Elimination Diet Meal Delivery

Elimination Diet Meal Delivery

Following an elimination diet may be necessary for your health, but it can also be challenging. One way to make things easier is by choosing an elimination diet meal delivery to help with meal planning.

There are multiple things to consider when looking for a meal delivery service that caters to the elimination diet. Some, like Modify Health, offer a complete elimination diet program, while others are more suited toward eliminating just a few ingredients, such as dairy and gluten while providing healthy meals.

We looked at the best meal delivery services for the elimination diet. Modify Health is the overall winner for their comprehensive elimination diet meal plans. Others, like Trifecta and Epicured, aren’t so comprehensive but offer great flavor and quality for when you’re working on eliminating just certain foods from your diet. Here’s how they stack up.

Modify Health​


Modify Health review

Modify Health caters to people following the FODMAP diet, which is a short-term elimination diet developed to primarily relieve the symptoms of IBS and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Even if you don’t have IBS but instead suffer from suspected food sensitivities, following the FODMAP elimination diet can help pinpoint what foods are triggers for you.

With Modify Health, you get healthy ready-to-eat meals that are all gluten-free, and while the FODMAP diet isn’t dairy-free, it does limit dairy. Because of this, there are some dairy-containing meals on the menu, but there are also plenty that falls in the dairy-free category.

Modify Health offers lots of nutritious meals that are developed by registered dietitians and created by chefs. This translates to delicious meals for people with food sensitivities. At any given time, you have between 25-30 meals per week to choose from, so there’s also great variety – even when you have dietary restrictions. 

Modify Health also uses organic produce, non-GMO ingredients, and lean protein in all of its meals. You also won’t find any artificial sweeteners in these meals. If you reach the point where you don’t need low-FODMAP meals, Modify Health also offers a Mediterranean Diet meal plan.

If you choose the low-FODMAP elimination diet meal plan, prices start between $9.95 – $12.95 per meal. Modify Health also offers a Low-FODMAP six-week Quick Start program.

This program includes three consultations with a registered dietitian, additional resources, cooking demonstrations, and a discount on Modify Health meals.

Key Benefits

  • Fully prepared meals designed for the low-FODMAP elimination diet
  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Nutritionist-developed gluten-free meals
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options
  • Extensive menu
  • Additional nutritional support and help developing a diet plan is available

Trifecta ​


Trifecta meals

Trifecta is known among meal delivery services for the quality of its delicious food. The meals are designed for people who are embracing a healthy lifestyle, with a strong focus on supporting people on their road to improved physical health with solid nutrition and great taste.

With Trifecta, customers have several different options for delicious meals that are aligned with an elimination diet, and it all starts with Trifecta’s meal plans. Trifecta’s meal plans include Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Clean Eating, Vegetarian, and Vegan. The plan you choose will determine which types of foods are eliminated from your diet.

For instance, when you choose the Whole30 meal plan, you eliminate foods like legumes, grains, dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods. With Paleo, you eliminate or reduce most grains, legumes, and dairy.

With Trifecta, the most effective way of using the meal delivery service for an elimination diet is by choosing their a la carte meals with the classic meal plan or the meal prep option.

With most of Trifecta’s meal plans, you receive a chef-curated box of meals. In other words, they choose the meals for you, although you are allowed to select two ingredients you want to avoid in the meals you receive. This is a great option if you have known food allergies or are working on eliminating a small number of ingredients from your diet.

You can avoid the chef-curated box by choosing your own meals with the classic meals plan, but the selections are limited to about six options.

With meal prep, which is different from meal kits you might have tried, you select bulk ingredients, such as grilled chicken and then broccoli, to create your own meals.

But, back to what has earned Trifecta a spot on this list is that their meals really are some of the best-tasting options among all healthy meal delivery services we’ve tried, and they offer well-liked flavors that even picky eaters typically enjoy.

 Key Benefits

  • One of the best-tasting meal delivery services
  • Several options for elimination diet adherence
  • Chef-curated healthy meals or a la carte classic meals are available
  • Reasonably priced at about $12 per meal
  • A meal prep option is also available
  • Quality ingredients, often organic



Epicured meal delivery box

Epicured is a close runner-up to Modify Health as an all-around good meal delivery service for anyone following an elimination diet. Epicured is a meal delivery service that offers low-FODMAP meals along with gluten-free menu options. Low-FODMAP meals are well suited for many people with food sensitivities, although the diet doesn’t completely eliminate all potential food allergens.

All their meals are created by a partnership of registered dietitians and chefs. This translates to meals that are not only full of healthy food but also absolutely delicious.

