Chef Cooked Meal Delivery

Chef Cooked Meal Delivery
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Chef-cooked meal delivery is one of the best ways to ensure the fully prepared meals you order will be backed with high-quality recipes and expertly cooked ingredients. If you’re interested in finding the best-prepared meal delivery service with chef-prepared meals, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out the key features and important info on the best chef-prepared meal delivery companies in the game.



Cookunit box

When it comes to chef-cooked meals, it doesn’t get better than CookUnity. CookUnity is a chef collective with Michelin Star award-winning chefs from around the country working together to bring restaurant-quality meals to your home. This was the first chef-to-customer meal delivery service, and it’s safe to say they executed this innovative idea to perfection.

CookUnity is a prepared meal delivery service that delivers ready-to-eat meals each week. Meals are delivered weekly with a no-commitment subscription you can change or cancel anytime.

Each meal is packaged using modified atmosphere packaging technology that keeps the meals fresh in the fridge for 4-7 days. 

Seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meats are at the forefront of CookUnity’s prepared meals. Customers love having a delicious meal that’s ready in minutes, and many reviews highlight that CookUnity meals have the perfect portions to leave you feeling satisfied without being too full. 

You can choose to get 4 to 16 meals delivered per week. The menu is not filtered by allergies or dietary preferences, but the nutrition labels are detailed and easy to read.

Many meals fit into a low-carb, gluten-free, or pescatarian diet with ease. There are multiple vegan and vegetarian meals available each week too.

The rotating menu is updated each week with new recipes from the chef collective, so you’ll never feel stuck in a rut with your meal delivery. Meals start around $10 per serving, which is significant savings compared to actual restaurant dining or even fast food!

Key Features

  • Curated meals from Michelin-star chefs
  • Rotating weekly menu offering an excellent variety
  • Fresh meals stay good in the fridge for 4-7 days
  • No meal prep required
  • Detailed nutrition and ingredient information 
  • Seasonal produce and sustainably sourced protein



Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Trifecta uses science to create healthy prepared meals that taste great. Their organic meals begin with a team of diet specialists and nutrition-trained chefs working together to make tasty meals that support a healthy lifestyle. They optimize your diet with carefully calculated macros and personalized meal plans that will bring you closer to your goals.

Trifecta is not USDA-certified organic, but its meals are based primarily on organic ingredients. The company has strict standards around ingredient sourcing, so organic ingredients are a part of all the premade meals they ship out. 

With Trifecta, you get to choose how many meals you want to be delivered per week. Your plan can be changed anytime with a no-commitment subscription.

While Trifecta isn’t just for weight loss, it does attract customers looking to meet specific health goals such as weight loss or muscle gain. 

The Trifecta app makes it easier than ever to track your nutrition, connect with a fitness community, and get expert advice when you need it. The fully prepared meals are ready in minutes with bold flavors that will make your diet fun again!

Key Features

  • Nutrition-trained chefs
  • No commitment subscription
  • Mostly organic ingredients
  • Multiple meal plans to accommodate gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free customers
  • App with a fitness community and diet coaching
  • Custom macros to help you reach your goals quicker



Mealpro Box

One of the top complaints with many prepared meal delivery services is small, unfulfilling portion sizes. That’s not a problem with Meal Pro meal delivery services! Meal Pro has chef-prepared meals with large portions and balanced nutrition. Most meals are 20 to 22 ounces, with the option to add extra protein for an added cost.

The calories, fat, and protein in each meal are clearly labeled as you scroll the menu. This design makes it easy to pay attention to what’s going into your body so you can reach your health goals. All Meal Pro ingredients are non-GMO, sustainably sourced, and prepared by chefs to make restaurant-quality meals for customers.

One unique feature of Meal Pro is the ability to order extra servings of certain ingredients. Roasted chicken breast, roasted veggies, lentils, and salmon are just a few of the menu items that can be added to your delivery in 8 to 14-ounce sizes.

Meal Pro does not require a subscription to order food like many meal delivery services, but you can opt into recurring subscription deliveries for convenience if you want. Meal Pro has healthy meals that are flavorful, well-designed, and ready to eat in minutes.

Key Features

  • No subscription required
  • Rotating menu with large portion sizes
  • Option to order additional protein, veggies, and lentils with your box
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Chef-prepared meals offer balanced nutrition

Icon Meals


icon meals box

Icon Meals may not be the largest prepared meal delivery service, but they’re quickly expanding thanks to a unique meal delivery design. Icon Meals gives customers endless flexibility with their wide range of products. They offer custom meals, one-click budget boxes, a weekly menu of premade entrees, bulk shopping by the pound, snacks, and more.

All Icon Meals products are made using clean ingredients with no-fuss ingredient labels that are easy to read. Custom meals can be designed for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. These meals are ideal for someone who’s a picky eater or has specific macro goals in mind. Custom meals are a bit pricier than other menu options.

The weekly menu is updated with chef-inspired meals that are ready in minutes. This offers a great opportunity to try new flavors and introduce new clean foods into your diet. 

Pre-made meal boxes are the most affordable option from Icon Meals. These are pre-determined meal kits that come with specific, chef-selected meals. This is an excellent way to save money and make meal delivery services fit into your budget.

