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Gobble is a good choice for those that want super easy, quick, and simple meals. These meals can be completed in under 15 minutes for those on the go or anyone wanting to make dinner with little to no prep. We found most the meals to be very comforting and filling with excellent portions.

Gobble is quite limited on dietary options. They offer only two different meal plans: Classic Dinner or Lean & Clean Dinner. Classic Dinner consists of traditional recipes made in 15 minutes with seasonal ingredients. Lean & Clean Dinner option has meal that can still be made in 15 minutes, but they are all 600 calories or less and are low carb with lean protein and no filler grains.

While Gobble does provide vegetarian options for the Classic Dinner plan, they do not have organic or non-gmo ingredients, and lack options for diabetes-friendly, kosher, weight loss, keto, paleo, and Whole30.

Gobble has serving sizes for 2 or 4 people. You can decide between 3 or 4 delivered meals a week, but the pricing will increase depending on both your serving size and how many meals you order a week.

gobble choices online

Ingredient Quality

Gobble did not have the freshest ingredients because many of their ingredients are previously prepped and therefore preserved or reheated in the microwave or stovetop. 

If you’re looking for a prep kit that has high-quality, fresh ingredients Gobble might not be the best option since they are committed to meals made in under 15 minutes with little to no prep. 

Regardless of ingredient freshness, many of our meals and ingredients tasted delicious and the flavor didn’t disappoint. 

Meal Prep & Taste

gobble shrimp Linguini
Shrimp Linguine
Gobble balsami-glazed sirloin steaks
Balsamic-Glazed Sirloin Steaks
Gobble Baked Lasagna rolls
Baked Lasagna Rolls

We ordered three meals pictured above and enjoyed them all. All the meals had very classic, comforting flavors that were yummy. The Shrimp Linguini was tasty and full of summer flavors, but we weren’t very keen on the preserved lemon taste. 

The Balsamic Steak and Zucchini Fries was by far our favorite! The steak was cooked beautifully and was tender and flavorful. We definitely plan to make the zucchini fries again. 

The Lasagna Rolls were like comfort food and super cheesy. This meal was rich but very delicious, nonetheless. 


Gobble Prices & Coupons

Personally, we found Gobble to be a little pricey considering the ingredient quality and lack of dietary options. Dinner for 2 with is priced at $11.99 per serving & Dinner for 4 is also priced at $11.99 per serving.

When you decide to receive 4 meals a week instead of 3, the price for 2 people increases by roughly $24 dollars and increases by $47 dollars if you choose 4 people.

We believe the value of the Gobble box (Dinner for 2, 3 nights a week) compared to other meal delivery kits was adequate at best. We prefer fresh ingredients when cooking, and Gobble did not deliver.


Dinner for 2

Dinner for 4

2 Nights

$16.99 / serving

$12.99 / serving

3 Nights

$14.99 / serving

$11.99 /serving

4 Nights

$12.99 / serving

$11.99 / serving

5 Nights

$11.99 / serving

$11.99 / serving

Shipping is free for the first week of ordering through Gobble and after the first week shipping is $6.99. 

Shipping Cost
First Week FREE
All Weeks After $6.99
Gobble 6 for $36

Get 6 meals for $36 at Gobble!

Get Offer

Packaging & Recycling

Gobble had a ton of plastic packaging for their ingredients and meal items. Pretty much everything within the box was made of plastic, so the packaging was not exactly environmentally friendly.

The writing on the recipe cards was also very small and scrunched so the visibility was poor.

However, you can recycle your Gobble box, the gel ice packs once emptied, the insulated liner, and the plastic bags (so long as they’re clean and dry!).

Customer Service

Gobble’s customer service was excellent. They make it super simple to skip a week, pause your account, and cancel your purchase of meal kits.

We accidentally reordered a box from Gobble which was quickly and efficiently cancelled and refunded to us all within 3 days. We were pleased with their great customer service and effectiveness when it came to this situation.

Gobble allows you to skip or alter your service 4 weeks in advance. When deactivating an account with Gobble you are required to email a support bot. The bot will send you information on how to deactivate.


A. These can both be done within the Delivery Calendar in your Gobble account. Find the week you want to customize or skip and either add and subtract meals from your calendar or edit your delivery and choose to skip this delivery if you’re seeking to skip a week.

A. Gobble does have at least 3 vegetarian meal kit options per week. However, they are limited in dietary options otherwise. 

A. Yes, it will! This happened to us after our first order causing us to have to contact customer service, so make sure you check your subscription after your first week and decide if you want to cancel or continue. 

A. Gobble delivers to much of the United States excluding Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, and limited service in North Dakota and Missouri.

The Bottom Line

We enjoyed Gobble for its simplicity and efficiency in bringing a tasty meal to your table. It was very easy to prepare the meals and actually did take us 15 minutes to make.

What we liked:

  • Quick and simple meals
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comfort-food recipes

What we didn’t like:

  • Not many diet-restricted meal options
  • Pricey considering the quality and simplicity of meals
  • Lots of plastic packaging 

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