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Fresh n Lean Menu

Because Fresh N Lean works by offering seven distinct meal plans, plus an a la carte option where you can order bulk ingredients, their menu is set up a bit differently from how many other meal delivery services do it.

While other meal delivery services offer one large menu, where you pick and choose the meals you want for the week, Fresh N Lean has its menu broken down by meal plan, and you choose the meals you want from those available in the plan you’ve chosen.

This is because each meal is specifically designed to meet the macro, nutrient, and ingredient guidelines for each category. For example, the meal options between the Standard Vegan and the Low Carb Vegan meal plan will be different because one is designed to limit the percentage of calories that come from carbohydrates. Likewise, while their Protein and Keto plans share some of the same nutritional guidelines, there are also some differences, which is why you’ll see a different menu for each.

On average, there are about ten to twelve entree options in each of the meal plans, and also anywhere from two to six breakfast options for most of the plans.

Fresh N Lean provides a meal selector feature where you can choose your own meals. You can mix it up and choose something different for each meal, or you can choose to order multiple servings of a single entree if it’s something you just love.

In addition to Fresh N Lean meals, you have the option of adding snacks to the meal plan package. Some examples of snacks include flavored almonds, granola, muffins, and even coconut almond butter cups to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can click on each of the available snacks to see the complete ingredient list before making any purchasing decisions.

Overall we give the Fresh N Lean menu good reviews. They offer a good selection of meals in each category, and they manage to make their prepared meals taste great while not shying away from the flavor and still managing to appeal to both adventurous and picky eaters. The only suggestion we would make would be to include a few more breakfast options in each meal plan and maybe a couple of items specifically for lunch.

Dietary Options

Fresh N Lean is a meal delivery service specializing in meal plans designed to support and appeal to a range of healthy dietary lifestyles. Whether you’re following a special diet, such as keto, paleo, Whole30, or the Mediterranean diet, are a vegan, or are looking to eliminate certain ingredients from your diet, there’s a good chance that Fresh N Lean offers a meal plan that has you covered. 

No matter which meal plan you choose, Fresh N Lean meals are entirely gluten-free and Non-GMO. Depending on which meal plan you choose, those with dietary restrictions can also safely choose meals free from dairy. The only dairy on Fresh N Lean meal plans is found in the Keto and Mediterranean plans. 

When you choose a Fresh N Lean meal plan, you can choose up to three ingredients to eliminate from your meals. A few of the ingredients on this list include bell peppers, eggplant, sesame seeds, and cilantro, just to name a few. Fresh N Lean also asks you upfront if you have any food allergies so that it’s automatically noted in your account. They try to accommodate allergies include egg, dairy, sesame, soy, shellfish, and tree nuts. 

While some other meal delivery services may offer meals that fit these same dietary categories, most don’t offer all of them, and sometimes the options are more limited. Fresh N Lean does a good job of offering more meals for people with dietary restrictions and preferences. 


keto meal delivery fresh n lean

The keto diet is an effective way to lose weight and build muscle for many people. However, Fresh N Lean recognizes that being healthy isn’t just about losing weight or powering through workouts more efficiently. Keto is only healthy when you make a point to nourish your body with whole foods, premium protein, and healthy, clean fat. Sure, you can do keto by eating a pound of bacon and a heaping side of cheap cheese every day, but you’re really not doing your body any favors by doing so. 

Fresh N Lean supports your keto lifestyle in a healthy, nutritious, and satisfying way with its keto plan.  

Fresh N Lean’s keto plan is filled with dishes made using clean, whole foods. Their keto meals are prepared by a chef who specializes in keto cuisine, and each meal is designed so that you get no more than 15% of your calories from carbohydrates.

The average macro composition of Fresh N Lean Keto meals is 30g of premium protein, 32g of clean, healthy fats, and 10g of complex carbs. The average caloric value of their keto meals is a little over 450 calories, but keep in mind that the macros on specific meals will vary. These are just averages. Fresh N Lean has both traditional entrees and breakfast meals with its keto meal plan.  


fresh n lean Paleo

The paleo lifestyle is all about returning to your roots and enjoying nutritious foods without all the processed foods or food that is known to cause inflammation and digestive issues, such as dairy, refined grains, legumes, and all the processed junk food that line the shelves of your local grocery store. 

Fresh N Lean meals offer a great solution to followers of the paleo diet, with their prepared meals that are perfect for paleo on the go, and each meal is perfectly aligned to paleo’s nutritional standards. All the meals in Fresh N Lean’s paleo plan are dairy-free, grain-free, soy-free, and crafted using healthy recipes that don’t exceed 21% carbs from paleo-friendly, natural food sources. However, many of the pre-made meals in the paleo program fall far below that level. 


fresh n lean Whole

The Whole30 program was designed as a 30-day dietary reset built around a platform of whole, nutritious food but also excluding certain types of food that are known triggers for inflammation, digestive upset, blood sugar spikes, and unhealthy cravings. Whole30 is a healthy dietary approach, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to meal plan and prep, which can also make the diet a little more challenging to stick to. 

