Carnivore Diet Meal Delivery Services

Carnivore diet meal delivery

The carnivore diet is one that focuses almost entirely on eating animal-based proteins, with the inclusion of some other animal-based fats, including butter and some full-fat diary products. The carnivore diet can be successful with the right planning, which includes spending less time at the grocery store, and more time enjoying some delicious food. Carnivore diet meal delivery can help.

Carnivore diet meal plans are pretty straightforward and easy to follow, but for some, a variety of animal foods becomes an issue. When you’re limited to eating meat plus a few other animal foods, you want more choices than your local grocery store can provide – and you want quality.

We’ve done some research to come up with the best carnivore diet meal plan delivery services. These top services were chosen on the variety of carnivore diet options they offer, along with quality and several other factors.

Crowd Cow


Crowd Cow Box

Crowd Cow offers a huge selection of carnivorous delights, with over 600 choices you can pick and choose from to fill your box. Crowd Cow offers curated monthly boxes, or you can choose your own packages, making this a great meal delivery service for variety and quality on the carnivore diet.

Crowd Cow sells mostly only meat, but there are few other items on their menu, like elk stew and blueberry waffles, but for a variety of meat, they really can’t be beaten. The menu options include beef, chicken, pork, duck & game, lamb, seafood, grass-fed meats, pasture raised meats, turkey, bison, and Wagyu.

The price per pound is clearly listed under each item, so there’s no guessing about how much you’re spending or if there are any hidden costs. With some meats, you can choose between grass-fed or pasture-raised, along with other options. For example, with their St Louis Spareribs, you can order the pasture-raised, heritage, or all-natural.

One more detail that we really like about Crowd Cow is that they tell you the farmer or ranch that each cut of meat is sourced from. This type of transparency is important when eating a primarily animal-based diet.



Trifecta Nutrition meal delivery box and meals

Trifecta has a protein-first focus which fits perfectly for the carnivore diet plan. The best part about Trifecta is they offer a complete ready to eat meal made with the best ingredients from grass-fed beef, sustainable pork, free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Meals
  • Cooked and ready to heat
  • You can order protein only precooked foods
  • Organic, grass-fed, and wild-caught ingredients

Butcher Box

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is a great option, whether you’re following the carnivore diet or a different type of low-carb diet. All of their meats are grass-fed, free-range, and humanely raised. They also offer organic ingredients for your carnivore diet lifestyle, including organic chicken and wild-caught seafood.

Butcher Box is one of the most well-known meat delivery services, and it’s hard to find an honest review that doesn’t love this service. Butcher Box offers great value, exceptional variety, and ranks among the highest quality meats that you can have delivered to your door. All of this makes following the carnivore diet not only easier but also healthier.

With Butcher Box, you can choose from several curated boxes or build one with all of your own selections. Curated boxes included an all-beef box, a beef & chicken box, a beef & pork box, or a mixed box. Prices average less than $6 for one meal, but this is calculated factoring in a typical portion size that would include typical side dishes in a balanced diet.

A sample of what you might get in a Butcher Box mixed box would include ground beef, a couple of varieties of premium steak, pork tenderloin, and chicken breasts. If you choose to create your box, the overall cost per meal is typically a bit lower, and you get to choose your own proteins based on the specific health benefits of the carnivore diet you’re looking to optimize.

Runner Ups for Carnivore Diet Meal Plan Delivery Services

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Moink Box


Moink Box offers ethically sourced meats from family farms to supply you with the highest quality animal products for your journey on the carnivore diet. Moink Box is a subscription-only service, which means you can’t order a single box and be done with it. However, you can sign up for a subscription and easily cancel after receiving your first box.

Moink Box works by offering two meat bundle boxes. One includes pork, while the other doesn’t. What’s included in each meat bundle changes from month to month and includes high-quality protein like chicken breasts, pork chops, French ribeyes, and other meats. With Moink Meats, you can’t build a box from scratch, but you can substitute any item that’s in the box with something else from their current selection of meats.

Actual weights for the Moink Box bundles vary, but the prices are fixed, so there are no surprises. On average, each box contains about 10-15 lbs of high-quality, responsibly sourced meats for about $160 (prices are subject to change).

Tru Beef


Tru Beef

Tru Beef is a meat delivery service that is getting great reviews for its quality and service. Tru Beef claims to be the first carbon-neutral meat company in North America, which is absolutely huge from an environmental standpoint. Tru Beef is committed to animal welfare, focusing on pasture-raised, organic, grass-fed beef, Tru Beef does offer some lamb in their selection, but quality beef is really where their focus is.

You’re not going to find any low-quality, cheaper cuts with this company. There are dozens of options on the menu, including bulk mixed boxes and ¼ or ½ cow options.

