How To Cancel Every Plate in Easy Steps

How To Cancel Every Plate Subscription

Every Plate is a meal delivery service that brings fresh, affordable meals to your doorstep. Every Plate meal delivery services aim to make creating high-quality meals in the comfort of your own home easier than ever. The Everyplate subscription model can be customized with your desired number of meals each week, the type of meals, and how many people each meal should serve.

Managing your Everyplate subscription through an online account page makes it easy to manage upcoming deliveries, but many customers don’t know how to cancel Every Plate completely. Instead of paying for a subscription you don’t need or want, follow these simple steps to cancel your Everyplate subscription today!

How to Cancel My Every Plate Subscription

How to Cancel My Every Plate Subscription

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Online Account

The easiest way to cancel your Everyplate subscription is through your online account. Begin by signing into your Everyplate account. Then, go to “my account” and “settings.”

In your account settings, there will be an option to deactivate your account. Deactivating your Everyplate account will cancel all future deliveries. 

You must cancel at least five days before your next scheduled delivery. If you cancel less than five days before your next scheduled delivery, you will still be charged for and receive that box.

Live Chat

Another convenient way to cancel EveryPlate is through their online live chat program. You’ll be met with a bot at first, but your request quill quickly is transferred to a live agent when you request a cancellation.

The live chat agent may ask why you’re canceling and offer new deals to keep your account active. If you’re sure you want to cancel, just say no thank you and continue the call.

When the agent has confirmed your account and future deliveries are canceled, request an email copy of the receipt for your records. This offers an easy way to get a refund if you’ve mistakenly charged after canceling.

Over the Phone

Opting to cancel Everyplate over the phone is more time-consuming, but you do get a personal touch and plenty of opportunities to ask questions you may have. 

Call EveryPlate at 973-210-4195 and ask to speak with a representative about canceling your account.

Phone and live chat requests also require five days before your next delivery date if you don’t want to receive another box.

How to Skip a Week in Every Plate

How to Skip a Week in Every Plate


Skipping a week of your Everyplate subscription is a great alternative to canceling. You can skip up to 4 consecutive weeks without canceling your account.

Skip a week online by signing into your account, then choose “my menu” and “edit delivery’.

Select how many weeks you’d like to skip, and you’re all set! Allow at least five days before your next scheduled delivery date to successfully skip a week.

In the App

If you have the only plate app, skipping a week is even easier! Begin by selecting the week you want to skip.

Select the three dots in the top corner, then click “skip a week.”


Contact a customer service representative directly by calling 973-210-4195. An agent will pull up your account and select the weeks you’ve requested to skip.

Agents are always happy to help customers skip a week if it means they don’t cancel Everyplate completely. 

Live Chat

Live chat can be used more than just when you want to cancel. Every plate subscription setting can be changed via live chat with the help of an agent.

Type your request into the chat, then wait to be connected. You may also be prompted to cancel by following instructions from a chatbot.

How to Delete an Everyplate Account

How to Delete an Everyplate Account

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Over the Phone

While other meal delivery services refer to this as deleting your account, you’ll notice that Everyplate calls it deactivation. They’re essentially the same thing, just with different connotations. 

Delete your account over the phone by calling 973-210-4195 for Everyplate customer care. State that you’d like to delete your meal box subscription service account with Every Plate. 

The agent will likely ask why you want to cancel the subscription service and make offers to keep your account active. If you’re only interested in canceling your meal kit delivery account, they’ll walk you through the steps.

Live Chat

Deleting your account via live chat is the perfect way to contact customer support during your busy schedule. Use the live chat feature and tell the agent you’d like to deactivate your account. 

A copy of this deactivation can be sent to your email for future records. 


Deactivate your Everyplate account online. Go to settings once you’re logged in. Scroll down until you see a button that says “deactivate the account.” An option will pop up asking if you want to skip the following delivery week, but you can say no.

A deactivated account wipes the account details and preferences for meal kits and cancels your subscription all in one go.


Is Everyplate hard to cancel?

If you’ve ever canceled another delivery service, you’ll find that the ability to cancel EveryPlate is much more accessible to consumers. In short, no, canceling EveryPlate is not hard.

How do you skip meals on Everyplate?

You can skip meals on EveryPlate by using their website, app, live chat, or phone. EverPlate customer care members can walk you through the process if you’ve never done it before.

Why is Everyplate so popular?

Every Plate is a great alternative to traditional grocery shopping that creates excess food waste and uninspired meals. Every Plate has easy-to-follow recipes, a flexible weekly menu, and excellent customer care.

Bottom Line of Cancelling Your EveryPlate Subscription 

If you do cancel EveryPlate, there are plenty of other meal kit providers to check out! Browse our content so you can choose the best meal plan for your diet, budget, and family needs.

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