Carnivore Diet Snacks

Carnivore Diet Snacks

The carnivore diet is considered a highly restrictive elimination diet designed to reduce inflammation, increase energy levels, and improve overall wellness.

There are many things that are considered off-limits on the carnivore diet, but if you are looking for the cause of specific symptoms or just want to see how your body is reacting to individual food groups, it can be a helpful tool. Many people often use it to lose weight as well. 

Snacking is always one of the challenges when you begin a new carnivore diet meal plan, so let’s look at the carnivore diet as a whole and then go over some snacks that will set you up for success on the carnivore diet. 

Snacking on the Carnivore Diet

Snacking on the Carnivore Diet

With the carnivore diet, sometimes called the meat diet, you cannot have fruits, vegetables, soy products, sugars, corn products, MSG, vegetable oil, additives, preservatives, and some dairy products. 

Instead, your focus should be on fresh, grass-fed meat and high-quality animal products rather than low-quality grain-fed beef or products with additives and oils. 

Many off-limit products and ingredients are common in processed foods that are often eaten as a snack. These include soy sauce and soy additives, added sugar, flours, and teriyaki sauce. Also, while it’s impossible to avoid fats on the carnivore diet, you want to stay away from fats and oils like olive oil and sunflower oil. These are present in a lot of snacks but are also derived from plants.  It is important to know what to look out for and get some ideas for when you need a carnivore snack. 

Sweet Carnivore Diet Snacks

No matter what diet you are on, occasionally, we all crave something sweet. These sweet carnivore snacks will keep you right on track. Keep in mind that you can make any of these sweet snacks sweeter by using extracts and sweeteners if you are less strict about your carnivore diet.


Though it’s not your average cheesecake, a version can still be made to fit a carnivore diet snack using full-fat cream cheese, eggs, and Creme Fraiche. Whip the ingredients together and bake in a water bath. 


Yogurt is easy to make using raw milk and mother culture; however, you can also find many carnivore-friendly yogurts in the store. Just ensure that you watch the ingredients list so they don’t sneak in any off-limits ingredients. 

Ice Cream

Though you may not be able to have super sweet ice cream on the carnivore diet, you can still get that super creamy, decadent texture and flavor, which will surely satisfy any ice cream craving. Just use raw cream and eggs, whip until thoroughly combined, and freeze! It’s that easy!

Whipped Cream

Let’s admit it, even though we use whipped cream to top many desserts, it’s just as fun on its own. Now to make your whipped cream sweet, you’ll have to sway from the carnivore rules a bit, but it is tasty. Heavy whipping cream, stevia tincture, and vanilla extract are all that are needed to have a fluffy, wonderful whipped cream. 

Savory Snacks on the Carnivore Diet

Savory snacks are easy to come by on the carnivore diet since the diet focuses on meat and animal products which are inherently savory. Take a look at some of our favorites. 

Ground Beef

Grass-fed ground beef that is well seasoned with just some salt and pepper is underrated. It has a unique texture and makes for a filling carnivore snack. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs in any preparation can make for a good snack on the carnivore diet. However, hard-boiled eggs are a favorite of many. 


Tuna can be seasoned to accommodate many different flavors, and if you are a bit lenient with the carnivore diet, lemon juice can be added for brightness and some additional vitamin C. 


If you are looking for less mercury contamination than tuna, buy sardines instead! They are our personal favorite as they have short lives making the mercury contamination very minimal. Sardines are also salty and filled with good fats, making them a wonderful quick bite to eat. 

Liver Pate

Liver pate can be made with chicken, duck, or beef but could be a blend of all three if you wish. Liver pate is spreadable and smooth, with a great texture for a snack. Since it is made with liver, pate is chock full of the nutrients and benefits that organ meats provide.

Cured Meats and Aged Cheeses

The carnivore diet allows for aged cheeses like parmesan, swiss, and romano that have less lactose which can be an inflammatory agent. Aged cheeses pair well with cured meats like pepperoni chips. Have some cheese sticks with some salami for a wonderful, filling snack.

Deli Meat

Though deli meat is typically associated with sandwiches, it can make for a good snack all its own. However, ensure that you go with a deli met that has no other additives and fillers, which is quite often.


Though bacon is a high-fat food, if you love bacon, we have good news for you. Bacon can be eaten on a carnivore diet, but you’ll want to make sure it is high quality and doesn’t have any additives. 

Quick Carnivore Diet Snacks

If you are going on long car trips, you’ll likely want some quick snacks that you can take along since many places don’t offer carnivore-friendly snacks quite yet. 

Beef Sticks

When considering a beef stick or meat sticks in general, you’ll want to ensure that it is just meat because some contain ingredients and other additives that are off-limits to the carnivore diet. 

You should refrain from the flavored sticks as the flavorings are typically artificial and utilize plant foods like soy or vegetables. However, beef sticks are a favorite on-the-go snack for the carnivore diet. 

Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are simply pork skins that have been baked or fried to create a crunchy crackling that tastes like a decadent chip. Season pork rinds up for a different flavor and takes them on your way out the door. 

Beef Jerky

Like beef sticks, beef jerky is high on the list of satiating on-the-go carnivore snacks. Beef jerky should also have zero sugar and zero carbs to fit within the carnivore diet. You may find beef jerky that is marketed to the keto diet suitable because it is typically free from the added sugar that beef jerky often has.

Bone Broth

Bone broth may be a liquid, but it is filled with protein and nutrients, making it a great snack, especially on the go, since you can simply place it in a thermos. Bone broth can be made from different meats, but you can also find good pre-made options in the grocery store. 


Biltong is similar to beef jerky except that it is air-dried instead of heat-dried. It does contain many essential nutrients which will hold over any hunger pangs until your next meal. 

Salmon or Beef Liver Crisps

Salmon and beef liver crisps can be made in an air fryer or dehydrator and make crispy, chip-like snacks out of unique pieces of meat. 

Snacking on The Carnivore Diet is Easy

The carnivore diet may be restrictive, only allowing meat-based products; however, it is quite easy to find snacks that meet the requirements. Keep in mind that if you have heart disease, this diet may not be the best, and you should always talk to your doctor before starting any diet. Good luck!

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