If you’re a huge fan of Whole30 but fall short on meal planning and prep, Fresh N Lean meal delivery service offers the perfect solution with their Whole30 meal plans. 

Fresh N Lean makes it super easy to follow the Whole30 dietary reset protocol. These Fresh N Lean meals are designed to enhance athletic performance, help you lose weight, and reduce inflammation that may be keeping you down. Fresh N Lean has also partnered with World Series Champion Justin Turner, who had great success with the Whole30 plan, as head of their sports wellness program. 

Mediterranean Diet 

fresh n lean Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is thought to be one of the healthiest in the world. Fresh N Lean offers meals that follow the Mediterranean diet guidelines and are packed with heart-healthy goodness. Fresh N Lean Mediterranean meals are created with anti-inflammatory, sustainable, and organic ingredients. 

Many of the meals on Fresh N Lean’s Mediterranean menu offer fish as the main protein, which follows along with Mediterranean diet ideals. There’s some Mediterranean chicken and also some dishes that highlight legumes for those days when you want something a little different. Rather than focusing on macros, the Fresh N Lean Mediterranean plan is all about the quality of ingredients and using only foods that support your health. 


fresh n lean Vegan

The vegan lifestyle that focuses on whole, plant-based foods is great for your health and also good for the environment. The problem that many vegans face is that there just aren’t that many convenient options out there for them that are both vegan and actually healthy. Fresh N Lean offers a category of vegan meals that taste great, are healthy, and outshine the vegan menu options that many other meal delivery services offer. 

Fresh N Lean offers fully prepared meals that are aligned with your healthy vegan lifestyle. Quality, heart-healthy ingredients are the primary focus with Fresh N Lean meals, but you can be sure that your meals will also be sustainable, well-balanced, and pass even the most discerning taste test. 

Fresh N Lean makes sure to include lots of plant-based proteins for those following a vegan diet. Some of these ingredients are meat substitutes, but they are sustainable created and minimally processed. The menu options in the Vegan meal plan are not only some of Fresh N Lean’s best-tasting meals, but there’s also a really nice variety of options that rotate on a weekly basis. 

Low Carb Vegan 

fresh n lean Low Carb Vegan

Fresh N Lean has found a wonderful niche with the Low Carb Vegan meal plan. Following a low-carb diet can be a bit more challenging for vegans since they don’t consume the animal proteins that are considered staples on keto and other low-carb diets. Fresh N Lean has taken on the challenge of making low-carb eating easier by offering a good variety of low-carb vegan options. 

Fresh N Lean also goes the extra mile with both their standard vegan and low-carb vegan options by making sure that there’s no risk of cross-contamination with animal products during the meal prep, cooking, and packaging process. 


fresh n lean Protein

The Protein+ plan by Fresh N Lean is perfect for endurance athletes and those focused on building lean muscle mass or losing weight with the help of some extra protein in their diets. While diets like keto are known as low carb, they’re not necessarily high protein. Many low-carbohydrate diets are also heavy on fat. With Protein+, the focus is on lean, clean protein and a percentage of healthy, complex carbohydrates. 

This makes Fresh N Lean a great meal service for people that require more protein in their diet, either to keep up with their active lifestyle or for other health and dietary reasons. Each of the individual meals is balanced and nutrient-dense to maximize physical performance. 


Not everyone’s dietary goals and preferences fit perfectly in a defined category, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t appreciate the help of a meal delivery service to help you out. Fresh N Lean also offers a bulk plan, where you can choose prepared, pre-packed bulk ingredients where you can craft your own new meals while saving time and knowing that the ingredients are fresh and of the best quality. 

All of the options in Fresh N Lean’s bulk plan are either organic or sustainably sourced. They’re also non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of antibiotics and hormones. A few examples of bulk, a la carte food items that you can purchase from Fresh N Lean include a grass-fed ground beef patty tray, free-range chicken breasts, fish, wild game, brown rice, vegetables, plant-based protein substitutions, oatmeal, muffins, and other options. 

Fresh N Lean’s bulk plan is a nice alternative to meal kit delivery services because you’re still essentially getting a fully cooked, prepared meal with no prep work involved. Plus, it’s up to you how many meals you get from each bulk package, so there’s extra flexibility involved too.

