The 7 Low Sodium Meal Delivery Services

Low Sodium Meal Delivery

Low-sodium meal delivery is just one of the many niches that are rapidly becoming more popular and affordable. Like with any other “low sodium” foods, the options in low-sodium delivery plans need to have 600 milligrams or less of sodium intake in every meal. This goes well below the recommended sodium intake laid out by the Dietary Guidelines for America, which hover around 2300 mg every day.

Maintaining a low sodium diet can help lower high blood pressure. Too much sodium intake is directly linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease. These meal kits make it easy to lower blood pressure and avoid related health conditions using delicious, low sodium meal deliveries. 

But which low-sodium delivery options are best, and are they tasty? Let’s take a look at the best options you can find.



ModifyHealth Meal Plan Pros Mediterranean

ModifyHealth’s mission is to provide “Better Health. Delivered.” and help restore health and wellness through food as medicine. As the #1 doctor and dietitian referred meal kit delivery service in the US, they are a leader in helping people on their path to health and weight loss. 

If you’re looking for delicious low sodium meals, ModifyHealth is a great option as they provide nutritionally tailored, low sodium meals to help combat chronic health conditions along with optional dietitian coaching and support.

Their Mediterranean meal service and program is designed by expert nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs. ModifyHealth offers healthy, Mediterranean-inspired meals (all under 600mg of sodium) that are ideal for a low sodium diet.

All their meals are vacuum-sealed, allowing food to stay fresh for 7-10 days, a huge improvement over the standard 4-5 days. They can also be frozen for up to 3 months for added convenience.

Their dietitians give you the added reassurance and support you need, setting ModifyHealth above the competitors. Healthy low sodium meals delivered to your door!

Key Benefits

  • Mediterranean-inspired, nutritionally balanced meals
  • All meals contain less than 600mg of sodium, with the majority under 500mg
  • Meals designed by nutritionists, dietitians and chefs
  • Supports a low sodium lifestyle with dietitian guidance
  • All entrees are gluten-free
  • Delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Organic ingredients with non-GMO produce
  • Quick and convenient – simply heat and eat in under two minutes
  • Choose your meals on their website week to week
  • Great variety with 33+ Mediterranean entrees available
  • Both animal protein and vegetarian options available
  • Full nutritional information and ingredients, so never worry about food allergies again
  • Reasonable prices: $11.75 – $12.50 for entrees
  • Free shipping nationwide means no hidden charges
  • Optional trained dietitian support to help find the right meals for you and to help stay on track



MamaSezz Meal Delivery

For some folks, a low sodium meal plan isn’t enough; they might want to go all the way to no sodium whatsoever. If that’s the case for you, Mamasezz could be the perfect pick. They offer eight no salt meals in total using their à la carte menu, allowing you to pick and choose various food items to create the perfect meal kit delivery services for your needs or preferences.

Additionally, Mamasezz provides an “SOS” or No-Salt Bundle to make things even easier. The box comes with plenty of high energy and nutrient-packed meals based primarily around whole foods and plants. The menu items come with no salt, oil, or sugar and even come with serving suggestions to help you meet your dietary goals.

Their variety is also pretty good, ranging from breakfast choices to ricotta style mushroom and tomato dishes. All in all, Mamasezz provides great customization, good flavor, and easy delivery all in a single meal delivery service.

Key Benefits

  • The only meal delivery service offering no salt meals
  • Several bundles for low sodium diets, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary needs
  • à la carte menu gives you good customization
  • Delivery is regular but rigid, only two days of the week
  • Prices range from $4-$6 per serving, or between $12-$18 per dish

Magic Kitchen


Magic kitchen Meal Delivery

Need some variety in your diet while sticking to your lower sodium diet? Enter Magic Kitchen, a meal delivery service that gives you a whopping 93 low-sodium menu options to pick between. This is far and away more than what virtually any other meal provider can offer. They also offer breakfast options, to boot.

Ordering from Magic Kitchen is fast and easy and can be done either online or by the phone. They provide you with small portion sizes, too, so it’s great if you want to watch your weight. Furthermore, you can always contact the chefs they have on hand and customize your meals according to your dietary needs or your preferences.

Shipping prices can be a bit expensive depending on where you live. 

Key Benefits

  • Tons of low-sodium meals to choose from
  • Sodium intake for all meals is under 700mg (although most are under 500mg)
  • Ships nationwide with varying delivery fees
  • Can accept orders either on the phone or online
  • Prices average between $11.70 and $14 per meal


Eatology Meal Delivery

Eatology is a primarily paleo-based meal delivery service, but this also makes them a great choice for those looking for low sodium meals they can enjoy. They make all their menu options with healthy and fresh ingredients, with a focused exclusion of complex or cultivated stuff, which befits a paleo-style menu. 

They still have plenty of variety for you to enjoy in your low sodium meals, including bacon ranch pizza (it’s cool that they managed this with simpler ingredients!) to chili cheese fries.

They provide plans in several different sizes, going all the way up to family-sized boxes: perfect for those who need extra servings. Shipping does incur an additional fee, but prices overall are pretty reasonable even accounting for this aspect.

Key Benefits

  • Great for paleo diets looking for low-sodium meals
  • Minimal processed foods
  • Lots of menu variety
  • Prices range from $10.50 to $12.75 per meal

Silver Cuisine by BistroMD

Silver Cuisine box

Silver Cuisine is another great meal delivery service overall if you have any kind of special diet requiring careful meal preparation. This includes low-sodium meals, which number 73 different choices in total. 

