whole30, vegan, pescatarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets. Blue Apron offers serving sizes for two and four people for their Signature Plans and serving size for two if you opt for the Vegetarian Plan.

Most weeks will offer ten options for meals, giving you more variety for flavors and recipes. Of these options, you can choose a premium meal with select ingredients that will increase the price per serving.

blue apron meal selection

Ingredient Quality

Blue Apron has incredibly fresh ingredients, especially their vegetables. Our produce stayed in tip-top condition for several days after delivery and was fresh and clean.

Blue Apron provides many already prepared and measured dry ingredients, but you can expect to prepare many of the products yourself. We enjoyed the fresh and delicious meals with wholesome ingredients, regardless of time and preparation.

Meal Prep & Taste

Summer vegetable Risotto
Summer Vegetable Risotto
Salmon & Cilantro Rice bowls
Salmon & Cilantro Rice
Cheesy Chicken Tacos
Cheesy Chicken Tacos

We selected three meals pictured above and loved every single one of them! Our meals were fresh, delicious, and unique. We even saved our recipes for future dinner plans. The Vegetable Risotto was delicious and slightly heavy. Regardless, it was a healthier risotto recipe that didn’t leave you feeling stuffed.

The Salmon bowl was one of the most wholesome and healthy meals we received. The Asian inspired flavors were delicious, and the portion size was perfect.

The poblano chicken tacos were spicy and delectable. We loved the flavor of the southwest roasted sweet potato fries paired with the heat of the poblano peppers. This meal was a hit!

Blue Apron Prices & Coupons

We found Blue Apron’s price to be extremely reasonable considering the high quality of ingredients and excellent taste of meals. Pricing can change based on premium meal selection, as well as the number of meals or servings per week you choose. We found Blue Apron’s price to be extremely reasonable considering the high quality of ingredients and excellent taste of meals. Pricing can change based on premium meal selection and the number of meals or servings per week you choose.


Price per Serving

Price Per Serving










Shipping Cost
All Plans and Quantities $9.99
Blue Apron 16 free meals + free shipping

Get up to 16 meals free across 6 orders (a $130 value)—plus, your first order ships free!

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Packaging & Recycling

Blue Apron had quite a bit of plastic packaging. Most of the dry ingredients and sauces were packaged in plastic within a larger plastic bag. While this is true, their packaging and ice parks are recyclable.

The instructions and labeling were clear, large, and very visible. The cooking instructions were very descriptive and easy to follow.

Customer Service

Blue Apron’s customer service was excellent, and we had an easy time deactivating our account to prevent further subscription purchases. They make it easy to reactivate your account by saving your account login information, so there is no need to create a new account if you choose to reactivate.

You can also easily skip a week with Blue Apron by simply logging in and managing your delivery through the “Upcoming” page.

Blue Apron does not have a pause option but deactivating, reactivating, and subscribing again serves the same function as a pause on an account with other meal delivery services.


A. You can easily change your plan with Blue Apron by logging into your Blue Apron account, going to Plan Settings, and clicking 'Edit' to switch plans. Make sure you change your plan according to the 'Changeable Before' date provided! 

A. Our Blue Apron box included packaging that claimed the food would be fresh up to five days and we stand by this statement! Our food was still of high quality and freshness even after several days in the fridge. 

A. Blue Apron farmers and ranchers do not use sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones on their well cared for meat, poultry, and eggs. 

A. Blue Apron delivery days will be based on your zip code location and the delivery days available based on your location. You can choose from those options which day works best for you all when you sign up for Blue Apron, and you can change this information later in Account Settings.

The Bottom Line

We really enjoyed Blue Apron for their healthy meals, thoughtful ingredients, and delicious flavors. The produce was amazingly fresh for delivery, and the finished meals were fantastic and different than most other meals you find from meal delivery services.

What we liked:

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Generous portions
  • Healthy and balanced meals

What we didn’t like:

  • Could have more diverse dietary options
  • Lots of plastic packaging

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