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Meal Plan Pros is excited to announce the acquisition of, a site that worked tirelessly with the mission to improve the lives of children from lower-income families through education about nutrition. As a topic close to our hearts, this begins a new chapter in reaching out to and connecting with families through nutritious, great-tasting food. 

History of began with the mission to make information about good food and nutrition accessible to all children and families, especially those from lower-income homes. Proper nutrition significantly impacts academic performance and mental health, and they managed to get this information across in a way that’s engaging and interesting to children and their families. offered healthy, budget-friendly family recipes that stretched food budgets with meals as low as $1.50 per serving. Children learned about seasonal foods, creative ways to try new foods, and how to celebrate different cultures through the joy of healthy foods. Since defining its mission, has reached countless families and children, enriching lives with fun, nutritional education along the way. 

Meal Plan Pros 

Meal Plan Pros was developed to help others navigate the confusion and money wasted on meal delivery services that just weren’t what they promised. With honest reviews that dig into the nitty-gritty details of each service, we hope to help you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong meal delivery service and enjoy the benefits of finding just the right one. Our aim is to offer meal solutions for everyone, from singles and young couples to busy families, empty nesters, and seniors. For many of us, a significant portion of our lives is centered on raising a family, and a big part of that is filling little tummies with food that nourishes while being well-received by the discriminating palates of children. 

By acquiring, we hope to grow our focus on healthy mealtime solutions for families that are well-liked, meet the high taste and nutritional standards, and fit within the tight budgets that many families are working with.  

Meal Delivery For Kids

As people with families of our own, our team at Meal Plan Pros understands firsthand the challenges of busy families. From every stage of a child’s life, from baby and toddler to teens with endless appetites, the right kids’ meal delivery service can make life easier and, contrary to popular belief, also more economical. 

Nourishing Foods for Babies and Toddlers 

Moving a baby onto its first solids after a diet of only breastmilk or formula is one of the most exciting and stressful times of parenting an infant. What foods will they like, and what should those first foods be? And, more importantly, how can you ensure that your little one is getting quality, nutritious, and clean foods as they begin their life of culinary discovery? 

Baby food delivery is a wonderful option if you want to feed your baby the best foods but don’t have the time, space, or inclination to make your own baby food at home. Meal delivery services like Little Spoon offer purees and finger foods for all stages of your baby’s development, and each meal is organic, made with clean ingredients, no preservatives, and is non-GMO – all the things that are important to parents, 

Baby and toddler meal delivery is an area of the industry that has grown in recent years, and we’ve seen that these companies aren’t just out to make a quick buck but genuinely have the needs and nutrition of children and families at the forefront of their business model.  Along with Little Spoon, other popular meal delivery options for families with younger children include One Potato, Nurture Life, Tiny Organics, and Cerebelly. 

Big Kids & The Picky Years 

One of the most admirable things that accomplished was getting children excited about real food. This is a struggle for children of all income demographics, but even more so for children that come from lower-income families where filling plates with whole, fresh, and non-processed foods is a luxury the weekly food budget doesn’t allow for. Children, as they grow older, become notoriously picky eaters, leaving parents frazzled and worried they aren’t providing the nutrition that growing bodies need. 

It’s also around this time that food allergies become an even bigger hurdle. It’s not fun, but easier to avoid allergens like dairy and egg when your baby is eating single purees and the occasional blend. Once they move past that stage, it feels like the most common allergens are in everything. Allergen-friendly meal delivery can become a busy parent’s best friend.

For families with food allergies or intolerances, there are wonderful options for egg-free meal delivery, nut-free meal delivery, and gluten-free meal delivery for families.  For families where someone is suffering from a specific health issue that requires the elimination of certain foods, meal delivery services focused on meals for celiac disease, elimination diets, the low-FODMAP diet, and the AIP diet are also available. 

Parenting the Hungry Family 

As a family grows, so do their nutritional needs and how they structure meal time. Each time a new addition is added to a family, it completely changes the dynamic and causes temporary havoc in the daily routine. Meal delivery services for new moms and dads can help ease this transition. In addition to family meals, having healthy, premade smoothies on hand helps for those busy, exhausted mornings and quick lunches when there isn’t time for a full meal. Splendid Spoon, Revive Superfoods, and Kencko Smoothies are just a few options for quick grab-and-go meal solutions that are also packed with the level of nutrition parents and their growing children need.   

As a family grows, the size of portions they need grows along with it, but there doesn’t need to be a sacrifice of quality or nutrition in meal delivery services for families. Unfortunately, many meal delivery services cut off portions to two or four, but there is a handful that offers nutritious meal delivery for families of six or more. Once some of those children begin to leave the nest and spread their wings, nutrition is still important. Meal delivery services for college students ensure they’re still eating healthy foods while cramming for exams. 

Another obstacle for families is the cost of meal delivery services. Fortunately, there are a number of budget-friendly meal delivery options for families that barely cost more than going to the grocery store and preparing meals from scratch. This is important since, currently, there aren’t any meal delivery services that accept EBT as a form of payment. For families with children that aren’t willing to compromise on nutrition and ingredient integrity, there are a number of great healthy and cheap meal delivery services as well. 

Meal Delivery Comparisons for Families 

Families that are looking for comparisons of the best meal delivery services for their lifestyle and needs can find more information on some of the most popular options for families and children in the following reviews.

Jessica Lea, RD

Jessica Corwin Good Food For Kids Writer, Editor, Educator

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