Taste & Preparation

Fresh N Lean Meal

Now, let’s talk about taste and preparation. Meal delivery services are great, but they’re not worth your time or money if they meet your standards for taste and convenience.

Overall, we give Fresh N Lean meals high marks for the taste of their meals. It’s not uncommon for their meals to taste homemade, and they also offer some really great comfort food options. Fresh N Lean meals are a far cry from the freezer-burned, lackluster meals that you find in your grocery store’s freezer department.

We think the great taste of Fresh N Lean meals is a combination of the meals being prepared and delivered to your door fresh, plus the quality ingredients that they use in each meal. It’s a process and commitment that really shines through in the taste of the final product.

We taste-tested meals from a few different Fresh N Lean meal plans and really couldn’t find much to complain about at all – and we can be picky eaters!

The Cajun Salmon with Yukon Potatoes and Tomato Rice is flakey and flavorful. The seasonings were bold without assaulting our taste buds. Overall, very well balanced, and the brown rice used for the tomato rice had a perfect texture. Not mushy or clumped like you might expect from a meal delivery service.

The Roasted Chicken is probably one of the simplest meals that we had, and it was delicious. It was chicken thigh roasted with olive oil, served with sauteed kale and tomato. Simple and perfect are words that come to mind. A few other meals we tried and enjoyed are the chimichurri braised beef with curried spinach and other vegetables, tomatillos shrimp fajitas, Mediterranean chicken, and also some delicious burgers we made ourselves using their beef patty as the main component.

Some breakfast meals we tried were the Mushroom bell pepper frittata with zucchini and spinach, the chicken fajita scrambled, sunny side up eggs, and strawberry almond oatmeal. All were tasty and filling.


Fresh N Lean is a prepared meal delivery service that delivers a week’s worth of prepared meals to your doorstep. The meals are delivered fresh and kept in the refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy them. Technically you can freeze Fresh N Lean meals, but we think they taste better if you just keep them in the refrigerator and enjoy them by the use-by date.

What Fresh N Lean isn’t is a company that offers meal kits. Meal kit delivery services ship all the ingredients to you to prepare and cook a meal in your own kitchen. They usually require a small amount of prep work and anywhere from 15-40 minutes of cooking. Meal kits are fun, but if you don’t like cooking, are super short on time, or want a grab-and-go option, they’re not exactly convenient.

Even though Fresh N Lean does have a bulk plan where you can purchase individual ingredients, they’re all completely cooked and ready to heat and eat in any way you see fit.

As far as the prepared meals from Fresh N Lean are concerned, they’re super simple to prepare. All they require is about three minutes in the microwave, and you have a hot, nutritious meal in front of you. Fresh N Lean meals can also be prepared in a conventional oven if you wish.

For Weight Loss

The Benefits of Carb Cycling Fat Loss

Because we’ve tried and reviewed so many meal delivery services, we often are asked questions about which ones are best for weight loss and if Fresh N Lean specifically is a meal service that offers plans that are aligned with weight loss goals.

Our answer to this question about Fresh N Lean is both yes and no. They don’t currently offer a plan that’s targeted for weight loss in the traditional sense, meaning they don’t have one plan that’s specifically low calorie. However, they do offer plans for keto, paleo, Whole30, and the Mediterranean diet, plus their Protein+ plan, which are all designed to support weight loss if that’s your goal.

Fresh N Lean is great when it comes to being reasonable about the number of calories in their meals, plus any fats that come from heart-healthy food sources.

It isn’t always necessary to keep track of calories, especially if you’re following the keto or other low-carb lifestyle. The focus is instead on keeping your macros (carbs, protein, and fat) in the proper balance with each other. If you’re specifically looking to lose weight, keeping track of calories becomes more important, especially if you’re trying to reset your metabolism.

Whether you require 2500 or 1500 calories per day, it’s easy to track and even plan ahead when choosing Fresh N Lean meals. When you click on each meal, it immediately brings up a nutritional profile, where you get a quick snapshot of the caloric value and macro balance of the meal. You can even investigate a little further and see every ingredient in the dish.

So, is Fresh N Lean a weight-loss meal delivery service? Not specifically, but they are one that wants to support their customers in healthy eating and meeting their health-focused goals, whether that’s weight loss, muscle building, endurance, or eating clean food.

Ingredient Quality

One of the shining points of Fresh N Lean is its ingredient quality. Fresh N Lean’s entire premise is built on the concept that fresh, healthy food should be accessible, affordable, and also convenient. As a meal delivery service, Fresh N Lean has created a platform where they serve as the connection point between you and high-quality, fresh food that’s transformed into a delicious meal that’s delivered fresh to your door.

