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Mornings are busy. You know this, but you don’t have to skip breakfast for the sake of saving time. We’ve looked at meal delivery services to find the ones that offer the best choices for breakfast, looking at details like nutrition, taste, variety, and ease. Of all the meal delivery services, we choose Gobble as the winner for their breakfast selection.

Some others definitely made our list, like Modify Meals and Factor for taste and nutrition. Here’s the complete rundown and how they all compare.


Best Breakfast Meal Delivery Service

Gobble Breakfast Sandwich

One of the main reasons busy people skip the most important meal of the day is because there just isn’t time to cook and eat in the morning. Gobble is the solution, with breakfast options that can be cooked from scratch and on the table in 15 minutes or less.

Gobble focuses mainly on dinner options, but each week their menu options include a handful of breakfast dishes that can be prepared easily.

A few examples of Gobble’s prepared breakfast kits include Artisanal Belgian Waffles with Mixed Berry Compote & Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter, Southwest Egg Scramble with Chorizo and Salsa Verde, and Eggs Benedict Pizzettes.

Here’s a rundown of the reasons Gobble wins our top spot.

  • Delicious, fast, and easy breakfasts can be added to your weekly delivery
  • All ingredients are fully prepped to minimize the time in the kitchen
  • Some options step outside ordinary breakfast foods
  • 15 minutes or less with easy cleanup means no pile of dishes waiting for you later in the day
  • Meal kits start at $11.99 per portion


Healthiest Prepared Meals for Breakfast

Breakfast Vegetable Scramble by Modifyhealth

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and the right nutritious start can make an incredible difference, especially if you’re working on healthy goals. ModifyHealth wins our choice for the best healthy meals for breakfast.

Their breakfast selections fall almost entirely within their low-FODMAP category, and they’re all also gluten-free. This makes them perfect for people with sensitive digestive issues who might normally skip eating in the morning to avoid digestive distress early in the day.

Modify meals are fully prepared, so the extent of work in the morning is limited to pushing a button on the microwave and lifting your fork. Examples include Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Potatoes and Peppers, Blueberry Rice Porridge with Almonds, and a Kale and Tomato Frittata.

Here are a few more reasons why we love the healthy choices from ModifyHealth:

  • Caters to specific diets and nutritional needs by being heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly, IBS-friendly, and good for weight loss.
  • A good selection of breakfast a la carte options, especially if you don’t mind an occasional non-traditional breakfast.
  • Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • Dietician coaching and support available
  • Breakfast starts as low as $7.90 per serving

Factor Meals

Runner Up

Factor meals

Factor offers premade options that are designed to appeal to a variety of dietary needs and goals. For nutritionally dense meals, Factor ranks among the top meal delivery companies in general. They don’t offer a ton of traditional options, but they offer some breakfast dishes and a selection of smoothies and a la carte items for rushed mornings.

Factor’s breakfast foods include keto smoothies with tempting flavors like Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Cake for busy mornings. Cold-pressed juices, energy bites, and energy shots are also on the menu.

You can purchase a la carte items, like the Keto Protein Power Pack that includes low carb staples like boiled eggs, cheese, and nuts, all of which are perfect for a high protein healthy meals.

Here are a few more reasons why Factor places as a runner up for breakfast meal delivery services:

  • Great variety with their rotating options on the menu
  • Fully prepared dishes means no morning prep work
  • Grab and go options available
  • Good option if you’ve been skipping breakfast for weight loss
  • Offers discounts for larger orders

Fresh n Lean

Fresh n lean Meal

Fresh n Lean offers about seven breakfast choices on their menu each week. Fresh n Lean offers a good variety of meal plan options, including Keto, Paleo, Protein+ with double protein, Standard Vegan, and Low Carb Vegan, among others. Although they don’t have a selection of breakfast choices in each category, this is a good choice if you’re also looking for lunch and dinner options.

Fresh n Lean’s options include standard dishes like sunny side eggs and cinnamon oatmeal and dishes with different flavors like their strawberry coconut muffin.

More details about Fresh n Lean:

  • All dishes are fully prepared, so you simply heat and enjoy
  • A good selection of lunch and dinner options to round out your healthy eating subscription plan
  • Traditional flavors that are well-like by most
  • Add on snacks like granola provide more options for your morning meal
  • Affordable meal plan pricing


Trifecta is all about improving people’s lives through nutritious food. They offer quality ingredients and choices that are GF, non-GMO, organic, and healthy. They’re also a good option among meal delivery services for people who like the ability to customize their meal plans.

