20 Dairy-Free Meal Delivery Services (And the 3 Best)

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Allergies to cow’s milk is a common food allergy, especially in children. Dairy allergies and sensitivities can manifest in many unpleasant ways. For people who with lactose intolerance or those who choose to eat dairy-free, a reliable, tasty dairy-free meal delivery service is a good tool to have at your disposal.

Some companies are exclusively dairy-free recipes, while others offer dairy-free meals among their regular menus. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular dairy-free meal delivery options. 

Paleo On The Go


Paleo On The Go Meal Delivery

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with limited dairy-free dining options, you’re not alone. Going out to a restaurant is nothing short of a struggle (seems as though there’s butter in everything), but even preparing a meal in your own home means cutting out so many of the conveniences that others have access to. Paleo On the Go offers a solution.

With a Paleo focused menu that is 100% dairy-free, Paleo On the Go makes it possible to peruse their meal selections without worrying about dairy…plus, they even have dessert and breakfast options to fit in your dairy-free lifestyle.
Paleo On the Go’s meals arrive frozen, ready to heat & eat in a matter of minutes. They also use organic and grass-fed ingredients. Their meals also adhere to other special dietary protocols, such as gluten-free and AIP.

Key Benefits

  • All of their meals are both dairy-free and gluten-free
  • Dairy-free breakfast and dessert options are included
  • Higher individual meal price is cost-prohibitive for those on a budget
  • All their meals are also AIP compliant
  • Generally good reviews, except some past customers say their meals are a little on the bland side
  • Meals delivered frozen, ready to heat and eat

Trifecta Nutrition​


Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Like many of the other completely dairy-free meal delivery services listed here, Trifecta Nutrition is also focused primarily on providing meals for those living the Paleo lifestyle. Trifecta Nutrition is committed to using simple, clean ingredients in dairy-free meals that many of their customers enjoy.

Key Benefits

  • Trifecta Nutrition’s entire menu is dairy-free, GF, and soy-free
  • Flexibility with a la carte menu options available at a much lower cost than their Paleo meal plans
  • Somewhat limited in recipe variety, meaning you’re going to see many of the same flavors repeated each week
  • Meals are heat & eat, delivered fresh instead of frozen

Modify Health


ModifyHealth Meal Plan Pros Mediterranean

ModifyHealth supports better health by providing meals that are “gut-friendly”, Low-FODMAP and Mediterranean. The vast majority of their entrees (80%+) on their Low FODMAP and Mediterranean meal plans are completely dairy free. ModifyHealth uses dairy alternatives in many dishes while still maintaining a rich flavor and texture profile.

When selecting your meals, just select the “Dairy” exclusion and the few meals they do have with diary will be excluded from your options – its super simple!

Beyond dairy, ModifyHealth also ensures gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, and fresh vacuum-sealed meals delivered to your door.

Key Benefits

  • 45+ dairy-free meal options
  • Meals designed by nutritionists, dietitians and chefs
  • Meals are designed to support digestive health and are free of common food intolerances
  • All entrees are gluten-free
  • Delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Organic ingredients with non-GMO produce
  • Quick and convenient – simply heat and eat in under two minutes
  • Choose your meals on their website week to week
  • Both animal protein and vegetarian options available
  • Full nutritional information and ingredients, so never worry about food allergies again
  • Reasonable prices: $11.75 – $12.50 for entrees
  • Free shipping nationwide means no hidden charges
  • Optional trained dietitian support to help find the right meals for you and to help stay on track

Entire Menu is Dairy Free

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Whether you’re dairy-free because of a severe food allergy or you just enjoy how you feel when you eliminate dairy from your diet, finding meals that are guaranteed to be dairy-free is a struggle. When ordering from a food delivery service, there’s extra reassurance in knowing that these companies offer exclusively dairy-free prepared meals, with no dairy on site.

Pete’s Real Food

Petes Real Food Box

Pete’s Real Food is obviously Paleo focused which means that you’re going to find plenty of dairy-free diet options to choose from. Pete’s Real Food is a dairy-free meal delivery service that focuses on using mostly organic seasonal produce and grass-fed, sustainably sourced proteins.