In addition to offering a low-FODMAP meal plan that helps you through the elimination phase, as well as a reintroduction, where you introduce one food group back into your diet at a time, they also offer a 100% completely gluten-free meal plan.

Epicured’s gluten-free meals are good for gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease. The meals are made with real, whole foods that are nutritionally balanced to support your health while following an elimination diet.

Epicured offers entrees, bowls, soups, sides, snacks, breakfast, and drinks, along with bundle packages. They also offer a filter for additional dietary preferences and special dietary restrictions, including extra sensitive digestion, GERD-friendly, vegetarian and vegan meals. A helpful allergy filter helps you find dairy-free and gluten-free meals, along with soy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and fish-free meals.

 Key Benefits

  • More than 30 meals per week are available
  • Specializes in low-FODMAP and gluten-free meals
  • Special filters help people choose meals based on food sensitivities
  • Meals the entire family will enjoy
  • Bundle packages available
  • Prices vary, but meals start at around $12 per serving

Paleo on the Go (AIP)​

Paleo on the Go Review

At first glance, it might seem that Paleo on the Go specializes in one type of meal plan – the paleo diet. However, Paleo on the Go offers much more than that for anyone finding themselves following an elimination diet.

Paleo on the Go’s meals are all AIP (autoimmune protocol) compliant. This translates to meals that are grain & gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and completely compliant with paleo diets.

If you’re investigating potential food sensitivities, Paleo on the Go is a good diet plan option for meals that are nutritious and don’t include junk food or empty calories. In addition to their standard entrees, Paleo on the Go also offers an AIP bakery selection, soups & stews for those times you want a light dinner or maybe just lunch, breakfast, and AIP-complaint sauces.

The downside to Paleo on the Go is the price. Most meals cost upwards of $20 per serving, so you’re really getting into what you might pay for a restaurant meal. This also puts Paleo on the Go out of range for many families interested in a meal delivery service that caters to the paleo diet plan or food sensitivities.

 Key Benefits

  • Gluten-free and AIP-compliant meal plan
  • Supports clean eating habits
  • AIP-compliant diet is good for pinpointing potential food sensitivities
  • Meals suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – plus dessert
  • No-guesswork meals for paleo diets
  • Higher price point, but you get above-average quality

Fresh N Lean​

Fresh n Lean Box

Of all the meal delivery services on our list, Fresh N Lean is the most removed from a true meal service for the elimination diet, but they do offer a couple of meal plans that will work, plus the taste and quality of their meals are highly rated.

Fresh N Lean offers a Whole30 meal plan, and all of their meals are gluten-free meals. The Whole30 meal plan is suitable for an elimination diet if you’re looking to eliminate foods that include grain, dairy, legumes, artificial sugars, and alcohol.

Fresh N Lean offers several other meal plans, including keto for low-carb, paleo, Mediterranean, and vegan diets. Fresh N Lean offers both entrees for dinner and also breakfast items. The meals delivered to your door arrive fresh, never frozen.

 Key Benefits

  • Chef-developed meals for Whole30 elimination diet plan
  • High-quality, organic ingredients
  • Filters to add your food allergies and preferences
  • Affordable, with meals starting at a little over $11 per serving

Thrive Market​


Thrive Market Box

As a bonus, we’ve included Thrive Market as a great option for elimination diet grocery delivery. You might not always want meals delivered to your door, or maybe you don’t feel like limiting choices to a specific diet plan and signing up for a subscription. But you still want quality ingredients and access to elimination diet-appropriate food that you might not be able to find at your local grocery store.

Thrive Market is a great resource if you’re looking food gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, or another type of food that fits your diet.

Quality ingredients are what they offer, including clean and organic pantry staples, grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, detox teas, nutritional supplements, clean beauty, and more.

 Key Benefits

  • Do your elimination diet grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home.
  • Purchase food for your specific diet plan with no commitment
  • Plan and purchase items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to your schedule and preferences
  • Thrive Market offers a low-price promise and fast delivery

Elimination Diet Meal Delivery Buying Guide​

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Type of Elimination Diet

The most important consideration when choosing a meal delivery service for the elimination diet is how extensive of an elimination diet you’re following. A complete elimination diet will eliminate a list of foods, including grains and gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts.

Elimination diets such as the low-FODMAP diet focus more on specific types of fermentable carbohydrates that are known troublemakers, especially for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Many elimination diets are also gluten-free since gluten can be such a major trigger for digestive distress in sensitive people. 

