10 Frozen Meal Delivery Services (+2 Frozen Food Delivery)

These days, it can be too much to have to deal with putting together a meal, especially when you have to juggle work, relationships, and every other responsibility on your plate. Frozen meal delivery services give you a way to continue to eat healthy without having to think about meal prep or even portions, as most come as single-serving portions.

Magic Kitchen

Best Frozen Meal Delivery Service

Magic kitchen Meal Delivery

This high-quality frozen meal delivery service provides both complete meals and à la carte food items. Thus, they offer a huge variety of choices and can cover plenty of common diets. You can also set up a meal plan without a contract for repeated deliveries of specific, favorite items. All the food items are flash-frozen to preserve their nutrient content and flavor.

Key Benefits

    • Fantastic reviews
    • A good choice for seniors who want variety
    • Meals stored in reusable and recyclable containers
    • 150 meals to choose from
    • $12 to $13.50/serving

The Good Kitchen

Best Healthy Frozen Meals

The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen is perhaps the best choice if you want a healthy, frozen meal delivered straight to your door. They can accommodate a wide variety of diets, ranging from gluten-free to paleo to ketogenic, and they have a variety of delivery schedules you can choose from. Shipping is also totally free, making it even more affordable. And, they offer mostly organic produce with grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish.

Key Benefits

    • 23 Meal Options each week
    • Most ingredients are organic
    • Food lasts for six months frozen or up to 72 hours after being thawed
    • Accommodates Whole30, Paleo, Keto, AIP, Gluten-free, and Dairy-free diets
    • $13 to $14/serving and shipping is free

Daily Harvest

Best Vegan Frozen Meals

Daily Harvest box

Daily Harvest provides a frozen meal delivery service comprised of over 60 chef-made soups, smoothies, bowls, and more. Every option is built primarily on fruits and vegetables, making it great for vegans or folks following healthy diets. Additional treats like snacks or lattes are also available. Every item is ready to go in five minutes. Your choices are mostly delivered in cups that are easy to take with you and enjoy on the go.

Key Benefits

    • Offers lots of good vegan options
    • Simple cups and bowls make it easy to take to work or traveling
    • Most items last up to three months
    • Offers lattes. in addition to food
    • Ingredients are organically sourced
    • $8 to $9 per serving

Home Bistro

Home Bistro Meal Delivery

Marketed as a “gourmet” delivery service, Home Bistro delivers restaurant-quality meals straight to your door. They offer both meal combos and individual meals, plus premium meats if you want to put together a bigger meal at home but canu2019t find the right cut at the grocery store. Each meal is delivered in dry ice and is delivered promptly within one to three days after placing your order.

Key Benefits

    • Their foods are prepared fresh, then flash-frozen
    • 37 options available
    • Offers prime cuts of meat
    • $14-$28.99 per meal
    • Paleo, vegetarian and heart-healthy meals available


Veestro Meal Delivery Box

Veestro provides healthy, vegan meal options for those who don’t have time to cook. You can order things à la carte or follow “Chef’s Choice” or “Weight Loss” plans if you don’t want to choose your meals each week. Regardless, all the food options are made fresh from organic and non-GMO produce. Veestro makes it easy to change your meals, pause your delivery or cancel service at any time to work with your schedule.

Key Benefits

    • All vegan options
    • All ingredients are organic and non-GMO
    • Both à la carte and preset menus available
    • Easy to skip a week or cancel
    • 49 meal options
    • $9.90 to $13/serving

Silver Cuisine by BistroMD

Silver Cuisine box

This senior-focused frozen meal delivery service has a menu crafted with the needs of folks over the age of 50 in mind. Every meal is doctor-designed. You get to choose your meals and can order either online or over the phone, and the website makes reordering your favorite stuff pretty easy. Specialty diets to handle heart conditions and much more are also offered on the site. New items are added every couple of weeks for plenty of variety.

Key Benefits

    • Specialty diets for heart health, gluten-free, diabetic, low carb, and more
    • All meals are doctor-approved
    • Some meal options designed for senior-specific dietary requirements
    • 163 meals
    • $5.99-$19.99 per meal

Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals Box

This service is great for anyone following the paleo or keto diets, as each menu option is made with macro nutritional balance in mind. The meals are all made in small batches to preserve their flavor. You get to choose whatever meals you want and order as frequently as you like. Additionally, each menu option is frozen with cold air instead of artificial preservatives or anything else.