Because this service is Paleo centered, you’re going to find that portions are more substantial than what many other companies offer.

Key Benefits

  • All 10 meal selections are completely dairy-free recipes. GF and soy-free
  • Meals include fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Heat & meals require no prep work or cooking
  • Most orders ship free


Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle offers plant-forward meal plans that cater to vegetarians and vegans. All of their meals are dairy-free but if you’re someone who is DF for health reasons, and not by choice, you’re going to love some of the dairy substitutes Thistle has come up with.

Think along the lines of coconut cream, nut cheeses, and dairy-free creamy dressings. They’ve done a pretty good job of providing alternatives to satisfy cravings and replicate the mouthfeel that dairy provides.

The downside to Thistle is that their delivery area is rather limited, and you’re out of luck if you live anywhere other than the western regions of the United States.

Key Benefits

  • All meals are dairy-free
  • Housemade dairy alternatives, like coconut cream and nut cheeses
  • Limited delivery area, shipping only to California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options
  • Meals delivered fresh, ready to heat & eat

Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals Box

Ice Age Meals is a Paleo meal delivery service that offers a wide range of meals, all of which are dairy-free. Some of you might remember when they were featured on Shark Tank. Their television appearance seemed to boost their popularity, and they’ve now served tens of thousands of customers.

In addition to being dairy-free, Ice Age Meals focuses on clean ingredients and macro-balanced meals. Overall, customers seem pleased with the taste and portion size. One customer review did note that almost all meals are tomato-based. After looking at their current menu, most items do include at least a sauce that looks to contain tomatoes in some form.

Key Benefits

  • Choose between sampler boxes, or build a box containing 6,14. 24, or 48 meals
  • Decent selection with 30+ dairy-free meals
  • All meals are DF, gluten-free, and don’t contain sugar, corn, nuts, or soy
  • Boxes of 24 or 48 meals ship for free. Shipping is costly for smaller orders (as much as $50 when shipped to the east coast)

Dairy-Free Meal Kits

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Dairy-free meal delivery comes in two varieties – heat & eat prepared meals, and meal kit services. If you have just a few minutes to spend in the kitchen and don’t mind a little cooking, you might prefer meals with a little prep because you can add your own touches to them, and get the satisfaction of eating a meal you created. 

Sun Basket


sun basket box 900

Sun Basket is a company that aims to fill a void for those who want to eat healthy and clean, while also making choices that support the environment. Sun Basket offers meals and plans that fit in with several special dietary lifestyles. They don’t have a category that’s specifically DF but they do include a decent number of DF options that fit in with their Paleo plan.

You can choose their Paleo plan, which is all dairy-free, or choose your own meal kit boxes that include meals that are tagged as dairy-free on their site. Not all meals are DF but there is typically about 14 each week to choose from.

Sun Basket packages their DF meals in the same facility where they make meals that contain dairy and other allergens. So, if you have a severe dairy allergy, you might feel more comfortable contacting this company directly to learn more about their food handling practices.

Key Benefits

  • Typically 14 dairy-free options offered each week (including both GF and non-GF options)
  • Sun Basket also caters to other dietary requirements, such as gluten-free and soy-free
  • Sun Basket offers breakfasts, lunch, dinners, and snacks
  • Meals typically take less than 20 minutes to prepare
  • Price of meals dependent upon quantity ordered

Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart partnered with Marley Spoon to create one of the most popular meal delivery services today. Martha & Marley Spoon offers easy to prepare meals that include simple to follow instructions, along with fresh ingredients and spice blends that step outside of the ordinary.

Martha & Marley Spoon isn’t an exclusively dairy-free company. DF meals are only a portion of what they offer, but they do offer them.

Key Benefits

  • Limited dairy-free options, with about 5-8 per week
  • Dairy-free meals include both that contain gluten and others that are gluten-free
  • Customers seem to like the taste, but knock this company a little on customer service
  • Some child-friendly meal options available for family dinners
  • Only offers dinners, with no options for breakfast or lunch

Green Chef

Green Chef Meal Delivery

Green Chef is a meal prep delivery service that focuses on providing customers with quality ingredients that meet the highest standards of integrity. Each meal uses organic ingredients whenever they’re available, and all produce is organic unless otherwise stated. Not exclusively dairy-free, Green Chef does offer DF options within their Paleo plan.

