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Eating Kosher definitely has its challenges. Eating out is difficult, but sometimes even preparing a simple Kosher meal at home is a struggle. With all these companies popping up that offer to deliver meals and meal kits to your door, it would be nice if there were a kosher meal delivery service you could count on.

Turns out you’re in luck. In the booming meal delivery market, several companies are sprouting up to offer high-quality Kosher meals delivered to your door. Here are a few to consider, along with some online kosher grocer options.



JChef Box

In the world of meal delivery services, finding one that is 100% Kosher, which also meets your expectations for quality and taste is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. However, you wouldn’t know this by looking at JChef, a company that focuses on quality, variety, and integrity of the ingredients used in their 100% kosher meals.

JChef offers meal kits that are delivered fresh to your door, with a light amount of prep work and cooking to be done. JChef stands out among meal delivery kits as being one that offers more substantial portions of protein, which is perfect for heartier appetites and those following protein-based diets.

If you go looking for yourself, you’re not going to find a ton of reviews for JChef online. The quality and taste seem to be solid, with the main complaint being some packages missing spices or other ingredients. Still, all things considered, JChef wins hands down over other kosher meal delivery services.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Kosher meals, with all products being checked by a Masgiach before shipping
  • JChef meals include premium Kosher meats that are inspected, then vacuumed sealed for freshness
  • JChef meals are higher in protein, containing as much as 33% more protein than comparable meal delivery kits
  • Fast, overnight delivery
  • Shabbat box available for up to 12 people



KosherBox Box
KosherBox Box

KosherBox is a meal delivery service that makes living a Kosher lifestyle easier than ever. KosherBox delivers meals that are 100%, fresh, and ready to heat & eat. A feature that makes KosherBox unique in the world of prepared meal delivery is that they’ll ship worldwide, so you get to maintain the convenience even while traveling.

KosherBox offers gourmet Glatt-Kosher meals that are certified by a highly reputable Hashgachas. Each meal serves one person and features a protein that’s accompanied by Kosher sides, like potato kugel, carrot tzimmes, and farfe. Many of the meals are also shelf-stable, making them ideal for traveling.

Key Benefits

  • KosherBox offers a Shabbat Box that includes everything you need for a Shabbat meal (even candles and a silver Kiddush cup)
  • KosherBox offers a Kosher snack subscription box
  • All meals are single servings, many of them on the higher end of what you’d expect to pay for a meal delivery service
  • All meals are prepared and ready to heat & eat
  • KosherBox ships worldwide

Kosher Grocery Stores Online

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Glatt Kosher


Glatt Kosher

Whether you don’t have access to a local Kosher grocer, or you simply enjoy selection and quality, Glatt Kosher is the online Kosher grocer that many people are turning to. Their selection is expansive, their site is easy to shop, and they have specially curated sections that make holiday meal shopping easy.

Key Benefits

  • Free ground shipping on all orders over $100
  • Ships to anywhere in the continental United States
  • Frozen items are excluded from ground shipping
  • Under the supervision of a Rabbi

Fresh Direct​

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is a well-recognized name in the world on online grocery delivery. In addition to their regular line up of products, Fresh Direct offers a selection of Kosher items that can be delivered right to your door.

Fresh Direct’s selection of Kosher products isn’t as expansive as other Kosher-specific grocers, but they do offer a good lineup of the basics, along with a few extras. In some cases, Fresh Direct’s pricing is less than specialty grocers. The downside is that their delivery area is limited to areas along the east coast.

Key Benefits

  • Minimum order of $30 required
  • Limited delivery area, primarily in the northeast
  • Not exclusively Kosher
  • Somewhat limited selection compared to Kosher-specific grocers

Western Kosher

Western kosher

Western Kosher, an upscale Kosher market in Los Angeles, provides a digital storefront where you can order all your favorite Kosher goods online. Western Kosher specializes in the highest quality, Kosher products. Western Kosher is located, you guessed it, on the west coast.

Western Kosher covers all the basic categories for Kosher goods, including deli, wine, and household essentials. Catering and take-out options available in the LA area.

Key Benefits

  • Minimum order for delivery is $70
  • Local delivery available in the LA area
  • Overnight shipping to anywhere in the United States for an average cost of $30-$50 per box
  • Decent selection of Kosher goods covering all categories

Thrive Market

Thrive Market Box

Thrive Market is an online grocer that appeals to a wide audience. If you’re looking for a reputable online Kosher grocer, Thrive Market offers an easy to shop Kosher section on their website.

An issue that you might come across when looking for an online Kosher grocer is knowing that the retailer fully understands and respects Kosher guidelines. Thrive Market goes above and beyond with a section on their site that outlines Kosher regulations and goes as far as to highlight well-known Kosher brands.

Key Benefits

  • Offers selections from well-known, national Kosher brands
  • Good selection of both Kosher and non-Kosher foods
  • Offerings include Kosher vitamins and supplements
  • Free shipping on orders over $49, with a small fee for orders that come in under that threshold

Buying Guide

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Kosher Certified?

It’s important to be mindful that the Kosher meal delivery service or grocer you choose offers products that are Kosher certified. This means that the products, ingredients, or meals have been given the seal of approval by a rabbinic agency that verifies the ingredients (and the facility they were produced in) meet Kosher criteria.

Ideally, this information should be readily available on the website. For instance, both JChef and KosherBox outline their certification processes.

Shabbat Box Available?

Shabbat boxes are a wonderful option for making Shabbat meals simple. In addition to standard meal kits or boxes, you might be interested in a Kosher meal delivery service that offers everything you need for a Shabbat meal, all in one box.

KosherBox offers what they call their legendary Shabbat box, which includes everything from the main protein, sides, beverages, Shabbat candles, and other accessories for your meal.

Prepared Vs Meal Prep

This area is all a matter of preference. You might be someone who likes the idea of needing to spend no more than a few minutes in the kitchen heating a delicious meal. KosherBox offers heat & eat meals, many of them shelf-stable.

On the other hand, you have meal kits that require a little prep work and some cooking. These options, like the ones provided by JChef, streamline your time in the kitchen while still giving you the pleasure of cooking a meal.

Meal Variety & Taste

If a meal delivery service doesn’t meet your standards for variety and taste, then they really aren’t worth spending your money on. Unfortunately, you don’t always know if a company is a good fit until you try them, but you can spend a little time looking over reviews and their meal selections before committing to a purchase.

Bottom Line

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Eating Kosher shouldn’t mean missing out on the time-saving convenience of meal delivery services. Not all companies offer Kosher meals, (in fact, most don’t) but there are few that do, and ones like JChef are exceptional. As an alternative to a Kosher meal delivery service, there’s also the option to order Kosher ingredients from an online grocer like Glatt Kosher.

Take some time and look over the companies listed here. You might find the one that simplifies your life and enhances meal time while supporting your Kosher lifestyle.

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