Celiac Meal Delivery

Celiac Meal Delivery

A gluten-free diet is required to control the symptoms of celiac disease, but sometimes it’s nice to have some easy-to-prepare meal options, especially for busy days. Celiac meal delivery is the answer, but you need to make sure the meal delivery service you choose understands the importance of offering safe, gluten-free options. We found seven great options for gluten-free meal delivery, with ModifyHealth being the overall winner. 



modifyhealth box

ModifyHealth offers fully prepared meals that are healthy and always 100% gluten-free. There’s no shuffling through the offerings to find the gluten-free menu options, concern about cross contamination, or worrying that you might accidentally receive a meal that doesn’t fit with your gluten-free diet.  

Another reason that ModifyHealth wins the top spot for best gluten-free meal delivery for celiac disease is that they offer a menu that caters to the dietary restrictions of the low-FODMAP diet. The low-FODMAP diet restricts certain types of carbohydrates and foods that are known to be problematic for people suffering from IBS and SIBO. In other words, ModifyHealth’s meals are generally well tolerated by many people with different types of digestive issues. 

ModifyHealth offers two main menus – one for the low-FODMAP diet and one for the Mediterranean diet. Whichever you choose, all of the delicious meals are gluten-free.

A few examples of meals from the Mediterranean meal plan include Shrimp Primavera with rice and Chicken & Dumpling Stew. 

Reviews of ModifyHealth mention favorites like Greek Chicken & Rice, Longevity Stew with Black Eyed Peas and Rice, Lemon Thyme Chicken with Tahini Cauliflower & Za’atar Quinoa, Blackened Salmon, and basically any shrimp dish they produce.   

ModifyHealth offers only prepared meals and not meal kits. They are a subscription meal delivery service, but you choose how many meals you want per week (at least six), and it’s easy to skip a week or pause your subscription. Meals start at $12.95 per serving, but there are a few breakfast items available, and those cost a bit less. 

ModifyHealth also offers a six-week Quick Start program for both their Mediterranean and low-FODMAP plans. This program includes consultations with a registered dietitian, additional tools and resources, and a discount on ModifyHealth meals.

Key Benefits

  • Best gluten-free meal delivery for celiac treatment 
  • All meals are appropriate for a gluten-free diet, with low-FODMAP and Mediterranean options
  • Meals are fully prepared – just heat & eat
  • Non-GMO, organic ingredients
  • Free shipping 



Epicured box 900

Epicured has been named the best gluten-free meal delivery by Good Housekeeping, and we think it has a lot to do with the tremendous variety of gluten-free meals they offer.

On any given week, Epicured offers more than fifty gluten-free options that include everything from breakfast and smoothies to soups, entrees, sides, and snacks. They really have it all covered, and their meals are safe for celiac sufferers. 

The variety of meals is exceptional, and the menu is designed so that most people will find something that they enjoy. Meals range from classic comfort foods to different worldly cuisines.

On the menu, you’ll find classics like  Grilled Chicken Bruschetta and Brown Rice, Tikka Chicken Masala, Mediterranean Sea Bass, Roasted Turkey Dinner, and Carrot Ginger Soup. 

Epicured is a meal delivery subscription service, so you are signing up for recurring deliveries. The plus side is that you can order as little or as much as you want each week, and if you want meals to last the entire week, Epicured suggests two weekly deliveries so that you’re not pushing the shelf life of your meals by the end of the week.

Key Benefits

  • 100% gluten-free meals 
  • Prepared meals that are easy to heat & eat
  • Gluten-free meal selection is one of the largest available 
  • Epicured has earned accolades from Good Housekeeping, and Forbes 
  • Meals are created in collaboration with doctors and dietitians for your wellness journey

Green Chef


Green Chef

Green Chef is an option for those that would rather not rely on premade meals but also don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen or spending time on meal planning and grocery shopping. Green Chef offers gluten-free meal kits that are delicious, easy, and healthy. 

Green Chef offers a weekly rotating menu of more than thirty meal kits that are designed for a range of dietary preferences. Not all of their meal kits are gluten-free dishes, but they do offer a decent variety, and the quality is always on point. 

A few examples of the gluten-free meal kits offered by Green Chef include a Pesto Chicken Chopped Salad, Hoisin Mushroom & Edamame Bowls, Spicy Chicken & Veggie Stir-fry, and Pecan Crusted Salmon. 