Key Benefits

    • $182-$205 for a box
    • Can build your own meal box or choose a pre-made one
    • 14-meal sampler boxes available to try
    • Box sizes include 14, 24, and 48 meal bundles
    • All meals made with organic ingredients focused on paleo/keto diets

Caveman Chefs

caveman chefs

Consider checking out Caveman Chefs, which is a meal service that provides both fresh and frozen meals to your door. These are tailored for the Paleo diet, so they don’t have very complex ingredients, yet manage tasty dishes across their entire menu. Premade meal plans or à la carte menu options are both available, and all the ingredients are either organic or grass-fed animal products.

Key Benefits

    • Provide both frozen and fresh meals for delivery
    • Meals delivered in 10, 24, or 48-meal packs
    • Great for the paleo, keto, or vegetarian diets
    • Can select premade meal options or à la carte items
    • Prices range from as low as $41.25 to over $2500 for food delivered every day

Paleo On The Go

Paleo On The Go Meal Delivery

This frozen meal delivery service is another good choice if you’re interested in the paleo diet or need AIP-friendly foods. Whole30-dieters will also find a lot to like here. The menu options are crafted using only organic and locally sourced ingredients and every meal is shipped in a recyclable and insulated package to your door. Shipping is pretty fast, as your selections usually show up within two days.

Key Benefits

    • Sampler boxes around $125 available
    • Menus for paleo, AIP, low-carb, Whole30
    • Dishes priced between $16.75-$24.95
    • Delivered within two days
    • Offers sauces and additional snacks, too


Eatology Meal Delivery

Check out Eatology for another paleo-friendly frozen meal delivery option. They use fresh food and whole ingredients to create amazing dishes, despite not having the more complex ingredients said dishes normally require. Those following low-sodium diets will also find a lot to like, as they don’t use a lot of salt, use no added sugar preservatives, and so on. The meals can be heated up either in your oven or in the microwave, and you can order either individual meals or meal packages.

Key Benefits

    • $10.50 or $12.75 per meal
    • All ingredients are organic
    • 10, 15, and 21-meal packs orderable
    • Menu rotates every week
    • Good for paleo, Whole30, Vegetarian, low-carb, Zone diets

Frozen Food Delivery


If you’re more interested in putting together your meals yourself, but you still don’t have time to hit the grocery store in person, you can rely on a frozen food delivery service. These places will let you order somewhat premade frozen meals that still need a bit of putting together on your end or just ingredients you can combine as you like.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is a great example of a frozen food delivery service, but they’re also a good online grocery store through and through. You can get plenty of nutritious frozen meals delivered straight to your door, in addition to fresh meals, regular groceries, and other common household products you might need for day-to-day stuff.

Key Benefits

    • Some items under 500 calories
    • Some vegan/vegetarian options
    • Options for fresh food, too
    • All meals delivered within a two-hour delivery window
    • $4.49-$11.99 per meal


Schwan's meal delivery

Schwan’s is another online grocery store that you can use as a frozen meal delivery service or just as a way to get more healthy frozen ingredients sent to your door. A wide variety of food items is available. Plus, you can use their “LiveSmart” tab to select from more than 50 food choices to give your diet a little boost in nutrition.

Key Benefits

    • Meals available in 5-meal packs
    • All meals designed to be ready in >30 minutes
    • 29 frozen meals in total
    • Delivery can be when you’re at home or scheduled for later
    • $9.99-$23.99 per meal

Buying Guide


How Are Meals Frozen and Sealed?

One of the biggest things to consider as you select a frozen meal delivery service is how they freeze and store those meals for transit. For instance, some services might vacuum seal their food items, preserving the stuff within for both high flavor and nutritional quality. 

Flash-frozen food is also a good choice.
Others might have less effective freezing methods. You’ll always want to make sure that a service rapidly freezes all the food items to be shipped, as this minimizes any change in quality.

What’s the Quality of the Ingredients?

Secondly, be sure to consider the overall quality of the ingredients used in a frozen meal delivery service. It’s always a good idea to look for organic, non-GMO ingredients wherever you can find them, in addition to grass-fed or wild-caught meat and fish. Ingredient quality directly relates to the flavor and nutritional benefits you can enjoy from every frozen meal.

Bottom Line


Overall, having a frozen meal delivery service take care of meal prep for you can be a great way to free up some extra time and relax at the end of the day. We’d recommend checking out Magic Kitchen from the above options at a minimum, but don’t hesitate to try out one of the more specialized services if that’s a better choice for your diet. 

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