Key Benefits

  • Green Chef’s paleo plan is the only option for dairy-free meals
  • Limited selection with only 6 dairy-free diet options weekly
  • Green Chef uses mostly organic ingredients
  • Reasonably priced for budget-minded customers

Home Chef

home Chef box 900

From a convenience standpoint, Home Chef has a lot to offer. Generally good reviews, and the ability to customize your meals in several ways. A shortcoming of Home Chef is that they don’t offer a ton of options in the dairy-free department. In fact, they don’t offer many at all.

You’re going to find milk/dairy tagged in most of their meals. This includes meals that might seem like they’re dairy-free at first glance. Such as their salmon with hazelnut brown butter sauce or pork and guacamole tostadas. Eliminating dairy from these dishes isn’t one of the customization options they have available.

Key Benefits

  • Limited to maybe 2-3 dairy-free options each week
  • No customization options to eliminate dairy in meals with added cheese
  • DF meals are prepared in the same facility that handles dairy products
  • An economical option, with a range of pricing


Dinnerly Meal Delivery

Dinnerly is hands down one of the most affordable meal prep delivery services you’re going to find. Meals come in at around $5, which is generally less than you’ll spend at a fast-food drive-through (and a whole lot healthier!).

Dinnerly isn’t exclusively dairy-free, but they do offer a handful of options. Considering the simplicity of their meals, and their family-friendliness, Dinnerly might be a worthy alternative if you have one person in your home who is dairy-free but want the convenience that meal prep services provide.

Key Benefits

  • Typically between 2-5 dairy-free recipes per week
  • Recipes are simple with only 6 ingredients in each meal
  • Economically priced at about $5 per meal
  • Shipping is a flat-rate fee of $8.99
  • Shipping is a flat-rate fee of $8.99

Prepared Dairy-Free Meal Services

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Dairy-free meal delivery services that offer prepared, ready to eat meals are the perfect solution. While usually costing a bit more than a meal you might pick up in a grocery store, most options taste homemade, and you have the perk of them being delivered to your door, ready to heat & eat.

These meals are ideal for people who simply don’t like to cook, don’t have the time to cook, or are tired of cooking and having so many leftovers when all they want is the perfect single portion size.

Factor Meals

Factor Meals unboxing

Factor Meals offers heat & eat meals that are prepared by their in-house chef, using quality ingredients and a commitment to integrity. Factor meals are designed to be nutritionally balanced and to support healthy lifestyles.

Like many other companies, Factor isn’t an exclusively dairy-free company. The dairy free diet selections are somewhat limited, and you need to keep cross-contamination in mind, especially if you have a severe dairy allergy.

Key Benefits

  • Factor typically offers 4-5 DF meals per week
  • Factor uses organic ingredients and wild-caught or grass-fed proteins
  • Shipping is free with Factor 75
  • Great customer reviews for taste and quality

Fresh N Lean

Fresh n Lean Box

Fresh N Lean promotes the idea that you can take back 37 hours each week by enjoying their time-saving meals. This doesn’t sound like such a bad plan, and it isn’t. With a Paleo plan that includes 14 meals, all of which are dairy-free and gluten-free, there’s enough selection to keep your taste buds interested while avoiding dairy products.

Key Benefits

  • Fresh N Lean‘s Paleo plan includes 14 dairy free diet options
  • Plan and a la carte options, with a la carte meals costing less
  • Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen
  • Free shipping
  • Reviews indicate customer service is a little lacking


Epicured box 900

Epicured is another Low-FODMAP meal service that caters to those with digestive issues, along with food allergies or sensitivities. Their meals are doctor recommended and dietician approved for individuals with IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, celiac disease, and non-celiac gluten sensitivities.

Included in this are some meals that are suitable for those living with a dairy allergy or intolerance and need gluten free meals. You can easily select from dairy-free meals by clicking on the filter options, choosing allergies, and selecting dairy.