With Trifecta, you can build your own meal plan from the options provided. These include a selection of proteins, carbs, and vegetables that can be crafted into delicious meals or traditional heat and heat options.

For those that like a simpler approach, Trifecta also offers the Chef’s Choice option, where you choose how many and which type of meals you want, and they send a weekly delivery of deliciousness chosen by their chefs.

More details about Trifecta:

  • Great for clean, healthy eating
  • The build your own meal plan is ideal for those with dietary restrictions
  • Limited, but good breakfast choices
  • Selections are priced individually, making it easy to spend within your budget


Strawberry-Rose Chia Seed Pudding

Epicured offers digestive-friendly, healthy options that are free of gluten and many food allergens. Their menu is large, with many dietary options. We like Epicured for their dedicated breakfast section that includes choices like chia puddings, yogurt parfaits, fruit bowls, homestyle dishes, and smoothies.

Each fully prepared meal is priced individually, so you can build your own order or choose from their meal bundles, although they don’t offer a breakfast-only bundle at this time.

More details about Epicured

  • Dedicated breakfast category with a good variety
  • One of only a few low-FODMAP meal services
  • Flexibility with building your own plans or bundles
  • Orders automatically ship but can be modified or canceled
  • Grab and go smoothies are a great, economical and healthy morning meal option

Icon Meals

Icon Meals Breakfast

Icon Meals caters to the dietary needs of their customers by offering options to customize your choices, including breakfast. Icon leans toward being protein-heavy, appealing to those who follow keto, low carb, and paleo lifestyles.

When you go to their Custom Breakfast menu, you can choose two proteins and a side to build your perfect morning dish. Proteins include egg, egg whites, plant-based meat, beef, chicken brisket, bison, and more. Sides include protein pancakes, oatmeal, roasted potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

More details about Icon Meals

  • Fully prepared, ready to heat, and eat
  • You’re not bound to a specific plan like many meal delivery services
  • Custom options and a la carte selections ensure you get something you like
  • Also has several store locations in Texas

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go

Love the paleo lifestyle but a little bored with your typical breakfast choices? Paleo on the Go doesn’t have many options for the first meal of the day, but you’ll find some options that are perfect in their bakery selections and even among their regular menu.

Paleo on the Go offers options like Apple Cinnamon Paleo Tarts, Carrot Cake Muffins, and savory empanadas. Other choices include a savory hash breakfast bowl and yummy sausages, and they’re all paleo compliant.

More details about Paleo on the Go

  • Focuses on AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet selections
  • Healthy and free of gluten, added sugars, and artificial ingredients
  • Pre-made dishes are easy to add to your morning routine
  • Pricier than many other healthy eating meal services

Breakfast Meals Delivered Buying Guide

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Meal Kits or Pre-Made Meals

If you’re skipping breakfast because of time constraints, this decision is extra important to you. Premade meals come fully prepared. You just heat and eat. Most of the meal delivery companies on our list offer pre-made selections. The one main exception is Gobble with their fully prepared meal kits. Everything is done for you, so all you need to do is a little work at the stovetop.

Sweet or Savory

We all have different preferences for breakfast, but the truth is you need something more than coffee or toast. Some meal services focus on sweets, like bakery items, pancakes, waffles, etc. Others take a more savory approach.

Most menus don’t offer a ton of breakfast selections, making it important to do a good review of what’s available for that morning meal before committing. If you prefer to drink your breakfast, Factor has great grab-and-go options.

Dietary Preferences & Healthy Meals

Are you keto? Paleo? Have special dietary goals? The best meal delivery services cater to a range of dietary needs, but they’re not all created equal. ModifyHealth and Factor are great for special dietary preferences, but Gobble is designed for more traditional diets. Look over the menus carefully and check out the FAQs to answer your specific questions about dietary preferences.

Bottom Line

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A nutritious breakfast is too important to skip every day. These meal delivery companies make it, so you don’t have to let the morning rush rob you of a healthy start to your day. We love Gobble for its delicious creations, vibrant flavors, and simplified cooking. Others like Factor and ModifyHealth win big points for packing their morning dishes with nutrition. 

Enjoy your mornings and start your day off right with easy, healthy breakfast meals delivered. 


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