Finally, you can shop by the pound for your favorite protein, veggies, and carbs. This is a good choice if you don’t care too much about variety and don’t mind portioning your own meals. You can add seasoning, sauces, protein coffee, protein butter, and protein popcorn to any Icon Meals order. 

Icon Meals makes it easy to gain insight into what clean eating is and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. Whether you continue to order from Icon Meals or just use your newfound knowledge to make your own chef-quality meals, it’s a pathway to a healthier version of you.

Key Features

  • Clean ingredients
  • Custom meals, premade meals, bulk shopping, and pre-selected discount boxes are available.
  • Easy-to-read ingredient labels
  • Chef-crafted meals & delicious recipes
  • No subscription required



Factor Meals unboxing

Factor is one of the best chef-prepared meal delivery services if you’re on a keto or calorie-conscious diet. Their weekly menu has several keto and calorie-smart options that have been dietitian approved before a chef prepares them. 

Being able to stick to your preferred diet while enjoying chef-prepared ready-to-eat meals is a major win! There are at least 2 to 3 vegetarian/vegan meals added to the menu each week too.

Factor prepared meal delivery services do work on a subscription basis, but there’s no commitment to keeping the subscription when you sign up. You can select 6 to 18 meals per week and edit, skip, or cancel your deliveries online. 

The prepared food is delivered weekly. If you need help choosing the right meal plan or meeting your goals, there’s online nutrition coaching available to all Factor customers. There’s no meal planning, grocery shopping, or cooking necessary – Factor dietitians and chefs will do it all for you!

Key Features

  • Online nutrition coaching
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and keto meals on the weekly menu
  • No commitment subscription
  • Choose 6 to 18 meals per week
  • All meals are chef-prepared and dietitian-approved
  • Low-calorie and high-protein meal plans are available



Modify Health review

ModifyHealth is a meal delivery service that specializes in low-FODMAP and Mediterranean diet-friendly meals. They offer online diet coaching and support for all customers to go with their nutritionally tailored, chef-prepared meals. 

ModifyHealth meals are gluten-free, organically sourced, and have lower sodium. You can customize your meals based on food allergies and plant-based diet preferences. If you’re new to the low FODMAP or Mediterranean diet, a personal dietitian can walk you through the details of the diet and outline why it would be a good fit.

The meals from ModifyHealth are said to taste good with a nice variety of flavors, but they’re not as highly reviewed as some other chef-prepared meal delivery services.

Key Features

  • Diet coaching and support are available
  • Nutritionally tailored, chef-prepared meals
  • Organically sourced meals
  • Low FODMAP & Mediterranean meals
  • All meals are gluten-free and lower sodium

Silver Cuisine


Silver Cuisine Meal Delivery

Silver Cuisine was created by BistroMD as an answer to senior meal delivery. They offer more than 150 alternating meal options that have been tailored to meet the nutritional needs of those aged 50 and up. They also have specific plans for heart-healthy, diabetic, gluten-free, and low-sodium diets.

Silver Cuisine is not a subscription service. While some people prefer this, you do lose a level of convenience since there’s no option for recurring orders. It’s easy to order meals when you want them, though! 

All meals are delivered frozen and can be stored for up to a year in the freezer, which is easier than some prepared meal delivery services where you have to eat the food within five or seven days of delivery. Not worrying about the refrigerated shelf life is a bonus for the average person. 

Key Features

  • Doctor-designed, chef-prepared meals
  • Meals made with the nutritional needs of seniors in mind
  • Heart-healthy, diabetic, gluten-free, and low-sodium meal plans are available
  • Over 150 alternating meal options
  • No subscription service

Buying Guide

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Type of Meals

If you want chef-cooked meals, meal kit services won’t fit the bill. Meal kit delivery includes pre-portioned ingredients and recipes you can use to make your own meals at home with minimal prep. Unlike meal kits, prepared meal delivery brings oven-ready meals or meals that can be heated in the microwave to your door. The meals have already been prepared by chefs. You just have to reheat and eat.

Stick to pre-made meals if you want the quality of chef-prepared meals in a convenient, ready-to-eat package. 

Dietary Restrictions

Not all meal delivery services can accommodate dietary restrictions. If you have food allergies or stick to a certain diet, such as keto, finding a meal delivery service that can accommodate those needs is a must.

Finding a company that can accommodate your dietary restrictions is not impossible. It just requires thorough research and a bit of extra time. 

Quality Ingredients

Not all meal services have the same standards when it comes to the ingredients they use. If you want the best quality, taste, and freshness, order from a company with high standards for the quality of their ingredients. Organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced ingredients generally make for better-quality meals.

Key Takeaways

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  • CookUnity is a chef collective offering meals from Michelin Star chefs
  • The best-prepared meal delivery service is one that can meet your dietary needs and budget
  • You don’t have to commit to a long-term subscription to try a prepared meal delivery
  • Heat-and-eat meals save time and can even be cheaper than the grocery store!
  • Fresh and frozen meals prepared by chefs offer good nutrition, flavor, and undeniable convenience. 

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