Key Benefits

  • 17 dairy-free options each week
  • Dairy-free meals are easy to find with an intuitive filter on their website
  • Dairy-free bowls, salads, soups, and sides available
  • Delivery fees depend on where you live and are costly ($40) for the western half of the United States
  • Epicured partners with physicians and dieticians when developing their meals

Nurture Life

Nurture Life Packaging

Nurture Life is the best kids’ meal delivery service on our list for a number of reasons. The meals, snacks, and smoothies delivered from Nurture Life are designed by dietitians to ensure your toddler is getting the right balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to promote healthy development.

Nurture Life makes delicious food for kids ages ten months to 12 years, so you can continue to enjoy your toddler’s meal delivery service well beyond toddlerhood!

Meal delivery services are flexible, with plans that include 6, 9, 12, or 15 meals per week. You can adjust your plan, skip weeks, and cancel at any time.

Parents know how important flexibility is when it comes to their kid’s meals. With portion sizes perfectly adjusted as your child grows and flavorful meals made from fresh ingredients, finding items from Nurture Life that your toddler will eat without fussing is effortless.

Nurture Life has a core menu of fan favorites as well as new menu items that are introduced regularly.

There are always at least 25 meals, 12 finger foods, and a number of snacks and smoothies to choose from.

Every meal is ready to enjoy with no prep required.

Meals to Try

  • Pesto and cheese ravioli
  • Beef taco pockets
  • Chicken and mac
  • Chicken dumplings

Key Benefits

  • Cost: Starting at $6.49/meal
  • Types of Meals: Meals, snacks, and smoothies
  • Recommended Ages: 10 months to 12 years
  • Balanced meals designed by dietitians with portion sizes for every age
  • Clean ingredients, including organic vegetables and antibiotic-free meats
  • Flavorful classic kids’ meals and a globally inspired variety of dishes
  • All meals are made fresh before shipping
  • Smoothies and snacks for in-between meal times
  • No prep required
  • Flexible plans can be changed, skipped, or canceled at anytime

Eat The 80

Eat the 80 Meal Delivery

Eat the 80 is completely free of things like added hormones, gluten, refined sugars, and unnecessary additives. In other words, all the things you want to stay away from. They don’t exclusively stay away from dairy but being a Whole30 and Paleo approved meal service, they do offer plenty of dairy-free options to choose from.

Key Benefits

  • Typically around 13 dairy-free meal options each week
  • Dairy-free meals need to be filtered by Whole30 and Paleo diets to find them
  • Heat & eat meals are delivered fresh, not frozen
  • Shipping cost varies

The Good Kitchen

the good kitchen box sm

The Good Kitchen follows the philosophy that everyone has the power to eat better. Their motto is farm to table in under 3 minutes. They have a simple, solid philosophy, which also caters to a range of different dietary lifestyles, such as Paleo which is dairy-free.

Key Benefits

  • The Good Kitchen offers 17 dairy-free meal options each week
  • Customers seem to like their taste but have complaints about their customer service
  • Shipping is free
  • Committed to sustainable, earth-friendly practices, including a commitment to animal welfare


Eatology Meal Delivery

Eatology is a Paleo meal service that helps people commit to the Paleo lifestyle beyond following a list of yes or no foods. Because their premise is Paleo, their meals are also perfect for the dairy-free lifestyle.

A place where Eatology wins major points is the variety in portion sizes they offer. They have different portions for different sized appetites, but also family platters for when you’re feeding an entire table of hungry bellies.

Key Benefits

  • 25 DF Paleo meal options
  • Nutritionally balanced meals
  • Economical meal prices
  • Some customer reviews knock Eatology for taste
  • You might want to double-check ingredients since some customers have spotted non-compliant ingredients in their meals

Bottom Line

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Avoiding dairy products doesn’t mean you also have to avoid the convenience of meal delivery services. With reputable dairy-free meal delivery companies like Paleo On the Go, Trifecta, and ModifyHealth, who go above and beyond in providing DF meals, you can enjoy a little freedom from the kitchen while not sacrificing your health or dietary goals.

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