How To Cancel Nutrisystem (Fast & Easy!)

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Nutrisystem is a meal delivery company that promotes weight loss through preportioned, low-calorie recipes delivered to your door. The plan is designed to give users three meals and three daily snacks. Nutrisystem focuses less on the overall freshness and quality of their food than other meal delivery services, with more emphasis on the weight-loss effects.

Suppose you want to cancel Nutrisystem before your next shipment. The sooner, the better! Learn how to cancel Nutrisystem with easy steps and what hidden fees you should look out for.

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How to Cancel Nutrisystem Over the Phone

The only way to cancel your Nutrisystem plan is by contacting their customer support team over the phone. You cannot cancel online, through chat, email, or regular mail.

Contact Nutrisystem to cancel your Nutrisystem membership by calling 1-877-338-8446 or toll-free at 1-800-585-5483.

You should have the Nutrisystem membership number associated with your Nutrisystem subscription ready. This number can be found on billing material from your Nutrisystem order, through your online account, or on a packing slip. The phone cancellation process will be easier if you’re prepared before you call.

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When you call, you’ll first go through an automated system to determine why you’re calling. Press option one, then six, to connect with a support team member.

Once you’ve been connected, provide your Nutrisystem client number (membership number). After they’ve pulled up your account, inform them you’d like to cancel your subscription for all future meal kits.

Suppose you have a concern with your diet plan that can be easily resolved. Great! If not, clarify if you just want to cancel. The support team will likely ask why you want to cancel and offer changes to keep you as a customer.

Once your account has been canceled, ask for a confirmation cancellation number for your records. This number should be saved just in case post-cancellation billing problems come up in the future.

Hidden Fees When Canceling Nutrisystem & How to Avoid Them

Canceling After 14 Days

The biggest hidden fee customers face when canceling Nutrisystem is if they cancel more than 14 days after they join Nutrisystem.

When you register and sign up for auto-delivery, you receive a big discount on your first shipment. A $125 fee is charged if you cancel your order after the first 14 days to make up for that discount.

Essentially it’s only a discount if you stay signed up for Nutrisystem for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying it back.

This fee does not apply to customers who don’t sign up for auto-delivery since they don’t receive the discount, to begin with.

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Shipping Fees

If you want to avoid a $19.99 charge to your payment method for shipping, the Nutrisystem cancellation policy states you have to cancel before paying for your second shipment.

Even if you refuse the shipment at your door, you’ll be responsible for the $19.99 shipping cost,

Getting a Refund from Nutrisystem

There are two reasons Nutrisystem will issue a total or partial refund.

First, if you were unhappy with your shipment because of the foods included in your meals, the customer service team will usually try to keep you happy and subscribed for future shipments by offering a refund/reimbursement or replacement meals.

Secondly, you can receive a refund if you send items back to the Nutrisystem returns department. Non-perishable items can be sent back for a refund, and frozen meals cannot.

Start the return process by contacting customer service to get a return authorization number. Nutrisystem will then email you a pre-paid shipping label to print off.

Pack the items you want to return along with a note that includes the return authorization number, your reason for returning the items, and the original order number. Ship the items back to Nutrisystem via FedEx using the pre-paid label.

Once Nutrisystem receives the items, you should get your money back within 14 days. Money will be deducted to cover the package shipping cost.

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No, the only way to cancel your Nutrisystem account is to contact customer service over the phone at 1-877-338-8446 or 1-800-585-5483.
You can technically call to cancel Nutrisystem at any time but may be additional fees if you cancel after the first 14 days of signing up.

Contact Nutrisystem customer service over the phone by calling 1-800-585-5483 or 1-877-338-8446.

You’ll have to go through an automated system before connecting to a customer support agent.

Yes, you can cancel anytime by calling the customer support team. A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel after the first 14 days of subscribing.

The Bottom Line

Nutrisystem is one of the harder meal delivery services to cancel without losing money, but it can be done. Compare other meal delivery options today with Meal Plan Pros! There are so many companies to choose from in 2022. We want to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle and goals.

4 thoughts on “How To Cancel Nutrisystem (Fast & Easy!)”

  1. I just cancelled my Nutrisystem account, and I found it not only easy with a phone call but the customer service person was very polite, and although he offered to simply delay my next order or otherwise help me, he did not give me any pressure at all to remain a member. I think it is essential that people know the terms of their “contract” before placing the order. I fulfilled mine – 2 monthly auto-deliveries – before I closed the account and there were no “hidden charges” involved.

    1. Kate,
      Thank you for that information. Yes you are correct, people need to understand the terms of the contract. I also found the customer service personnel to be courteous and helpful. That being said, if you cancel, it is always a good idea to get a cancellation number as confirmation of cancellation, lest there be any issues. It is just good business practice in any transaction.
      NutiSystem client.

  2. trying to cancel NUTRISYSTEM ,I paid for 3 months have recieved one order and want to cancel the other 2 .
    some health issues have come up that will make it impossible to continue with the program, they are NOT being easy to deal with, spoke with one person who put me on hold, this has been going on for more than 20 minutes!! Still on hold!

  3. Marilyn mechura

    I just called for information regarding returning nutrisystem I was told they would send me a FedEx label then I was transferred and she told me they do not I had to print my own return label I’m a little confused

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