How To Cancel Daily Harvest Fast & Easy

How To Cancel Daily Harvest Fast & Easy

Sometimes, even with a great meal delivery service such as Daily Harvest, various factors require you to skip, pause, or cancel a subsequent delivery. Luckily, managing your Daily Harvest plan is simple with just a few clicks.

Here are the instructions for skipping or pausing a scheduled delivery and how to cancel Daily Harvest should you need to. 

Skipping a Delivery 

Skipping future deliveries is the perfect option if you are going on vacation or have a week when you just don’t need your Daily Harvest haul. Skipping a delivery allows you to adjust your plan to your needs, as we know that not every week is the same! 

To skip your delivery, log in to your Daily Harvest account and click on the calendar icon that you’ll find on the homepage just after logging in. The page that the calendar icon takes you to will have all the options for rescheduling your delivery. 

Remember that you can only skip a delivery until 6 p.m. EST on Sunday before it is slated to ship, as the process cannot be stopped after that. 

Daily Harvest Packaging

Pausing a Delivery

Pausing your Daily Harvest plan allows you to save all your selections but refrain from receiving the deliveries for the foreseeable future. This is a great option if you plan on coming back to your subscription after a short break. 

To put it on pause, you must first log into your Daily Harvest account. Then, click “Manage Plan” from the menu in the top left corner. Next to “Plan Status,” click the “Edit” button and select “Pause.” 

At the bottom of the page, find the “Next” button, then select a reason for pausing within the dropdown menu. To finalize, click “Pause Plan,” then confirm by selecting “Yes, Pause Plan” in the pop-up window. 

Like skipping weeks, pausing can only be done before 6 p.m. EST on Sunday before your next shipment is scheduled; otherwise, it will continue to ship, and the pausing will not take effect until after. 

Step By Step Canceling Instructions

To successfully cancel your Daily Harvest subscription, you’ll first have to follow the instructions above to pause your deliveries. Once you have paused them, click again on “Edit” by the plan status. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option for “End Plan,” which you’ll want to select. 

Like during the pausing process, you’ll be taken to a screen with other options, but to continue, you should click “End Plan” at the bottom of the page. To finalize the cancellation, complete the brief customer service survey and then confirm to cancel. 

You’ll receive an email confirmation confirming you have completed the cancellation process with instructions on how to come back should you ever want to. 

If you need assistance throughout the process, simply send an email requesting help with “Cancel My Plan” in the subject section. 

Your information and history will still be saved in your account in case you want to subscribe again in the future. 

Daily Harvest

Delete Daily Harvest Account

If you want your Daily Harvest account permanently deleted, you’ll have to email their customer service team and express written permission to permanently delete your information. 

Return Policy

Though Daily Harvest does its best to ensure top quality, if you do need to return something, you’ll first need to reach out to customer support representatives, which can be done by text, chat, call, or email. 

You’ll need to give them your account information and explain what the trouble is. They may request photos to help explain. They may issue a refund, partial refund, or replacement products based on your situation. 

Alternatives to Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a relatively new company that delivers fresh, healthy food directly to your door. They offer soups, harvest bowls, breakfast bowls, smoothies, and more. 

However, there are other companies that also offer similar products, like Splendid Spoon, Sun Basket, Revive Superfoods, and Frozen Garden. These might be an excellent choice for future orders should Daily Harvest not work out. 


Canceling Daily Harvest Quick Summary

Whether your first box didn’t work out or you just are moving on to something else, Daily Harvest makes it easy to cancel or edit your plan. Just simply go to the website and follow these instructions!

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