HelloFresh Delivery: 6 Things You Need to Know

HelloFresh Delivery

HelloFresh is one of the biggest names in meal kit delivery services. They deliver easy-to-prepare meal kits that are packed with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe instructions. The beauty of all of this is that HelloFresh arrives at your door, completely eliminating the need to take a trip to the grocery store and navigate the crowds as you shop. 

It’s kind of amazing how meal delivery services like HelloFresh manage to deliver meal kits so that they arrive at their peak of freshness. If you’re new to HelloFresh or thinking of trying them out, you likely have a few questions about their delivery process. We’re here to help answer six of your most pressing questions about HelloFresh delivery. 

1. Where Does HelloFresh Deliver

Where Does HelloFresh Deliver

If you live in the lower 48 and want to try HelloFresh, then you’re in luck. HelloFresh delivers to the contiguous United States. HelloFresh does not currently deliver to Alaska or Hawaii at this time. 

Outside of the United States, HelloFresh has operations in several other countries, delivering meals in parts of Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. Who Delivers Hello Fresh

Who Delivers Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh uses several carriers to deliver meals, choosing whichever one will most efficiently deliver your meal kits to your door based on where you live. Hello Fresh ships with UPS, FedEx, and a handful of regional carriers. Currently, Hello Fresh does not ship through the United States Postal Service. 

3. When Does HelloFresh Deliver

When Does HelloFresh Deliver

HelloFresh offers delivery options for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to all its customers. Customers who live in select areas may be eligible for weekend delivery, along with delivery on Monday and Tuesday. The delivery window is between 8 am-8 pm on your delivery day. 

The main factor that determines when HelloFresh will deliver to you is your location. When you place your first order, HelloFresh will allow you to choose which of the available days for your area to receive your delivery. From that point forward, you’ll receive your deliveries on that same day of the week unless you later change your delivery preferences. 

4. Does HelloFresh Deliver To Hawaii

4. Does HelloFresh Deliver To Hawaii

HelloFresh does not currently deliver to Hawaii. If you’re interested in Hawaii meal delivery, you can check out some other meal delivery services that do ship there, including Fresh N Lean, Trifecta Nutrition, Pete’s Paleo, and NutriSystem. Keep in mind that these services delivered prepared meals rather than meal kits. 

5. Does HelloFresh Deliver To Alaska

5. Does HelloFresh Deliver To Alaska

At this time, HelloFresh does not deliver to Alaska. Meal kit delivery services don’t typically ship outside of the contiguous United States due to the perishable nature of the ingredients combined with longer shipping times. If you live in Alaska, there are prepared meal delivery services that do ship your way. This includes Fresh N Lean, Trifecta Nutrition, Pete’s Paleo, NutriSystem, and Icon Meals. 

Due to shipping times, shipping restrictions, and increased shipping costs, you may have to pay more for shipping from these companies if you live in Alaska, and shipping/delivery may only be available on certain days. 

6. How Long Does HelloFresh Take To Deliver

How Long Does HelloFresh Take To Deliver

When you place your order with HelloFresh, you’ll get a notification when your order ships. You’ll also be notified of a cutoff date and time before which you can make changes to your order. Once your order is shipped from HelloFresh, it will typically arrive within 1-2 days. You can easily track your HelloFresh delivery online. 

If you’re concerned about the freshness of your HelloFresh delivery, rest assured that they’ve taken measures to protect the freshness and quality of your meal kit during transit. HelloFresh uses a combination of insulated packaging and gel packs to keep your food fresh. They also adapt packaging to accommodate for higher temperatures during warmer months and when they deliver to hotter climates. 

Try HelloFresh For Yourself

If you’re thinking of giving HelloFresh a shot, the only way to really know if it’s for you is to try them and see. HelloFresh has a reputation for quality, variety, and easy-to-prepare meals that are designed for busy lifestyles, just like yours. 

9 thoughts on “HelloFresh Delivery: 6 Things You Need to Know”

  1. Jeffrey Robert McIntyre

    I was a former customer of Hello Fresh, then sometime earlier this year the delivery carrier was switched from UPS to some one I never heard of. Of my last three shipments, two were delivered a day late, and the last was delivered to some one other than myself. Can you tell me who the final delivery carrier is for zip code 55396 (Victoria, Mn). If it’s UPS or Fedex I will come back, if not, I probably will stay with Blue Apron

  2. Hello Jeffrey My Name is David, I am In Customer Care for HELLOFRESH. The zip code that you have is set up for Ups Sat, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays Fed Ex is set up for Sat, Mon, and Wednesdays.

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      Yes, HelloFresh ships to all 50 states with only limited availability in Hawaii and Alaska. They ship to every zip code in Washington

  3. I hope you don’t start using USPS! With such terrible mail service in my area, someone else would be getting my food about half the time!

  4. dawnchin2000@yahoo.com

    I love Hello Fresh and my parents want to start using Hello Fresh too but they live in rural Maine on a dirt road – their zipcode is 04001 – thanks in advance!

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