Blue Apron Vs Sun Basket

Blue Apron vs Sun Basket

Bored with their usual dinner repertoire, more and more people are turning to meal kit delivery companies. Two of the major players in this market are Blue Apron and Sun Basket. Both offer delicious meal kits delivered straight to your door.

Blue Apron is the original meal kit delivery service in the USA. Bursting onto the scene in 2012, they gained popularity quickly, delivering more than one million meals each month by their second year.

It wasn’t long before more meal kit delivery services started popping up. Fast forward about two years and Sun Basket was born in San Francisco. Their products are USDA certified organic, and they produce a range of food for customers with dietary restrictions, such as paleo and gluten-free.

But which is the best option for you and your family? Let’s compare in this matchup of Blue Apron vs Sun Basket!

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Blue Apron

blue apron meal delivery sm



Sun Basket

sun basket meal delivery



Dietary Options

Blue Apron


Sun Basket

Blue Apron and Sun Basket both do well at providing meal options that are easy, nutritious, and taste good. If you have special dietary needs or are following a specific diet plan, easy and nutritious aren’t enough. You need meals that fit with your dietary lifestyle. Here’s what Blue Apron and Sun Basket deliver in terms of dietary options.

If you’re watching your weight or following a calorie-conscious diet, Blue Apron has a good selection of options for you. Many of Blue Apron’s meals come in under 500 calories, and they also offer carb-conscious selections. Vegetarian meals also make regular appearances on the Blue Apron menu.

Sun Basket is a bit more diverse in the dietary options they offer. Sun Basket’s menu offers meals for practically all of today’s popular dietary lifestyles, including Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, and Mediterranean.

Meal Prep & Variety

Blue Apron


Sun Basket

When you order from Blue Apron or Sun Basket, you get a box that’s packed with fresh, delicious ingredients delivered right to your door. The fun comes once you open it up and begin preparing your meals. Exactly how much work does this involve, and can you count on enough variety to keep you interested in their meal delivery service?

Blue Apron sticks to about 12 meals on their weekly menu rotations. Blue Apron is a good choice if you like classic or traditional style meals with flavor profiles that have been elevated a few notches. With Blue Apron, you’ll get the chance to try new sauces and spice blends, and maybe learn a few new tricks in the kitchen.

Blue Apron also offers a selection of wines, which might be enjoyable to sip while you’re enjoying your meal, or even while you’re cooking. Blue Apron’s meals are suitable for beginning cooks, so there’s no reason to not have a little fun while you’re cooking them.

Sun Basket offers incredible variety with over 30 meals on their menu. This number will be narrowed down if you have any special dietary needs or preferences. In addition to beginner level meals to prepare, Sun Basket offers some heat and eat selections for breakfast and lunch.


Blue Apron


Sun Basket

Both Blue Apron and Sun Basket have been praised for the quality of their meals, which wouldn’t be the case if they supplied anything less than the highest quality ingredients. Both are non-GMO, fresh, and not previously frozen. Both companies also stand out in unique ways for the quality of their ingredients.

Sun Basket is USDA certified organic and has exceptionally high standards when choosing where they source ingredients. When you order from Sun Basket, you know that your meat and eggs are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Any seafood they use is wild-caught or sustainably raised.

Blue Apron works with sustainable food suppliers that avoid unnecessary treatments. Blue Apron is unique in that they use a network of more than 100 family-owned/ran farms. Blue Apron also has a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, which shows through in the quality of the final product they deliver.

Taste & Sample Meals

Blue Apron

Seared Steaks and Calabrian Chile Butter 500
  • Seared Steaks & Calabrian Chile Butter with Collard Greens & Cheesy Potatoes
  • Mediterranean Farro Bowls
  • White Cheddar Cheeseburgers

Sun Basket

sun basket sample meal
  • Chicken and hummus flatbread “tacos”
  • Mediterranean turkey meatballs with red pepper–cashew crema
  • Korean chicken japchae with glass noodles and vegetables

So, what types of meals are you going to find on Blue Apron’s and Sun Basket’s menus, and more importantly, how do they taste? Let’s compare the two.

