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Meal Plan Pros is excited to announce we’ve acquired Fearless Feeding with the hope of bringing families the tools they need to encourage healthy eating at every age by reviewing and comparing meal delivery services and diet plans with the help of registered dieticians! We’re excited to welcome the Fearless Feeding community to grow your knowledge of balanced eating to facilitate healthy habits and child development with Meal Plan Pros.

History of

Fearless Feeding began as a book co-written by Maryann Jacobsen and Jill Castle. Both authors are registered dieticians and experts in nutrition. Maryann has a focus on family nutrition, while Jill focuses on childhood nutrition. 

The two put their years of education and experience together to create a comprehensive guide for Fearless Feeding. This book covers common concerns of parents with kids in all ranges. From learning when to introduce solids to your babies to supporting a teen struggling to make healthy food choices, Fearless Feeding was designed to give parents the knowledge and tools needed to support healthy habits and childhood development. 

The book and website aimed to teach parents how to raise healthy eaters from highchair to high school. The Fearless Feeding site allowed readers of the book to discover more relevant content, shop for other books by the authors, and get a Fearless Feeding badge to display on their personal blog or website.

Inspiring Fearless Feeding and Healthy Habits for Growing Families

Meal Delivery Services for Families, Kids, and Babies

At Meal Plan Pros we love the focus Fearless Feeding has on healthy eating for every member of the family. We agree that you’re never too old or young to create better eating habits! By sharing reviews on meal delivery services, it becomes effortless for families to enjoy serving healthy meals in the comfort of their own homes.

Introducing foods to your baby with baby food delivery, sharing kid-friendly meals with the whole family, and caring for yourself as a new mom are just a few of the ways meal delivery services can promote the same principles taught in the Fearless Feeding book.

Meal Plan Pros makes it easy to compare the best meal delivery services for families with detailed reviews and comprehensive guides so you can choose the right meal delivery service for your family. 

Connecting Parents with Kid-Focused Companies

We’re always on the lookout for kid-focused companies that can make the job of a parent a little bit easier. Meal Plan Pros works to research, taste-test, and review the biggest names in kid-focused food delivery, so you don’t have to! 

We try to find kid-focused meal delivery services that have the right balance of practicality and quality. Being able to meet your child’s dietary needs without losing flavor or variety is easier said than done! Nurture Life and Yumble are two of our favorite meal delivery services for kids.

Both companies use fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create heat and eat meats for kids of all ages. You can find classic kid foods perfectly paired with balanced sides for a well-rounded meal even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy.

Meal Plans from Meal Plan Pros Registered Dieticians

We understand that loving food and having a passion for nutrition isn’t all it takes to make good food recommendations. That’s why Meal Plan Pros has two registered dieticians on staff! 

Kristen Kuminski has experience counseling and coaching clients in pediatrics, eating disorders, weight management, mental health nutrition, and chronic health conditions. She uses that experience to breakdown popular diets including:

Trista K. Best has been working in public health for ten years with a focus on nutrition and health promotion. She works to give clients the skills needed to take control of their health one decision at a time. As we know, nutrition is one of the biggest factors in controlling your health. She explains how certain diets can affect your health, including:

Meal Delivery Resources for the Whole Family

As a parent, it’s all too easy to forget your needs matter too! Instilling healthy habits in your children starts by setting a good example. Start off on the right foot with these meal delivery comparison tools and reviews!

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