Because not every meal kit is gluten-free, there is a risk of cross-contamination. While this risk is minimal, it’s really up to each individual person to determine if the risk is worth it.

For non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you might be comfortable even ordering any meal kit and then omitting the gluten-containing ingredients, but this is a luxury that many celiac sufferers don’t have. 

Key Benefits

  • Green Chef focuses on sustainably sourced ingredients and organic produce
  • Widest selection of gluten-free meal kits
  • Breakfast and snack add-ons are available (not all are gluten-free)
  • Portions for two to six people are available
  • Prices start at $11.99 per serving.  

Paleo On the Go

Paleo On The Go Box 1

Paleo On the Go is a gluten-free meal delivery service that specializes in single-serve meals for the paleo diet and the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet. AIP is a type of elimination diet that removes certain foods that are known to trigger autoimmune disorders. A major feature of both paleo and AIP is that they eliminate grains and gluten.  

Paleo on the Go offers a variety of gluten-free meals that also offer other health benefits, especially if you’re someone with an autoimmune disorder, such as celiac autoimmune disease. 

Paleo on the Go’s menu isn’t as diverse as other gluten-free meal delivery services, but many of their meals are great grab-and-go options. Plus, they offer a decent selection of breakfast items, which is something you don’t always get from gluten-free meal delivery services. 

A few examples of the prepared meals from Paleo to Go include a selection of handheld empanadas, like a breakfast empanada, garlic chicken & broccoli empanada, and a Greek lamb gyro empanada.

Other options include a Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl, Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, Smothered Pork Cutlet, and Apple Cinnamon Paleo Tarts. Paleo to Go does a good job of offering a few desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Paleo on the Go’s meals are priced individually and generally cost more than what other companies charge. Most meals are over $20 per serving. However, the meals are safe for gluten-sensitivities, without the worry of gluten-cross contamination, and they’re also dairy-free to further reduce the chance of a digestive upset. 

Key Benefits

  • Fully prepared meals for gluten-sensitivities and celiac disease
  • Healthy meals with balanced nutrition
  • Buy one time or subscribe and save
  • Breakfast, lunch, & dinner options, plus bakery selections 
  • No risk of cross-contamination  


Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Trifecta is one of the most popular meal services for prepared, delicious meals that are designed for the nutritional needs of multiple diets and healthy lifestyles. Trifecta’s meal plans cover Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Clean Eating.

Best of all, Trifecta is a gluten-free meal delivery service, and its meals are safe for people with celiac disease, among certain other dietary restrictions. 

Trifecta meals are all gluten-free, and they have a reputation for having some of the most delicious meals. Trifecta’s rotating menu is diverse and flavorful, but it’s also a chef-curated menu, which means you don’t get to choose your own box of meals. Instead, gluten-free meals are chosen for you. 

If the idea of a chef-curated menu doesn’t appeal to you, Trifecta also offers a selection of Classic Meals that you can create your own box from, along with meal prep options. Meal prep includes items like basic protein options, along with veggies and gluten-free grains that can be purchased individually to create your own meals. 

Once you choose the type of meal plan you want, you can then select if you want 5,7,10, or 14 gluten-free meals per week. Breakfast add-ons are also available. Pricing depends on the type of plan you choose and the number of entrees chosen.

Key Benefits

  • Chef-curated weekly meals delivered to your door
  • Meal plans for multiple diets, all suitable for gluten-free eating
  • Heat & eat fully-prepared meals 
  • Build your own box and meal prep options available
  • Reputation for great-tasting meals

Fresh N Lean

Fresh n Lean Box

Fresh N Lean is one of the most popular gluten-free meal delivery services. They offer pre-made, single-serving meals that are delivered fresh, never frozen. In addition to being suitable for a gluten-free diet, Fresh N Lean levels up the quality of meal delivery for celiac disease with meals where the quality and flavor of the fresh food really shines through. 

Fresh N Lean offers several gluten-free menus and meal plans. These include a meal plan for Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, Low-Carb Vegan, Mediterranean, and High Protein Meals. They also offer bulk items, where you can choose fully cooked, pre-portioned ingredients to create your own meals. 

A sampling of Fresh N Lean meals offers gluten-free eating options like Cajon Salmon Grain Bowls with broccoli and jalapeno cilantro aioli, Rosemary Thyme Beef with roasted winter root vegetables, Ginger Grilled Shrimp with herb sweet potatoes, and a Buffalo Chicken Bowl. Breakfast options are also available with each meal plan. 

