Factor vs Freshly

Factor vs Freshly

Healthy and fast are rarely synonymous when it comes to mealtime. You’re almost always sacrificing one for the other, but this isn’t the case with the top premade meal delivery services. Here we’ve taken a look at two healthy, fast, and easy options as we compare Factor 75 vs Freshly to see how they stack up. 

About Factor 75 & Freshly 

Factor 75 and Freshy are two meal delivery services specializing in fresh, premade, heat & eat meals delivered right to your door. While these two companies have a lot in common, there are also some differences. 

Factor 75 is a meal delivery service that focuses on helping customers achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Chef-crafted meals, that are designed by registered dieticians, are what the Factor 75 program is built on. Factor 75 includes plans catered to some of today’s most popular dietary lifestyles. 

Freshly also designs their fully prepared meals with the help of a team of chefs and nutritionists. Like Factor 75, Freshly caters to many popular dietary lifestyles but also offers dishes that appeal to those just simply wanting to eat healthier without following a specific plan. In addition to their premade, delivered meals, Freshly meals can be purchased in some grocery stores, primarily in the Northeast. 


Table of Contents

Factor 75

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Freshly Box Image Small



Dietary Options

Factor 75



Many people opt for Factor 75 because they love the idea of premade meals that fit their Paleo, Keto, or low-carb diet that also has a reputation for being delicious. While Factor 75 certainly offers a good selection of meals in these categories, their focus is really is healthy, fast, and tasty meals to support healthy lifestyles. 

All of Factor 75’s meals are gluten-free and preservative-free. They do offer meals that are free of other allergens, like dairy-free or soy-free options. They take a thorough approach to sanitize their kitchen during meal preparation but aside from gluten, there is a slight risk of cross-contamination. 

Factor 75 does make it possible to set up meal preferences with an easy to use drop-down menu. You can also see a full list of ingredients for each meal, which is helpful if you have a less common food allergy. 

If you have a less common food allergy or one that is very severe, Fator 75 urges you to contact them directly to discuss meal options and whether their service is the best fit for you. 

Freshly’s meals also cater to a range of dietary needs and preferences. Like Factor 75, all their meals are gluten-free. They also have a decent selection of dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan meals, along with meals that are dietician-designed for special diets, like high-protein/low-carb eating plans. 

If you have questions and aren’t sure if Freshly’s meals will meet your dietary needs, they invite you to contact them for a complimentary call with one of their trained wellness experts. This is an opportunity to discuss your health goals or dietary needs, decide if Freshly is a good fit for you, and come up with a plan for the best meals to meet your goals.

Meal Prep & Variety

Factor 75



As far as meal prep is concerned, Freshly and Factor 75 are nearly identical. Both companies provide heat & eat meals. This means that each meal is delivered to you, fully prepared. All you have to do is follow some simple heating instructions, and dinner (or lunch) will be on the table in a manner of minutes.

Where these two companies begin to diverge is in their variety. Freshly offers up more than three dozen premade meals on their menu every week. These meals can be filtered into four separate categories – Crafted Classics, Signature Collection, FreshlyFit, and Takeout Twists.

With so many options each week, Freshly can do a good job of diversifying their menu selections. There’s a good blend of classic, American-style dishes, comfort foods made healthy, and some worldly cuisines with new and exciting flavors. This menu has been well designed to appeal to a broad audience.

Factor 75 has more than 20 meals on their menu each week. While the number of options isn’t quite what you’ll find with freshly, the selection of meals is nothing to sneeze at. Their meals all look hearty, satisfying, and in some cases, decadent.

There are some lighter flavors, like the Grilled Chicken Piccata, but you’re also going to find a lot of richer, more robust meals on this menu. Factor 75 is good for people who like a satisfying meal that also packs a good punch of flavor.

Factor 75 also offers a selection of juices, soups, shakes, and protein power packs to supplement your prepared meals.


Factor 75



Freshly has a strong commitment to using the highest-quality ingredients. Their meals contain zero unwelcome additives like preservatives, sugars, and artificial ingredients. Currently, Freshly doesn’t exclusively use certified organic or non-GMO ingredients in their meals.

Factor 75 is equally committed to quality ingredients. To them, high quality is about freshness and much more. They use non-GMO ingredients, and their meals are free of artificial preservatives. Factor 75 has a requirement that all of their meats are ethically produced. This includes ensuring meats are antibiotic-free, grass-fed, or pasture-raised.

