Dash Diet Meal Delivery Services

The DASH Diet is recommended for people diagnosed with high blood pressure. If your doctor has recommended following the DASH Diet, you might be a little overwhelmed at first. Meal delivery services that offer low sodium, delicious meals are a game-changer. It’s a lot to sort through, so we’ve looked at them and found the best to meet your changing nutritional needs.

Modify Health comes out as our winner for their Mediterranean meals, as delicious as they are healthy and aligned to your dietary needs. There are few other DASH-friendly meal delivery services that made our list. Here are all the important details of each.

Dash Diet Meal Delivery Services

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Modify Health Mediterranean Meals


ModifyHealth Meal Plan Pros Mediterranean

Pharmaceuticals are important for controlling high blood pressure in many people. But, whether you’re currently taking medication or not, the road to health all starts with nutrition. Modify Health offers prepared meals that support the idea that food really is the best medicine. Modify Health is best known for its FODMAP plan, but we like them here for their Mediterranean options.

Modify Health’s Mediterranean plan follows the key points of the DASH Diet. They’re low sodium meals that are also high in fiber, whole grains, vegetables, seafood, and lean protein. The Mediterranean Diet is viewed as one of the healthiest dietary lifestyles in the world, and with Modify Health, it’s also seamlessly easy to follow.

A few dishes of their Mediterranean plan include roasted pistachio salmon with white bean & kale, lemon thyme chicken with tahini, and Ikarian stew with carrots, artichokes, and leeks.

More Benefits of Modify Health Mediterranean Meal Plan 

  • Modify Health offer nutritional support through consultations with expert dieticians
  • Two Mediterranean plans available – one with expert support, additional meals, and educational materials, the other with meals only
  • Option to exclude certain ingredients from your meal choices
  • Entrees average one-third or less of your daily sodium intake on a low sodium diet
  • Each fully prepared meal is packed with healthy, fiber-rich foods
  • Mediterranean plans start at $12.75 per serving

Splendid Spoon Grain Bowls and Noodles

Best Plant-Based Meals for the DASH Diet

splendid spoon noodles

Eating plant-based is a great way to reduce your sodium intake naturally – as long as you stay away from the salt shaker! Plant-based foods are loaded with great flavor, texture, fiber, and so many of the nutrients your body needs daily. Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery service with some tasty options for anyone following the DASH diet.

Splendid Spoon offers a few meal categories, including smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and noodle bowls. We choose them as a good choice for their grain bowls and noodles, which are low sodium and high in fiber. Their soups deserve an honorable mention, but sodium can creep up in soups, even with good intentions, plus the grain bowls and noodles are more filling.

To give you an idea of how Splendid Spoon fits in with low sodium diets, their Moroccan Spiced Buckwheat Bowl has a low 200 mg of sodium per serving, and their Creamy Mushroom & Spinach Noodles has 320 mg of sodium per serving.

More Benefits of Splendid Spoon Grain Bowls & Noodles

  • Choose to filter by high-fiber, high-protein, low-calorie options, and more
  • Nearly two dozen options for grain bowls and noodles each week
  • Lots of great flavors to make your low-sodium meal plan interesting
  • Fully prepared meals, plus smoothies and immune-boosting shots
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available
  • Noodle and grain bowl plans starting at $95 per week

Mom's Meals

Most Affordable

moms meals

Mom’s Meals is a different type of meal delivery service that caters to individuals and caregivers of people with special dietary and health-related needs. Their meals are designed with the trustworthy health information and input of registered dieticians and chefs for great taste and meals that fall nutritionally within USDA dietary guidelines.

Mom’s meals offers plans for individuals who self-pay and also a Medicaid-approved plan with a long list of nutritious, complete meals. They offer two menus suitable for people following the Dash Diet – a Heart Friendly menu and one that is specifically Low Sodium.

More Benefits of Mom’s Meals

  • The menu includes American Classics, Soups, Sandwiches, International Flavors, and Breakfast Meals
  • Low sodium meals are designed with 600 mg or less of sodium per serving
  • Each dish is fully prepared, and you get your choice of any meal on the menu
  • Also great for individuals with diabetes, heart disease, dietary restrictions, and those looking to improve their overall health
  • Prices start at $6.99 per meal, with a 10% discount for self-pay customers


Sprinly meal delivery

Sprinly is a meal delivery service that makes plant-based eating on the DASH Diet super easy. Their prepackaged meals are ready to eat, delivered fresh, and full of flavor and nutrients. Sprinly is the perfect example of how healthy eating doesn’t need to be limited to a plain green salad.

Sprinly’s menu features low salt meals like Pesto Pasta with Sundried Tomato Cakes and a Paprika Spinach Salad with tofu and hemp hearts. The Smoked Sweet Potato Tacos are filling, flavorful, and a tasty way to stop hypertension.

