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Have you been told to eat heart-healthy meals? Heart-healthy meals are recommended frequently to those who have high blood pressure, heart disease, have had a heart attack, are in heart failure, have congestive heart failure, want to lose weight, and more. There are a few main key aspects to a heart-healthy diet, including being low sodium, low in saturated fat, and low in total fat.

Healthy meal delivery service plans are a great way to follow a heart-healthy diet. They make it easy to have heart-healthy meals delivered directly to your door. Skip the grocery shopping and the temptation of unhealthy foods with heart healthy meals delivered! Many of these companies do not advertise themselves as heart-healthy but still fit nicely within the diet.

Best Meal Delivery for a Heart-Healthy Diet

We have researched to find companies offering the best meal kits that will fit into your healthy meal plan. One company, Freshly, stood out to us with their Freshly Fit Line due to their team of chefs and dieticians that design the menu, great tasting healthy meals, and affordable cost.

A few others also met our strict guidelines, including Factor Meals which has the most prepared options for heart health, and Green Chef, which is all organic and the best meal prep for heart health. Here’s the breakdown and a buying guide so that you can find the best fit for you and your lifestyle.



ModifyHealth Meal Plan Pros Mediterranean

ModifyHealth‘s mission is to provide “Better Health. Delivered.” and help restore health and wellness through food as medicine. As the #1 doctor and dietitian referred meal delivery service in the US, they are a leader in helping people on their path to health and weight loss. 

If you’re looking for a meal kit service with healthy meals, ModifyHealth is a great option as they provide both nutritionally tailored meals for heart health along with optional dietitian coaching and support.

Their Mediterranean meal service and program is designed by expert nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs. ModifyHealth offers healthy, Mediterranean-inspired meals that are low sodium and optimized for heart health. If you’re focused on limiting your sodium intake and consuming foods that support lower blood pressure, ModifyHealth is an excellent choice.

All their meals are vacuum-sealed, allowing food to stay fresh for 7-10 days, a huge improvement over the standard 4-5 days. They can also be frozen for up to 3 months for added convenience.

Their dietitians give you the added reassurance and support you need, setting ModifyHealth above the competitors. Heart-healthy, fresh, quality foods delivered to your door!


  • Nutritionally-tailored Mediterranean diet inspired complete meals (550 calories or less)
  • Meals designed by nutritionists, dietitians and chefs
  • Supports heart health with dietitian guidance
  • All entrees are gluten-free and low sodium
  • Delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Organic ingredients with non-GMO produce
  • Quick and convenient – simply heat and eat in under two minutes
  • Choose your meals on their website week to week
  • Great variety with 33+ Mediterranean entrees available
  • Both animal protein and vegetarian options available
  • Full nutritional information and ingredients, so never worry about food allergies again
  • Reasonable prices: $11.75 – $12.50 for entrees
  • Free shipping nationwide means no hidden charges
  • Optional trained dietitian support to help find the right meals for you and to help stay on track

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Trifecta Nutrition allows you to take control of your diet with their prepared meals. Some of their meals include dishes such as Chicken Pesto Pasta, Korean Beef Bulgogi, or Crispy Tofu Skillet. With Trifecta, you can also build your own meals by choosing your own protein, vegetables, and carbs. 

Other benefits of Trifecta Nutrition include:


  • Wild-caught seafood, humanely raised meats, and organic produce
  • Meals that are free from gluten and GMOs
  • A focus on low sugar, salt, and saturated fat with calorie and portion control
  • One of the most sustainable meal deliveries in ingredients, supply chain, and packaging
  • Plan options include Clean, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, or Vegetarian
  • Meals starting as low as $6 per serving

Green Chef


Green Chef Meal Delivery

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that delivers premium ingredients directly to your door. They come premeasured and prepped, so all you have to do is follow the instructions for an easy recipe you can cook yourself. Their meal services make meal planning effortless!

Some of the dishes their meal delivery services offer include Peanut Chicken with Udon Noodles, Beef and Feta Burgers with Carrot Fries, and Truffle Butter Risotto. 