Blue Apron’s recipes are well-liked classics, some with a bit of twist. Overall, you’re going to find classic meals that can be found in everyday kitchens. If there is one drawback to the taste of Blue Apron’s meals, it’s that their flavors can sometimes be a bit underwhelming. Many of Blue Apron’s meals are simple and suitable for picky eaters, plus you can also add extra spices.

Sun Basket offers considerably more meals, giving them more of an opportunity to explore a diverse range of flavors in their menu options. Some meals feature spices that are a little bolder and more unique. It’s these flavor profiles that set Sun Basket apart in the industry. 

Between Blue Apron and Sun Basket, serving sizes also differ. Blue Apron caters to the average appetite, making it unsuitable for those who like more substantial meals. At the same time, Sun Basket’s serving sizes are more generous.


Blue Apron


Price per Serving

Price Per Serving










Sun Basket




Meal Kits


$11.49 - $16.59

Fresh & Ready


$9.99 - $14.59

For many, the price of a meal delivery service is more than worth it. You don’t need to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping, or making sure you didn’t forget a key ingredient at the store. Generally, you can expect a meal prepared from a kit to run on the lower range of what you might pay for a similar meal in a restaurant.

This holds true for both Blue Apron and Sun Basket. Sun Basket’s meals run in the $11-$13 range but you’re not going to find exact details on pricing by just browsing their website. Sun Basket also charges a small flat rate shipping fee, which also is difficult to find on their website. Some orders do qualify for free shipping.

Blue Apron is marginally more economical in their pricing. The price of a meal from Blue Apron tops out at just under $10, with some meal packages coming in at a few dollars less per portion. Blue Apron also charges a flat-rate shipping fee of $8.99 per order.

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Packaging & Recycling

Whether you’re worried about the safety of the ingredients used in your meals, environmentally conscious, or just don’t like the idea of dealing with tons of cardboard and wrappings, how a meal kit services packages their products is important.

With Both Sun Basket and Blue Apron, your meal kits will be delivered in a box, with the ingredients separated within. Both companies are careful and thoughtful to ensure that all the ingredients are kept at an optimal temperature for freshness and food safety.

From an environmental standpoint, Sun Basket’s packaging materials are 100% recyclable or compostable. Sun Basket also offers a resourceful guide on their website that details how to recycle or reuse every piece of their packaging.

Like Sun Basket, most of Blue Apron’s packaging materials are recyclable, although Blue Apron doesn’t make any mention of their packaging components being compostable. Blue Apron also provides a recycling page on their website.

Customer Service

Blue Apron


Sun Basket

What defines great customer service? This answer won’t be the same for everyone but some things should be expected from a meal kit delivery service. You want a company that’s responsive, flexible, and seems to genuinely care for their customers.

For instance, what happens if you don’t want a meal delivery every week, or you want to cancel altogether?

For both Sun Basket and Blue Apron, skipping a week is pretty simple. Cancelling, though, is a different story. Both the Sun Basket app and website make it easy to cancel. Blue Apron, however, has no advertised way to cancel. First, you need to email them, then wait for a response with a special link.

It’s also important to look at what previous customers have to say about their customer service. Both companies have received a few recent negative reviews for customer service, although this seems to be a trend as meal delivery companies had a surge in business as people sheltered at home.

Of the two, Sun Basket has had more customers step up and vocalize their not so great experiences with the company’s customer service department.


Blue Apron

It’s a tough call but in the battle of Sun Basket Vs Blue Apron, it’s Blue Apron that takes home the trophy. Honestly, it’s close and there are arguments to be made that Sun Basket should have won. However, Blue Apron came out ahead in a couple of areas that really matter in meal delivery – price and customer service.

Still, you should consider more than just the final outcome of one review when making your choice between Sun Basket and Blue Apron. Here are a few details to consider when choosing which meal delivery company is best for you.

Choose Blue Apron if you:

  • Are a beginning cook looking to explore in the kitchen
  • Like traditional, classic style meals 
  • Don’t like bold or unusual flavors
  • Enjoy the idea of a wine subscription to go along with your meals
  • Are looking for an economical meal delivery option

Choose Sun Basket if you: 

  • Have special dietary needs like diabetes or gluten sensitivity
  • Enjoy having a wide variety of meals to choose from every week
  • Like to be a little more adventurous with your spices
  • Appreciate a company with a strong environmental commitment
  • Want breakfast, lunch, and snack options in addition to dinner

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