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Factor Meals

Factor Meals delivers fully prepared healthy meals to your door fresh and ready to heat and eat. They have a good selection of tasty recipes to help you stay on your keto or vegetarian diet without sacrificing on flavor.
  • Taste
  • Meal Selection
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Dietary Options
  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • Always fresh (not frozen)
  • Simple heat and eat prepared meals
  • Good selection of Keto meals
  • No processed sugars or chemical additives
  • Tastes great
  • Unique recipes and plenty of variety
  • Breakfast options
  • No organic, grass-fed, wild-caught ingredients
  • No vacuum sealing of meals
  • Somewhat expensive at $12/meal average
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Factor Meals Menu

Factor Meals has a large variety of healthy, prepared meals delivered fresh. They make every effort to replace less healthy pasta, potatoes, and sugar with healthier alternatives like cauliflower mash, zoodles (zucchini noodles), alond flour, and coconut sugar.

factor meals breakfast box

We’ve had several boxes of Factor meals and have tried a range of breakfasts, dinners, soups, and juices. They offer a nice selection of each so you have a well-rounded fridge full of healthy food.

factor meals soups
Factor meals juices front

While Factor Meals offers a wide range of foods, they specialize in Keto meals having about 10 Keto meals each week to choose from. 

Factor also offers what they call “Calorie Smart” meals which are typically under 500 calories each. They offer about 10-11 of these meals each week.

You can find about 4 vegetarian or vegan options on the menu each week.

factor meals coconut pancakes

We love the breakfast options, which you don’t typically find in meal delivery. While they only offer two breakfast items each week, they usually consist of pancakes and an egg meal.

Ingredient Quality

I wish Factor Meals would offer non-GMO, organic ingredients with better quality grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and poultry, and wild-caught seafood.

But, they have added antibiotic-free chicken breast and you will occasionally see organic cauliflower or wild-caught shrimp every now and again. So, you can tell they are making an effort to improve their ingredients, but it’s not guaranteed, consistent quality.


factor meals argentinian steak

Argentinian Steak with Chimichurri

factor meals bbq pork tenderloin

BBQ Pork Tenderloin

factor meals turkey ranch meatloaves

Turkey Ranch Meatloaves

factor meals honey mustard chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken

Factor Prices & Coupons

Factor prices are quite high if you opt for their smallest plan of four meals a week. I think you really need to go to the six meals a week plan to get the best price break.

Number of Meals Per Week Cost Per Meal
4/week $15.00
6/week $12.83
8/week $12.38
12/week $11.50
18/week $11.00

All plans include free delivery, and they always have a sizable coupon for new customers, so take advantage of those below


One or Two Weeks of Meal Deliveries from Factor (Up to 55% Off)

Get Offer

Packaging & Recycling

Customer Service

While you can skip or cancel your account at any time, Factor only allows you to skip up to two weeks at a time, which is fairly inconvenient, considering most meal delivery services allow you to 4-6 weeks of skipping in advance.

It’s relatively easy to cancel your account also.

On a desktop or laptop computer:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the person icon in the top righthand corner of the page.
  • Click on ‘Settings.’
  • Once on the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Plan Settings’ on the lefthand side of the page.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Deactivate My Plan’ in the Status section.
  • Select one of the options or click ‘Cancel Anyway.’
  • Choose your reason for cancellation.
  • Click on ‘Deactivate Now.’

On a mobile device:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the horizontal lines in the top righthand corner of the page.
  • Click on ‘Settings.’
  • Once on the ‘Settings’ page, click on the dropdown arrow at the top and choose ‘Plan Settings.’
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Deactivate My Plan’ in the Status section.
  • Select one of the options or click ‘Cancel Anyway.’
  • Choose your reason for cancellation.
  • Click on ‘Deactivate Now.’

When skipping meals, make sure to do so before midnight CST on Wednesday for the following week’s deliveries.


Yes, they have a "Calorie Smart" category of meals in which they offer about 10 options each week containing 500 calories or less each.

Meals average about $12.50/each for fully prepared meals delivered fresh. Shipping is free and they require you to order a minimum of 4 meals a week.

Factor offers healthier prepared meals taking comfort food recipes and making smart ingredient replacements to make a more keto-friendly, tasty meal.

The Bottom Line

I would definitely recommend Factor Meals to anyone looking for tasty prepared meal delivery. Factor is best for those on a keto diet plan. While they do have other options, the dietary options are few.

What we liked:

  • Fresh, prepared meals
  • Great taste
  • Breakfast options
  • Offers soups and juices in addition to meals

What we didn’t like:

  • Ingredients aren’t reliably organic, grass-fed, cage-free
  • Pricey meals up to $15/each
  • Can only skip 2 weeks at a time

6 thoughts on “Factor Meals Review”

    1. Most meal companies, including Factor, do not give sample meals. You can always try their smallest box as a sample.

    2. Do not waste your money. I tried a week of 6 meals, only like one. IMO cheap old Banquet frozen meals are better and much cheaper

  1. Factor is the worst meal delivery service . If you try it , good luck trying to cancel the subscription . They have a ridiculous “cut-off” time for cancellations . They will keep charging your credit card even if you have canceled your account. The meals are really awful , inedible . I wouldn’t feed this junk to my dogs .


    I ordered Factor meals two weeks ago. They were to be delivered Tuesday, 26 July 2022, and they have NOT been delivered! What happened???

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