Other benefits of Green Chef include:


  • Sustainably sourced ingredients and chef-crafted recipes
  • All produce and eggs are organic
  • Recipes ready in under 30 minutes
  • Eco-friendly, recycled packaging
  • Dietary options include Keto & Paleo, Balanced Living, or Plant-Powered.
  • Pricing starting at $10.99 per serving when including shipping

Factor Meals​

Factor Meals unboxing

Factor Meals is a service that focuses on nutritious and purposeful eating. Their menu includes dishes like Mustard Salmon, Pork Tenderloin with Cabbage Casserole, and Creole Shrimp Jambalaya. 

Some key benefits of Factor Meals include:


  • Fresh, never frozen ingredients with add-ons available
  • Prepared meals free of antibiotics, hormones, gluten, GMOs, and refined sugars
  • Menus designed by registered dietitians that use science-backed nutrition
  • Chef-crafted meals to make healthy, flavorful recipes that meet your dietary restrictions
  • Dietary options include Ketogenic, Low-carb, Low Calorie, or Plant-based
  • Meals starting at $11.00 per serving with free shipping

Fresh N Lean​

fresh n lean Vegan

Fresh N Lean focuses on healthy food fast, not fast food. They offer delicious meals such as Sesame Miso Salmon, Tomatillo Shrimp Fajitas, and Braised Beef with Lentil Bolognese Pasta. 

Some of their great benefits include:


  • Organically grown, fresh, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and whole-food prepared meals
  • Mostly low sodium, low sugar meals with absolutely no unrefined sugars and dairy-free except on the Keto plan
  • BPA-free and recyclable packaging
  • Meal plans include Protein Plus, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan, Low-carb Vegan, or Bulk
  • As low as $7.93 per serving

Bistro MD​

BistroMD box

Bistro MD is one of the only meal delivery programs that is promoted as heart-healthy. They also state that they provide support to lose weight. Their examples include Fisherman’s Seafood Stew, Manicotti with Vodka Marinara, and Pork Enchiladas with Salsa Verde.

It is important to note that their meals include less than 600 mg of sodium, but to be considered a low sodium option on a food label, it must be under 140 mg. Even if a meal doesn’t meet the requirements for a low sodium label, they can still help reduce blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease as 600 mg is likely less than what you’re consuming now.

Here are a few benefits of Bistro MD:


  • A doctor-designed program prepared by chefs
  • Meals free of trans fat added MSG and GMOs
  • Choose from 100 rotating meals
  • Environmentally friendly packaging with all meal options
  • The program starts as low as $97.46 with free shipping for 5 lunches and 5 dinners

Buyer’s Guide for Heart Healthy Meal Delivery

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As you can see, there are many different options for heart-healthy meals, but here are some considerations to make sure you make the right decision for yourself.

Sodium Levels

Low sodium levels are one of the pillars of a heart-healthy diet, so it is important that the meal delivery service that you choose offers low sodium, healthy meals. Many people think that low sodium means tasteless, but these meal delivery services are designed to be full of flavor.

The best meal kit is one that meets your nutritional needs and dietary preferences without compromising great flavor.

Balanced Meals

Heart-healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate any food groups. Healthy meals have all of the necessary macronutrients you need, such as protein, fat, and carbs. Heart-healthy meals mean that your meals are balanced and do not contain high amounts of unhealthy fats or sodium. 

Each of these meal delivery services pays close attention to the dietary guidelines of a heart-healthy diet, including offering balanced meals that focus on lean proteins. 

Ingredient Quality

Choosing the highest quality ingredients in your meals can help you live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Fresh, quality ingredients promote healthy eating. When searching for the right meal delivery service for you, look for terms such as organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, and more.

Fresh ingredients have a major impact on the taste, texture, and quality of meals.

Healthy Fats

Fat is not just fat. There are different types of fat, each of which affects the body differently. Saturated fat is bad for those with heart disease because it can solidify in the heart. Dairy has a lot of saturated fat, so try to choose meals with less dairy and more healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and fish with unsaturated fats.

Most meals on the weekly menus from the companies we mentioned are low fat with just the right amount of healthy fats.

No Allergens

If food sensitivities or allergies are a problem for you, look for a company that doesn’t have common allergens like soy, corn, gluten, or chemicals. Of course, these things are also just bad for health in general, so meal delivery services without allergens are a good choice regardless.

Try Heart Healthy Meal Delivery

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If you are looking to lower blood pressure or have been told to follow a low sodium diet, a heart-healthy program might be for you. Heart-healthy meals delivered make it easy by providing fully prepared meals that are tasty and help achieve a healthy heart.

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