Sprinly’s menu isn’t huge. You’ll find about six meal choices each week. Almost all meals come in under 500 mg of sodium, many being much lower in the 200-300 mg range. If you’re vegan or looking to include more plant-based dishes in your diet, these are the perfect fit for your low sodium plan.

More Benefits of Sprinly

  • Designed by the combined efforts of nutritionists, doctors, and chefs
  • All meals are gluten-free
  • Sprinly uses very minimal amounts of added salt, saturated fat, or processed ingredients
  • Choose six, twelve, or eighteen meals per week
  • Plans start at $109 per week with free delivery

Trifecta Clean Eating Plan

Trifecta 2021 TrifectaMe

Trifecta is a good DASH Diet choice for anyone wanting to enjoy clean, nourishing real food while on the quest to lower their blood pressure. Trifecta has several plans for home-delivered meals to help you on your way. For high blood pressure and related health conditions, we really like Trifecta’s Clean Eating Plan.

With Trifecta, the sodium level of each meal varies by plan. On average, you’ll find low sodium options that contain between 300-500 mg each. Considering their generous portion sizes, these are perfect for adapting to a low sodium diet without feeling deprived.

When ordering from Trifecta, it’s important to stick to the Clean Meals program if you’re following the DASH DIet. Their keto menu is tempting, but their keto meals have a significantly higher amount of sodium than their clean meals. This is because of the different nutritional needs of keto and the fact that people may shed sodium while in ketosis. Their keto meals average about 800 mg of sodium, which won’t do much to help you lower blood pressure.

More Benefits of Trifecta Clean Eating Plan

  • Organic fruits and vegetables, humanely raised proteins, and no GMOs
  • The Clean Eating plan includes a chef’s choice of nutritious meals
  • You can also choose your own a la carte options, but you should check the sodium content of each dish if you choose this
  • Choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Clean Eating meal packages start at $108 per week

Bistro MD

BistroMD box

Bistro MD offers heart-healthy recipes designed by a doctor to help you reduce your salt intake and help you reach your health goals on the DASH Diet, all with healthy, delicious food that you’ll love to eat.

Bistro MD’s heart-healthy program includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all of which meet the USDA dietary guidelines for low sodium meals. In addition to helping control high blood pressure, the heart-healthy program also offers nutritional support from registered dieticians to help you lose weight if that’s also one of your goals.

A few selections from the heart-healthy menu include Chicken Mole, Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dijon Dressing, and Fisherman’s Seafood Stew. Trust that boredom won’t be an issue with this plan.

More Benefits of Bistro MD

  • Ideal for a range of dietary needs, including hypertension and heart disease
  • Delicious dietary approaches to helping you meet your nutritional needs on the DASH Diet
  • No trans-fat or MSG added
  • Choose lunch and dinners only, or the full program with three meal options each day
  • Plans start at $97 per week

Buying Guide

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First, congratulations on deciding to take a dietary approach to take control of your health. On the DASH Diet it’s important to choose only foods that contain low to very moderate amounts of sodium. Meal delivery helps with that, but there are certain factors to consider when choosing the best service for your individual needs.

The Dash Diet

The first factor is whether a meal delivery service offers meals that are aligned with the DASH Diet. The DASH Diet limits sodium to 2300 mg per day and promotes other nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and protein. The DASH Diet is frequently prescribed for people with high blood pressure, kidney disease, and for heart failure patients upon hospital discharge.

The main things you want to look at are the average sodium content for each meal, the fat content, fiber content, and if the meals support additional health goals, such as weight loss.

How much Sodium is considered a low sodium meal?

With the upper limit of sodium intake being 2300 mg per day, each meal that you eat adds up quickly. Most say that 600 mg or less per meal is the gold standard on the DASH Diet, but it’s better if you can keep it lower than that. Every delivery service on our list offers options that fall within these guidelines.

Clean Ingredients

With processed food comes sodium, so the cleaner a meal delivery service is, the better. Look for companies that load their meals with lean protein, high fiber vegetables, organic and locally sourced ingredients, and offer options for any additional needs you have, such as dairy-free or gluten-free entrees.

Bottom Line

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The DASH DIet follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association for a heart-healthy diet. Low sodium foods, including lean proteins, fresh fruits & vegetables, and healthy whole grains, are the stars of the show. Modify Health, Mom’s Meals, Splendid Spoon, and the other meal delivery services on our list are great options for taking control of your health and enjoying food on the DASH Diet.

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  1. What is the smallest number of meals per week that I can order? I ask because I am a very sparse eater. Generally speaking, it takes me 2 or 3 meals to finish one pre-pared.

  2. I am 73 years old. Dr. Put me on a Dash diet food plan, because i have high blood pressure. I would like to have food that complies with dash diet plan delivered to my house .

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      Irma, I would recommend ModifyHealth as the healthiest option for the Dash diet. If you decide to try them out, make sure to use the code MPP50 at checkout to get your first box 50% off and free shipping.

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