Even better than this fantastic ordering variety, placing an order for these meals is fast and easy. You’re offered a decent amount of customization if you like certain flavors more than others.

Affordability is another big plus, as it’s easy to avoid overstepping your budget. Every meal is flash-frozen to preserve the flavor, which remains even over the long term. We also like that they offer breakfasts in addition to other meal items. 

Finally, there are dozens of weekly specials that crop up now and again for even greater variety.

Key Benefits

  • 73 low-sodium options in total
  • Lots of food specials and variety
  • No weekly plan – order what you want when you want
  • Easy to order through the site
  • Shipping is expensive at $19.99 per order
  • Prices range from $5.99 (normally breakfast dishes) to $19.99 per meal

Fresh n Lean

fresh n lean box

Those looking for quick and fresh, low-sodium meals will love Fresh ‘N Lean. They provide subscribers with a wide variety of options that are compatible with several popular diets, including paleo, keto, and vegan diets. All the ingredients used in every meal are entirely organic, and everything comes fully cooked and ready to eat.

Variety is pretty good, and prices are decent at less than $12 for most meals. Notable, while many low-sodium meal kit plans skip on breakfast, this provider does allow you to add five-minute breakfast options for a full package. Even better, every meal comes in a recyclable package that’s made with BPA free materials.

We couldn’t rate them as the best of the best because the meals you get are determined by their weekly menu, not your own preferences. Thankfully, the above-mentioned dieting menus are easy to select from the main website so there are never any mix-ups.

Key Benefits

  • All menu items made with fresh ingredients
  • Heat and eat meals
  • Organic fruits and veggies or grass-fed/wild-caught meat
  • Lots of rotating items, especially for low-sodium subscribers
  • Prices range from $9.33 per dish for Vegan Plan to $12.69 for Paleo/Keto Plan


Nutrisystem meal delivery

This famous meal delivery plan heavily emphasizes carbohydrates and lean protein. Most of the menu items are comprised of foods like whole grains and vegetables. But they also incorporate a good variety of lean proteins, fruits, and low-fat dairy and their options. The resulting menu items are appropriately diverse, and you get 32 low-sodium meals in particular.

The only real downside is that, perhaps because it was designed originally as a weight loss system, Nutrisystem’s flavors could be a bit better. Still, their offerings are well designed in terms of portion size and dietary goals. You get to choose your own meal or have Nutrisystem pick the meals for you.

Key Benefits

  • 32 low-sodium options overall
  • Many people rate them low on taste
  • Allowed to pick your own menu options
  • Priced according to plan, ranges from $8.57 per day to $12.50 per day

Buying Guide

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Our recommendations come from our own opinions and experiences, but there are some other things you should think about before you make a final purchase. You can use these major metrics to select a great low-sodium meal delivery option just like we did.

Fresh vs Frozen

The first thing to consider is whether the food in the plan is fresh or frozen. Most people prefer to receive their meals fresh, and can always freeze them if they need to save for later.

Meal Pro and Fresh n Lean both come precooked and fresh delivered to your door.

frozen meals are ideal for people who are on the go and can’t be sure they’ll be eating their meals before they go bad each week. Eatology, Magic Kitchen, and Silver Cuisine all send frozen meals.

Price Matters

Of course, don’t forget to consider the price when selecting a low-sodium meal delivery option. This isn’t just the cost of the meals, which can vary from individual meal charges to a flat, weekly subscription rate. You should also think about any shipping costs that might be included in a given meal service. Some low-sodium meal providers will give you free shipping, while others may charge a small fee in order to recoup costs.

Add both pricing points together to get the actual cost of a meal delivery service and compare it to your ideal budget.

Meal Pro, Fresh n Lean, Eatology, and Nutrisystem are affordable or competitively priced out of the above choices.

Does a Plan Come with Recyclable Packaging?

Some low-sodium meal plans now come with recyclable packaging. This is usually biodegradable paper or the like, and it’s a much better choice for the environment than meal plans that only come with hard plastic wrapping or otherwise non-degradable boxes and seals. 

It’s a great idea to always look for a plan with recyclable packaging when available. For example, Fresh N Lean provides all its meals in BPA-free, recyclable containers or packages.

We all do our best to keep the environment healthy, so if you can’t quite manage to find a provider with recyclable packaging, don’t sweat it! But this aspect could be a good tiebreaker if you find two excellent meal delivery options that are almost identical except for their environmental impact.

Meal Variety and Taste

Naturally, the meal variety and the flavor of those meals matter greatly when selecting a low-sodium service. This is even more true considering that salt is used rather excessively in a majority of modern, first world meals, to add flavoring to everything on a plate.

Thankfully, the best low-sodium meal delivery services recognize this fact and normally do a great job of providing you with delicious meals even though there isn’t as much sodium as you might be used to.

Obviously, having more variety is always a good thing, especially if you plan to stick with a low-sodium meal delivery service long-term. Magic Kitchen provides 93 low sodium meal choices alone. Silver Cuisine isn’t too far behind them at 73, too.

However, you’ll have to ask yourself whether choice paralysis might come into play if you have to choose between 20 meals instead of 10.

Key Takeaways

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All in all, Meal Pro is our choice as the best low sodium meal delivery service. Their fresh meals made from top-quality ingredients, a wide variety of meals, reasonable pricing, and sodium levels almost half most other services on this list make them a top-tier option in every respect. If you’ve tried them before, let us know, or consider any of the other great choices described above.

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