Gobble vs. Hello Fresh

Gobble vs Hello Fresh

You want a nutritious dinner that leaves you full and satisfied, but with the hustle and bustle of life, you may find yourself resorting to fast food. Ditch the greasy garbage and simplify your life with a fresh and delicious meal-delivery kit. Now you’re ready for your new dinner plans, but how do you choose when it comes down to Gobble vs. Hello Fresh?

About Gobble and Hello Fresh

Based in California, Gobble has made its mission clear: to provide tasty meals in under 15-minutes. While other meal delivery options work hard to simplify mealtime, Gobble stands out for curating meals that you can quickly whip up without compromising a fresh, warm dinner. Not many meal delivery services can promise 15-minute meals that aren’t heat and eat or oven-ready.

Although simplicity is an important factor to consider when choosing your next meal kit, Hello Fresh also has many perks making them a tough competitor with Gobble. Hello Fresh is known as America’s most popular meal delivery service, and with 10 years in the game, they deliver on freshness and taste. With unique recipes, Hello Fresh always brings something new and exciting to the dinner table.

Both Gobble and Hello Fresh are strong contenders in the meal delivery industry, but what are the key differences to consider?

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Gobble Background



Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh

With special dietary needs, it can be difficult to find dinner options that are both simple and nutritious. You want to trust meal kit services and avoid skimming ingredient lists to avoid consuming anything unwanted. Your meal plan should be compatible with your diet and lifestyle.

While both Hello Fresh and Gobble offer a handful of dietary choices, they both lack representation of some important nutritional needs on their menu.

Gobble has a small selection of vegetarian-friendly, low-calorie, dairy-free, and gluten-free menu options. You can slightly alter your ingredients by personalizing meals to avoid specific allergens or foods. However, if you need a meal kit that caters to other diets such as vegan, keto, or diabetic-friendly, Gobble might not be your best option.

Hello Fresh also offers options for low-calorie and veggie meals. You can also select preferences such as pescatarian, family plan, and quick & easy. Hello Fresh falls short with food sensitivities and popular diets (Mediterranean, paleo, keto).

Although you can choose from a few meal plan preferences, you won’t be able to select your actual meals until after payment with Hello Fresh. This might make it difficult to ensure each recipe is gluten-free or free of certain allergens or ingredients.

Meal Prep & Variety



Hello Fresh

Many are quick to jump on the meal service bandwagon when it comes to cutting back meal prep time. However, meal kits that are quick and simple should also be tasty and exciting with a variety of flavors and recipes on the menu to try each week. Why settle when you can have the best of both worlds with low prep and high variety?

Gobble is the best option if you want little to no meal preparation. If chopping, cutting, and slicing isn’t your thing, then Gobble’s 15-minute dinners are perfect for you. All ingredients come prepared, packaged, and ready to cook in a single pan.

You’ll find that Gobble has over 20 meals per week to choose from. Most meals are classic and comforting, but you can find some worldly dishes on their menu as well. With a decent weekly selection, Gobble is great for anyone seeking a quick, traditional dinner option.

Hello Fresh meals vary in prep time anywhere from 35-50 minutes. You will have to hand prep most of your fresh produce, but many Hello Fresh sauces and spices come measured and prepped for cooking. However, Hello Fresh recently came out with 20-minute meals to reduce meal prep time and simplify meals.

When it comes to the variety of meal recipes, Hello Fresh offers at least 20 meals per week. While you can definitely find classic dishes, there are more options for diverse flavors and spices with Hello Fresh. They encourage trying a variety of cuisines by bringing the flavors right to your plate.




Hello Fresh

The ingredients in every meal kit determine the taste, quality, and freshness that people enjoy when they take their first bite. Meal kit delivery services vary in both the quality and sources of their ingredients.

Gobble ingredients are often processed due to their effort to reduce meal prep time drastically. So while you may enjoy spending less time in the kitchen, the quality and freshness of your ingredients could decrease.

Hello Fresh and Gobble both lack in providing non-GMO, organic, grass-fed, and wild-caught ingredients and proteins. However, Hello Fresh is much more transparent on their suppliers than Gobble. They offer a commitment to quality, ethics, and sustainability, and their reviews support the claim that the freshness starts in the title.