If you’re following the low-FODMAP elimination diet, a meal delivery service like Modify Health is a wonderful choice. If you’re looking more to eliminate foods in a way that’s more aligned with the Whole30 diet plan, you actually have more options, including Trifecta and Fresh N Lean. For the AIP Diet, Paleo on the Go is the best option on our list.

Other Health Goals

In addition to eliminating certain foods from your diet, you might also want to consider any other health goals you have. For example, if weight loss is a goal, you want to look for a meal delivery service that offers meals that support losing weight, either by offering low-calorie options or meals catered toward types of diets that help with weight loss but don’t necessarily require calorie counting, such as keto.

There are also meal delivery services that offer heart-friendly meals, diabetic-friendly meals, low-carb options, and low-sodium meals. If you have a health condition that requires special dietary consideration, it’s crucially important that a meal delivery service caters to that, along with offering elimination diet meals.

Meal Plans

Elimination diets are typically designed to last for three to six weeks and are then followed up by a period of reintroducing foods back into the diet one at a time. While the elimination phase may feel like it lasts forever, it actually doesn’t, and you might not want to find yourself committed to having meals delivered each week.

Most meal delivery services are subscription based, but some do offer an ala carte or short-term subscription options. On the other hand, it’s also entirely possible that you’ll like a meal delivery company so much that you look forward to having meals delivered each week, even once you’re past the elimination phase. These are details that should be considered.

Likewise, having some options when it comes to choosing a meal plan is also appreciated. Look at how many meals per week you’ll be committed to, how often you need to order meals, and what the company’s policy is regarding changing your meal plan, pausing your deliveries, or canceling your subscription.

Prepared Meals or Meal Kits

All of the companies on our list of the best meal delivery options for the elimination diet offer fully prepared meals that you just have to heat and eat with zero fuss or preparation involved. Another option to consider is something called a meal kit.

With meal kits, preportioned ingredients are delivered to your door with a recipe card. There’s minimal prep work involved, but there is a bit of cooking. Meal kits are a good option for people who like to do a little bit of cooking without all the meal planning and grocery shopping.

While there weren’t any meal kit delivery companies that made it onto our list, there are some options out there. For example, Green Chef offers meal kits that are gluten-free, along with several other plans. With meal kits, you have the option of eliminating certain ingredients if they fall into an eliminated food category. Meal kits are also a great option if you’re feeding more than one person since they’re usually available with either two or four servings.


They say that variety is the spice of life, right? There’s no reason to give that up just because you’re following an elimination diet. Variety was one of the details taken into consideration when creating this list, so honestly, we’re pleased with the variety offered by every meal service listed here.

Still, it’s important to look at the menu and decide if they offer the type of variety that you like. Chili lime chicken with fajita veg might be right up your alley if you like a bit of spice, but a pickier eater might prefer options that fall more in line with traditional comfort foods.

A meal delivery company won’t work for you if you don’t like the variety that’s on the menu.

Quality of Ingredients

Finally, consider the quality of the ingredients the company uses. Are organic and clean ingredients important to you? What about sustainable and ethically sourced? Would you prefer the company you choose to be one that supports local farmers and ranchers? Most companies with high standards are very forthcoming about their food philosophies. If they aren’t forthcoming, there’s usually a reason for it.

Also, look for meals that feature healthy ingredients and avoid any company that offers processed foods. Processed foods aren’t the best option for the elimination diet. Whole and clean is the goal. Choose a company that uses healthy, natural fats like olive oil or avocado oil instead of saturated fats that do more harm to your body while you’re trying to repair it.  


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How long does it take to detox on an elimination diet?

The suggested duration of an elimination diet is three to six weeks, depending on what type of food or foods you’re eliminating from your diet and how severe your symptoms may be. The goal of an elimination diet is to completely remove the offending foods from your diet and also allow your body time to “flush out” the foods and completely recover from the exposure.
If you don’t give your body enough time to do this, it’s more difficult to assess whether you’re having a reaction to a certain food or if you’re simply experiencing residual effects from past exposure.

What is the elimination diet menu?

The elimination diet menu may look different for each individual, but typically you start by eliminating all of the major offenders known for causing food sensitivities and allergies. These include gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, and nuts. When following a low-FODMAP protocol, foods like nightshades and foods that contain a certain type of carbohydrate are also eliminated.

Key Takeaways

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  • Modify Health is the overall winner for best meal delivery for the elimination diet.
  • Trifecta offers great meals that are gluten-free and Whole30 friendly
  • Epicured offers the most options of healthy food for the low-FODMAP Diet of any meal service on this list
  • Choose a meal service based on whether you’re following a low-FODMAP, AIP, or Whole30 type of elimination diet
  • Gluten-free offerings are important as part of an elimination diet

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