Tru Beef also stands out for offering organ meats, which most carnivores that follow this diet consider to be essential on the carnivore diet food list. They offer grass-fed and finished beef heart, grass-fed cow tongue, grass-fed beef suet, organic beef kidney, grass-fed beef fat trimmings, sliced cow’s liver, and bones with bone marrow for a rich bone broth. Tru Beef isn’t a subscription service, but they do offer a discount for recurring orders.

Home Chef


home Chef box 900

Home Chef is one of the most popular meal delivery services, offering meal kits that appeal to a range of dietary lifestyles. Like most meal kit services, Home Chef doesn’t offer much that’s strictly carnivore, but they do have excellent customization options with their meal kits, plus carnivore protein packages that you can add on to your delivery.

If you only follow the carnivore diet several days a week but want something that’s still heavy on animal protein and light on other ingredients such as vegetables and grains for the rest of the week, Home Chef has you covered.

For example, you can order their Sirloin with Blue Cheese Chive Cream meal kit, which is also served with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts. You can substitute a different protein or add in extra, with a substitution option being a boneless ribeye that traditionally serves two. Also, the beauty of meal kits is that you can eliminate any ingredients that you don’t want during the cooking process.

For a la carte protein packs, Home Chef’s selection is impressive, especially for a meal kit delivery service. Some choices include boneless chicken breast, sirloin steak, salmon fillets, shrimp, a surf & turf pack, plus a premium protein pack that includes almost everything.

Meal Pro


Meal Pro Box 1

Meal Pro is a great delivery option for your cheat days on the carnivore diet or if you take small breaks from eating a strictly all meat diet. Meal Pro offers healthy meals that are premade and also customizable – which is a combination you don’t get with many meal delivery services.

Meal Pro allows you to customize your meals by adding extra protein and substituting carbs (like rice) with a double portion of vegetables. This can help you lose weight on the carnivore diet by mixing things up a little and going heavy on animal proteins while not indulging in carbs like rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Meal Pro offers a menu of more than thirty choices, with some bulk protein options available. You can purchase shrimp, chicken, beef, and scrambled eggs in bulk to compliment the carnivore diet. Another perk of Meal Pro is that there’s no subscription required. You order a box of either 18 or 20 meals from the weekly menu, with zero commitment to buy more.

Buying Guide

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Quality & Sourcing of Meat

When you’re consuming nothing but animal products, the quality and sourcing standards of the meal service you choose become more important. There’s an environmental argument that can be made for responsible sourcing, which companies like Crowd Cow and Trifecta realize, so they make responsible sourcing a major part of their company ethics.

Another issue is that when you’re consuming that much meat, it’s even more important to avoid hormones & antibiotics.

Availability of Organ Meats

Many people on the carnivore diet like to include a variety of organ meats in their meal rotation. Organ meat is rich in certain vitamins and nutrients that aren’t abundant in other types of meats. This includes a range of B vitamins, iron, and zinc. Tru Beef is one of the meal services on this list that offers a great selection, including liver, heart, tongue, and other organ meats.

Variety for Meat Lovers

Variety can be an issue on the carnivore diet, even for true meat lovers. After all, how many meals of ground beef can you eat before you become bored and unsatisfied. They say variety is the spice of life, and that holds true for meals on the carnivore’s diet.

A good meal delivery option would be one that includes a variety of fatty meat, lean meat, fatty fish like salmon, and some traditional favorites like pork chops – along with the standard ground beef. Each person who is following the diet has their own goals for health, weight loss, how much fat to include in their daily diet and more. A service that offers greater variety will make it easier to eat carnivorous food according to your health goals.

True Carnivore Meal Options Vs. Meals for the Ketogenic and Other Diets

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of meal delivery services that offer a great variety of carnivore options. If you’re sticking strictly to the diet, a meat delivery service like Crowd Cow, ButcherBox, Tru Beef, or Moink Box are your best options.

There are, however, lots of meal delivery services that offer meals that are heavy on the animal proteins. If you’re only eating the carnivore way several days of the week, you might find that a meal kit or heat & eat meal is exactly what you need to break up the boredom while also avoiding processed foods. Most meal services offer plan options that include low-carb, heart-friendly for those concerned about heart disease, calorie-conscious where healthy fats are a priority, paleo, keto, and more.

Key Takeaways

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Following the carnivore diet doesn’t have to equal eating the same boring meals day after day. Sure, you can enjoy ground beef, but why not include other delectable meats as part of your daily meal plan. We love Crowd Cow for its variety, quality, and price. Tru Beef is another favorite if your daily meal plan centers mostly around beef. Trifecta is our top choice for animal protein meals, plus meals that include a variety of plant foods, organic ingredients, and other delicious foods you’ll love to eat.

Following the carnivore diet can have lots of healthy benefits. Make the most of it with high-quality meat delivery services that make your life easier and yummier at the same time.

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