Choose to have five, seven, or ten meals delivered each week, with the option to include five breakfasts. Pricing starts at a little over $11 per serving, with a discount for ordering a larger quantity of meals.

Key Benefits

  • All meals are suitable for a gluten-free celiac diet 
  • Healthy meals for several popular dietary lifestyles 
  • Large menu with over a hundred options overall
  • Breakfast option is available 
  • Reasonably priced for fresh gluten-free meal delivery 

Pete’s Real Food


Petes Real Food Box

Pete’s Real Food (previously Pete’s Paleo) has recently been named the Best Gourmet Meal Delivery for 2023 by People Magazine. This speaks highly of the quality, and to make it even better, every meal produced by Pete’s Real Food is 100% gluten-free. 

Pete’s Real Food is committed to sustainable food and using seasonal produce in its meals. In addition to being gluten-free, all meals are also dairy-free, feature seasonal produce and humanely raised animal protein, and they also offer high-quality plant proteins. We also like that Pete’s Real Food offers a decent amount of flexibility when it comes to subscription options.

You can choose one of their seasonal, chef-curated meal plans with the option to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose five, seven, or ten of each. The minimum order is five, but you receive significant savings for ordering more meals. You can also choose the frequency of deliveries. 

Additionally, Pete’s Real Food offers meal bundles, vegan ala carte options, mix-and-match meals, and lunches for kids. 

  • One of the most sustainable and eco-friendly gluten-free meal delivery services
  • All meals are safe for celiac, and gluten intolerance 
  • Flexible ordering options  
  • Trial box available 
  • Breakfast, lunch, & dinner 
  • Kid’s lunches available

Celiac Meal Delivery Buying Guide

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Gluten-Free Certification 

For anyone that is living with celiac disease, knowing that the food you order from any gluten-free meal delivery service is safe for you to eat is extremely important. Not all meal delivery services are working out of gluten-free facilities, even if they offer some gluten-free meals. 

Risk of Cross Contamination 

Even without a gluten-free certification, you should look for meal delivery services that only have gluten-free meals on their menu. This should reduce the risk of cross-contamination. However, it never hurts to contact the company directly or take a look at their FAQs to determine if the facility in which its meals are prepared is shared or not. A shared facility is more likely to present a cross-contamination risk. 

Meal Kit Vs. Prepared Meals 

This is a consideration that doesn’t apply just to gluten-free delivery but to meal delivery in general. Do you want easy meals that you can just pop in the microwave or heat real quick on the stovetop? Do you like to do a little cooking but hate meal planning and grocery shopping? Your answers here will help you decide if you prefer a prepared meal service or one that offers meal kits. 

Green Chef is the only meal kit delivery service that made it onto this list. Generally speaking, most meal kit companies don’t offer much in the way of gluten-free options. 

You have more options with pre-made meals, like the ones offered by ModifyHealth, Epicured, Paleo on the Go, and Trifecta. 


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Is HelloFresh safe for celiacs?

HelloFresh meal kits aren’t produced in a facility that’s gluten-free, so a risk of cross-contamination exists. HelloFresh doesn’t offer meals that are specifically gluten-free, but if you look at the ingredients, you can find gluten-free meal kits. Still, the cross-contamination risk makes them not the best choice for celiacs. 

Which meal service is best for gluten-free?

ModifyHealth, Epicured, Pete’s Real Food, and Trifecta are some of the best meal delivery services for a gluten-free diet. These companies all offer menus that are completely gluten-free. 

Does HelloFresh have gluten-free meals?

HelloFresh doesn’t offer meal kits that are specifically gluten-free, although there may be gluten-free selections on the menu. If you have a celiac disorder or severe gluten sensitivity, it’s best to choose a meal delivery service that prepares meals in a completely gluten-free facility.

Key Takeaways

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  • ModifyHealth is the best gluten-free meal delivery for those with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivity. 
  • Consider other dietary restrictions, such as your need for dairy-free, soy-free, or nut-free meals.
  • Meal kits require a minimal amount of cooking skills and taste homemade
  • Pre-made meals are easy and quick and are great for busy people 
  • Pete’s Real Food offers generous portions and kid’s lunches

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