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Eat Fit Go is a meal delivery service that focuses on healthy, restaurant quality, chef-prepared meals delivered to your door or picked up in one of their store locations. Eat Fit Go helps you with eating healthy in a convenient way without sacrificing flavors.

We have looked at the menu, pricing, quality, and taste. So, see how Eat Fit Go stacks up, what to expect, and get some fantastic coupons.

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Eat Fit Go Menu

The tasty meals from Eat Fit Go are curated by dieticians and prepared by real chefs, then delivered to your door. The menu features breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, and snacks and changes frequently with new additions. In fact, a new menu is uploaded every Monday.

Overall, you can expect to see more than two dozen new meals on the menu every week. It’s common to see nearly thirty healthy, exciting dishes on the menu to choose from.

Eat Fit Go
Eat Fit Go Harvest Sweet Potato Chicken
Eat Fit Go
Eat Fit Go Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs

You can expect dishes such as the Fajita Chicken Bowl with rice, cheese, black beans, and veggies; the Ancient Grain Bowl featuring teriyaki sauce, black sesame seeds, and mango salsa; and Four Cheese Chickpea Rotini. Some of their recently added entrees include meals such as Homestyle Pork Loin Dinner and Chicken and Rice Soup.

For breakfast, options include the Sunrise Scramble with chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheese or the newly added Breakfast Enchiladas with a bed of beans and rice and topped with salsa, pico de gallo, and green onion.

All meals come in individual servings that are vacuum sealed and ready to heat in the microwave.

Eat Fit Go The Early Bird
Eat Fit Go Buffalo Style Chicken Rotini

Dietary Options & Variety

Eat Fit Go prides itself on being allergy friendly. While they offer several special diet options, the meals are manufactured in a facility that processes common allergens like soy, milk, nuts, and wheat. This means that those with a severe allergy should avoid Eat Fit Go, but it’s a great option if you are just following a certain dietary lifestyle.

They offer meals that fit gluten-free, low-carb, plant-based (vegan), vegetarian, renal-friendly, heart-friendly, diabetes-friendly, soy-free, dairy-free, and lower sodium dietary lifestyles. It is important to note that there are limited vegan/vegetarian options each week.

Eat Fit Go Chicken Enchiladas
Eat Fit Go
Eat Fit Go Sirloin Potatoes
Eat Fit Go Turkey chili

Though low-calorie, keto (low carb), and paleo lifestyles are not officially listed, several of the menu selections will work for these lifestyles.

Eat Fit Go also provides clear definitions of what they consider for each diet.

For instance, their diabetes-friendly meals contain less than 75 grams of carbs, while their renal-friendly selections have less than 700 mg of sodium, 833 mg of potassium, and 330 mg of phosphorous. This helps give you an idea if their special diet meets your standards.

Eat Fit Go has explicit nutrition facts and ingredient lists on every meal as well. Overall, they try to focus on lower sodium content and high protein recipes.

Eat Fit Go Nutrition

Ingredient Quality

When it comes to ingredient quality, Eat Fit Go ensures there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives. All of the meals are also cooked and packaged in their USDA-inspected kitchen located in Omaha, Nebraska. You can be sure that the food is handled safely and properly during preparation and packaging.

However, unlike some other chef-prepared meals from competitors, their ingredient sources are unclear and Eat Fit Go is not certified organic. If organic and sustainability are important, you might be happier choosing meals from another service or preparing something of your own to eat.

Eat Fit Go ingredients


Eat Fit Go is the perfect balance of healthy food and tasty meals. They make swaps like whole grain tortillas and chickpea rotini to take classic dishes and make them healthier.

Though you won’t find a ton of globally inspired flavors, they have multiple flavor profiles to accommodate a wide variety of tastes. When it comes to reheated prepared meals that are healthy, Eat Fit Go is rather delicious.

Eat Fit Go Buffalo Style Chicken Rotini

Buffalo-Style Chicken Rotini

Eat Fit Go Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo

Eat Fit Go Grain bowl

Ancient Grain Bowl

Eat Fit Go Harvest Sweet Potato Chicken

Harvest Sweet Potato Chicken

Eat Fit Go Prices & Coupons

You can order Eat Fit Go meals online in increments of 5, 10, 15, or 20 meals. The price ranges depending on the meals you choose, but they average around $10 per meal, with breakfast items being on the lower end.


Price per serving


$9.00 - $9.25

Dairy Free Entrée

$10.00 - 13.25

Gluten Free Entrée

$9.00 - $9.25

Low-Carb Entrée

$9.00 - $11.00

Soy Free Entrée

$9.00 - $11.50

Plant Based Entrée

$10.00 - $10.25

Vegetarian Entrée

$10.00 - $10.25

Diabetes-Friendly Entrée

$9.00 - $13.25

Heart-Friendly Entrée

$9.00 - $13.25

Lower Sodium Entrée

$9.00 - $13.25

Renal-Friendly Entrée

$9.00 - $11.50

There is also a shipping fee which varies depending on your address. To avoid this, you would have to live in an area that has a store for pickup.

Paying for their optional annual membership gives you 15% off of each meal; however, they also have a free rewards program in which you can use the points you earn for discounts. Regardless, Eat Fit Go is still less expensive than takeout.

Packaging & Recycling

Eat Fit Go Box

The Eat Fit Go meals are packaged in a microwave-safe container and vacuum sealed with an outer cardboard sleeve that contains the meal name and description, expiration date, nutrition facts, heating instructions, and ingredients list.

The meals are delivered fresh and have a 14-day shelf life. However, they can also be frozen for an even longer shelf life. The delivery boxes are insulated and come with gel ice packs to ensure temperature control.

Though national carriers handle most of the shipping, local couriers will deliver your order if you are near an Eat Fit Go store. They deliver their chef-prepared meals to the contiguous United States.


The shipping boxes, meal containers, and cardboard sleeves are all recyclable. The box insulation is biodegradable within 18 months and compostable due to additives in the film that help disintegration.

The gel ice packs that help with climate control aren’t recyclable but can be reused several times over or donated to local food banks.

Customer Service

The customer service department is quite responsive during business hours and can be reached by email or online chat. Both are monitored by real people, which is nice, too.

Eat Fit Go Customer service

Customers also have access to an online portal that provides easy account management, but keep in mind that orders can only be canceled or modified prior to the Friday before shipping at 8 p.m. central time.

We love that the menu can be filtered by diet, and many FAQs are answered on their website as well.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to convenience, Eat Fit Go excels. It is perfect for those on the go, singles living alone, or for those looking for a convenient option for eating healthy. The pricing is affordable for healthy food, and it is delivered fresh.

Overall, Eat Fit Go is a reasonable choice for healthy prepared meal delivery.

What we liked:

  • Easy and convenient to heat
  • Plenty of rotating healthy recipes
  • Long shelf life without preservatives
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Clear nutrition facts and ingredients

What we didn’t like:

  • Shipping fees are costly
  • The source and quality of ingredients aren’t clear
  • A lot of the recipes contain similar ingredients

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