Taste & Sample Meals


Steak and Potatoes Menu Item
  • Pan-Seared Top Sirloin Steak with Loaded Baked Potato
  • Burmese Shredded Chicken with Coconut Rice & Burmese-Style Salad
  • Chimichurri Salmon with Broccolini & Saffron Rice

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh sample meal 500
  • Zucchini Pomodoro Penne Bake
  • Bulgogi Chicken Tacos
  • Harissa Sweet Potato Pockets

You know you’ve found a good meal kit company when you dream of their fish tacos or your mouth waters at the thought of their steak and mashed potatoes. Taste is what keeps people hooked on delivery services like Hello Fresh and Gobble.

Reviewers have claimed that Gobble’s dishes are simple and tasty. You won’t find many funky or unusual flavors, so Gobble could be a good option for picky eaters that aren’t looking to expand their palettes.

Hello Fresh is known to bring unique tastes to the table. Reviewers love the diverse options from 18 different world cuisines. While you can still find some traditional comforting recipes, Hello Fresh is sure to shake up your dinner plans with exciting dishes you’ve never tasted before.

Both Hello Fresh and Gobble draw people in for their delicious recipes, but the type of flavors you’ll find in each of their meals is slightly different.




Dinner for 2

Dinner for 4

2 Nights

$16.99 / serving

$12.99 / serving

3 Nights

$14.99 / serving

$11.99 /serving

4 Nights

$12.99 / serving

$11.99 / serving

5 Nights

$11.99 / serving

$11.99 / serving

Hello Fresh


(Price Per Serving)


(Price Per Serving)
















Each meal kit delivery service price can seriously impact a person’s willingness to subscribe to the company. While you’re paying for the convenience of these meal plans, you should expect the quality of each recipe to match the price.

Gobble meals are more expensive than other comparable meal delivery services at $11.99 per serving. Some people claim in their reviews that Gobble’s prices for their plans are too steep for their lack of fresh ingredients.

Hello Fresh is a more economical option than Gobble, with meals ranging from $7.49-$8.99 per serving (depending on the number of portions). Customers love Hello Fresh because they know the price is reasonable for the service.

Hello Fresh’s flat rate shipping charges are slightly more expensive than Gobble’s at $7.99. However, Gobble has a more limited delivery area in Montana, New Mexico, and Nebraska, while Hello Fresh’s shipping and delivery area is the entire continental United States.

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Packaging & Recycling

To ensure the freshest and safest delivery, meal kits need to be packaged safely with ice packs and other insulating materials. However, many people hate the hassle of disposing of these packaging materials, and recycling instructions are often confusing.

Hello Fresh is committed to using as many recyclable materials as possible without using excessive packaging. Their ice packs are gel-based, so be sure to dispose of the gel before recycling the ice packet liner. Be cautious because the gel material is known to damage some pipe systems.

Your Gobble box does have recyclable parts, but much of their packing materials are made of plastic. Many people find their use of packing materials excessive and unnecessary. You may find yourself disposing of more with Gobble. On the bright side, their ice packs can be emptied, kept, and reused.

Customer Service



Hello Fresh

Everyone loves a positive experience with a company’s customer service. Meal kit delivery services with the ability to pause, skip or cancel your subscription make everything easier.

Gobble makes it easy to skip and deactivate your account. They have received excellent reviews for their diligent, helpful customer service representatives. Gobble’s willingness to work with the customer takes their customer care the extra mile.

Hello Fresh has received some harsher feedback about issues ranging from mishandled shipping to poor customer service response. Other reviews say the cancelation process was difficult and frustrating. However, you can skip, cancel, and edit your weekly delivery with Hello Fresh.


Hello Fresh

In the battle of Hello Fresh Vs Gobble, Hello Fresh is crowned our winner as one of the best meal services on the market. Both companies have the hearts of many hungry eaters, but Hello Fresh outperforms on taste, ingredients, and pricing.

With so many new meal plan services, it can be difficult to choose your next dinner plans. Here are a couple of factors to consider in your decision:

Choose Gobble if you:

  • Love classic, comfort-food recipes
  • Want quick meals ready in 15 minutes
  • Need low-calorie or vegetarian-friendly recipes
  • Value excellent customer service

Choose Hello Fresh if you:

  • Don’t mind prepping fresh produce and ingredients
  • Want to try new, exciting recipes with unique flavors
  • Need an economical option that doesn’t break the bank
  • Have special dietary restrictions or preferences

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