Factor 75 also uses locally sourced, organically grown produce from farmers who are invested in sustainable farming methods whenever possible.

Taste & Sample Meals

Factor 75

Factor Meal Sample
  • One-Pan Smoky Pork Tenderloin
  • Buffalo Turkey Lettuce Wraps
  • Hand-Cut Peanut Noodles


Freshly sample meal

So, now for the important question. How do Freshly and Factor 75 compare in the taste department?

Overall, Freshly receives above-average customer reviews for the taste and quality of their prepared meals. Customers are impressed at the freshness and the diverse variety of flavor profiles of their dishes.

One thing to note is that some customers have mentioned Freshly’s meals hold up better taste-wise if you’re able to heat them on the stovetop or oven instead of the microwave. They’re still good in the microwave but turn exceptional when heated through other means.

Factor 75 seems to put a lot of effort into creating sauces and spices that really take the taste of their meals up a couple of notches. These meals seem to be a combination between a really good home-cooked meal and a favorite dish at the local family-style restaurant. Elements like the mustard herb sauce on the tenderloin or chili made with chorizo send the taste factor over the top.


Factor 75

Number of Meals Per Week Cost Per Meal
Four $15.00
Six $12.83
Eight $12.30
Twelve $11.50
Eighteen $11.00


Number of Meals Per Week Cost Per Meal
Four $11.49
Six $9.49
Ten $8.99
Twelve $8.49

The cost of Factor 75’s meals varies depending on how many meals you order each week. This isn’t an unusual practice in the world of meal delivery, but the Factor’s pricing structure is a little more extreme than some other services.

The price difference between ordering 4 or 18 meals per week is $4/meal. This is a significant difference, and great if you want to order that many and can fit the cost into your food budget. If you can order their largest plan of 18 meals per week, each meal costs $11. This is a good price for what you get but still slightly more expensive than other services.

Freshly also follows a pricing structure that offers a discount for committing to a larger meal plan. The difference per meal between their smallest and largest plan option is $3 per meal. Still significant but less of an impact because Freshly’s meals are more economical to start. If you order their largest plan of 12 meals, each costs $8.49.

Factor 75 offers free shipping on their orders. Freshly’s shipping charges vary and are only available once you complete an order and are ready to check out.


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Packaging & Recycling

Both Freshly ad Factor 75 do an incredible job of minimizing the packaging used in their shipments. Both companies focus on materials that are almost 100% recyclable.

Freshly is using a technology called modified atmospheric packaging. This type of packaging lowers the amount of oxygen involved and slows spoilage due to reduced oxidation. Freshly also uses gel packs in their packaging that ensures your meals stay cold for at least two days during transit, plus a generous window of at least 12 hours at your door.

Factor 75 states on their website that they work hard to minimize packaging and use materials that are recyclable. They are also continually looking for ways of improving upon their current process, taking advantage of new technology as it comes along.

Factor 75 uses the same type of modified atmospheric packaging that Freshly does, ensuring that the freshness and life of your meals are maximized.

Customer Service

Factor 75



The final category that we’re going to compare Freshly and Factor 75 in is customer service. Both companies offer comparable customer service in areas of ease of use of their meal delivery services.

Both Factor 75 ad Freshly make it easy to pause, switch plans, or cancel your subscription. Neither offers the option to customize meals. This is more common with premade meals than it is with meal kits.

When comparing the two for customer service reviews, both companies have customers that rave about their customer service – and those who don’t. Overall, Factor 75 has received more positive feedback on customer service issues, at least on online review sites.


Factor 75

Honestly, in the beginning, it felt like Freshly was going to be the clear winner but Factor 75 excels in enough areas that they were able to pull off the win in this comparison of Freshly Vs Factor 75.

Both companies are great, and you can’t go wrong with either if you’re looking for good tasting, healthy meals that can be on your table in a jiffy.

Choose Factor 75 If You:

  • Like to eat healthy but especially if you’re following a keto or paleo eating plan
  • Like being able to easily eliminate food allergies or intolerances from the menu options
  • Appreciate the use of organic, non-GMO ingredient and ethical, sustainable sourcing
  • Like to support companies that support local farmers
  • Enjoy more robust flavors
  • Have a budget that accommodates the largest plan with the most savings

Choose Freshly If You:

  • Like a wide range of flavors and meal choices each week
  • Have special dietary concerns and want to speak with a wellness expert
  • Are looking for a more economical, healthy option for heat & eat meals 
  • Are looking for premade meals that are aligned to weight loss programs

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