Meal Plan Pros Acquires is happy to connect with a new audience after the acquisition of! This meal delivery company has been serving the Cleveland area healthy meals delivered, but MealPlanPros is ready to positively influence the world on a larger platform. We’ll do this while holding the same core values that have always been important to customers. 

We can’t wait to introduce you to meal delivery services in a fun, exciting way that will motivate healthy eating habits more than ever!

History of was founded with one goal in mind; to change the world through healthy eating. A certified culinary team has worked to provide healthy meals to people at home with meals delivered to their doors. Healthy meal delivery can be used to lose weight, improve your health, or just save a little time at the end of a long day. The tasty meal delivery creations from could do all of that and more for customers.

There’s no doubt that has achieved that goal by introducing customers to chef-crafted, healthy eating without the stress of planning or prepping. This goal-oriented culinary start-up may not have been able to change the world for everybody, but it changed it in a major way for some.

MealPlanPros and GoBuddhaMeals – A Common Goal

At MealPlanPros, we have a similar mission to share healthy eating with the world. We’re excited to carry on that original GoBuddhaMeals goal with a much larger audience to connect to. Instead of creating the meals and shipping them, at MealPlanPros we work to share reliable, up-to-date information on the ever-growing list of meal delivery companies.

By focusing on meal delivery services from established companies, we can provide our readers with unbiased reviews on the quality, value, and healthy eating standards used by a number of meal delivery companies. Rather than selling you meals, we’re making it easier than ever to compare meal delivery options to find the best one to fit your needs. 

Diet-Focused Meal Delivery

One of the primary reasons people are interested in meal delivery is a specific diet. That diet could come in the form of watching certain macros like carbs and protein, not eating animal products, food intolerances, and several other variables. 

Choosing a meal delivery plan that is centered around your diet takes the guesswork out of counting calories and tracking ingredients.

Manage your health and save time in the kitchen by discovering a meal delivery service perfectly designed for your dietary needs.

Medical Meal Delivery

Meal delivery is a helpful tool in managing medical conditions. If you have specific medical concerns in mind, choosing a meal delivery service that’s familiar with your medical dietary needs and knows how to meet those needs is essential. MealPlanPros has gone a step above by recommending meal delivery services not just for convenience but for medical necessity too.

Meal Delivery For Specific People

Find tailored meal delivery to fit your lifestyle with meal deliveries for specific people. MealPlanPros has ranked meal delivery for every niche you could want, from college students to babies and even new moms. Instead of struggling to enjoy a meal delivery service that’s meant for someone else, jump right to purchasing one that’s tailored to your lifestyle.

Types Of Meal Delivery

If you’re new to meal delivery or aren’t sure where to start, MealPlanPros has info on every type of meal delivery offered. Filter your meal delivery preference by cooking method, price, or cuisine origin to find a service that delivers exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. 

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