Fresh N Lean chooses to use organic, sustainably grown ingredients in its meals. They do make room in their food philosophy to choose high-quality conventional ingredients in the event that organic isn’t available or if the organic options aren’t up to Fresh N Lean’s standards.

As far as meat and fish are concerned, Fresh N Lean chooses to use grass-fed, sustainably and ethically raised animal proteins with no antibiotics and no hormones ever. All of their meals also include non-GMO ingredients.

This is all great, but does the quality of the ingredients really come through in the meals that are delivered to your door? In our experience, yes. You can see and taste the effort that Fresh N Lean has put into their meals and building the reputation of their meal delivery service. All of the meals also come vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.

Cost & Coupons



PRICE Per Meal

PRICE Per Meal





Lunch or Dinner







Lunch or Dinner







Lunch or Dinner



Vegan (Standard)




Lunch or Dinner



Vegan (Low Carb)




Lunch or Dinner







Lunch or Dinner




5 Breakfast & Entrees



Entrees Alone



Fresh N Lean is one of the more affordable meal delivery services, especially when you stop and consider the quality and taste of what you’re paying for. The cost of each box and the cost per serving depends on the meal plan you choose and how many servings you want to be delivered on a weekly basis. The bottom line is that if you order more meals, you’re going to score a better price.

When you choose your meal plan, you can decide if you want meals for five days or seven days, and then decide if just dinner or a combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in each weekly box. In other words, do you want a ready-to-go meal option for every meal of the day, or are you just looking for dinner solutions several times a week?

To give you an example of how the price changes depending on how many servings arrive in your box, let’s look at their keto plan. If you order the keto box that includes a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which includes seven days, it will cost a little over $10 per serving. If you want a smaller box that includes five days’ worth of dinners only, the price jumps to nearly $16 per serving.

The prices do vary between the different types of dietary meal plans, but only slightly. The real price differences are dependent upon how much you order.

They also offer an a la carte meal plan, where you build your own week’s worth of meals. You choose what and how much you want. The only condition is that the minimum order is at least $85.

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Packaging & Shipping

Fresh N Lean Packaging

Every meal delivery company ships their meals in a cardboard box that’s designed to keep your meals fresh and at the right temperature during transit until you’re able to unpack them and load them into your refrigerator. Most companies, including FreshNLean, are committed to making sure their packaging materials are as eco-friendly as possible.

FreshNLean ships meals in a recyclable cardboard box with ice packs to keep everything nice and cool. They also offer instructions for recycling all of their packaging meals. Likewise, the meals are delivered in a vacuum-sealed plastic tray. The tray is also curbside recyclable.

How To Cancel

With Fresh N Lean, you can control all of this from your account dashboard online. You can pause or skip a box for a couple of weeks. If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to log into your account, go to your dashboard and click on “Manage Subscriptions.”

Once there, click on “View/Edit” and select cancel subscription. It’s that easy, and you don’t have to go through the trouble of contacting their customer service team directly unless you have questions or need assistance with the process.

Customer Service

Customer service is a huge area of customer satisfaction, and it’s one that we often don’t give enough attention to when choosing a meal delivery service. Considering that your relationship as a customer with meal delivery services is entirely online, their ability to handle customer service issues remotely is key.

Fresh N Lean has a really good reputation for its customer service department. When you contact them directly, they’re helpful and want to work with you to solve whatever issue you might be having.

When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll receive a weekly email when it’s time to log into your account and select your meals for the week. If you need to make any changes to your account, such as pausing or skipping, this is a great chance to do that,

When you sign up for meal delivery, it’s important to know whether you can pause or skip delivery and also how easy it is to cancel the service if it’s not for you.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we have nothing but positive things to say about Fresh N Lean. If you’re already committed to a healthy lifestyle, then Fresh N Lean is a great fit if you’re looking for an easy, healthy, and fast mealtime solution. If you’re just getting started and embracing a new dietary lifestyle, Fresh N Lean is also a great fit for you. With options for keto, high protein, paleo, Whole30, vegan, low-carb vegan, and Mediterranean meals, there are lots to choose from, and all of these meal plans will save you time and energy in the kitchen.

Here are our final thoughts on Fresh N Lean:

What We Liked

  • Non-GMO, organic ingredients
  • Committed to ethics and sustainability
  • Great for food allergies or sensitivities
  • Tailored meal plans for specific dietary lifestyles
  • Options that other meal delivery services don’t offer, like low-carb vegan
  • Great price point, especially if you order a larger weekly box
  • Ships to all fifty states
  • Easy process to cancel, pause or skip a delivery

What We Didn’t Like

  • Would like to see a few more breakfast items
  • The price per serving jumps when you order the smallest box
  • Large overall menu, but rather limited in each meal category

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