Meal Plan Pros Acquires Macro Mediterranean

Meal Plan Pros has some exciting news to share – we’ve acquired Macro Mediterranean! Our goal with this acquisition is to bring education on the Mediterranean diet, macro tracking, and plant-based eating to more people. Not only do we want to share valuable information about how certain diets can transform your health, but we also want to make that healthy eating accessible to all lifestyles with meal plans from registered dietitians and home meal delivery recommendations. 

History of Macro Mediterranean

Macro Mediterranean was started by a family with a passion for healthy eating. They believed food can be used as medicine and set out to share that with their readers. There was a combined 20 years of holistic nutrition experience in the family and Macro Mediterranean was the perfect way to share that experience with others.

Macro Mediterranean went on to become a vegan meal delivery program with the mission of bringing healthy vegan meals to people in the comfort of their own homes. The program continued to deliver meals to customers until August 2019 when Macro Mediterranean started to take a different approach.

Instead of delivering meals, Macro Mediterranean created video recipes that customers could subscribe to. This gave people access to new, healthy vegan meals regularly without the hassle that goes into managing a meal delivery service. The site aimed to teach people to love what they eat and how they feel while treating the earth with kindness and reducing oceanic pollution.

Spreading Awareness About the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Bringing Healthy Eating to Every Home

Meal Plan Pros shares a lot of the same passion that Macro Mediterranean had for transforming your health with the food you eat. We base our content on science-backed research that proves the benefits of certain diets, including the Mediterranean diet. Our content highlights the facts behind healthy eating while making it easier than ever for people to make lasting dietary changes with dietitian-designed meal plans and meal delivery deep dives.

Highlighting the best vegan meal delivery for weight loss, comparing the Dash Diet VS Mediterranean Diet, and sharing affordable healthy meal delivery companies are just the beginning of the ways Meal Plan Pros is spreading awareness about healthy eating and showcasing how easy it is to make healthy changes in your home.

Mediterranean Meal Delivery & Meal Plans

Meal Plan Pros doesn’t focus on just one diet, but the Mediterranean diet can be found as a recurring character across our content. The Mediterranean diet has too many proven health benefits to ignore! It’s been shown to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, and obesity. The diet can also improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and reinforce healthy eating habits.

As a way to bring this diet to more people, we worked with a registered dietitian to create a detailed 7-day Meditteranean diet meal plan. People who are new to the diet can find easy-to-understand information that explains the basics with our Mediterranean Diet overview.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about those who are interested in the diet but don’t have time for meal planning, shopping, and cooking. That’s why Meal Plan Pros did a round-up of the best Mediterranean Diet Meal Delivery Services that will save you time and set you up for a successful diet. 

Encouraging People to Use Food As Medicine

Mediterranean, Macro, and Plant-Based Diet Education

At Meal Plan Pros, we want to do more than just recommend meal delivery services. We’re dedicated to uncovering the science behind diets, macros, and plant-based eating before making any recommendations. We’re constantly working with registered dietitians and finding the latest evidence-based information so we can share this valuable information with our website visitors.

Our educational content is constantly growing, but these are some of our best articles that focus on Mediterranean and macro-related diets.

Meal Delivery for Healthy Living

If you want to make healthy eating easier with meal delivery, you couldn’t be in a better place! Our meal delivery reviews dig into meal kits, prepared meals, and meal delivery for a variety of health goals. Hitting your macros and achieving health goals will become effortless with the right meal delivery service recommendation from Meal Plan Pros.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Macro-Mediterranean Experience

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