Marley Spoon Vs. Blue Apron

Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron

In the meal delivery battle of Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron, we compare every aspect of the services including the dietary options, meal variety and taste, the quality of ingredients, pricing, packaging, customer service, and finally crown our winner!

When choosing a meal delivery service, you want to sign up for one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and culinary preferences. Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon are two of the most popular meal delivery kits. Here’s a comparison between the two.

Who Are Blue Apron and Marley Spoon?

When someone mentions meal delivery kits, Blue Apron, being one of the premier companies to offer this service, is often the first to come to mind. Practically everyone has heard of them. Blue Apron is widely popular for a variety of reasons, brand recognition being only one of them.

Blue Apron emphasizes a commitment to sustainability in providing high-quality ingredients offered in meal choices that appeal to a range of tastes and culinary abilities.

A bit newer on the scene is Martha & Marley Spoon. Marley Spoon relaunched several years ago, partnering with Martha Stewart. Martha’s involvement with Marley Spoon goes far beyond lending her name to the brand. The entire concept is infused with her passion for delicious food.

Marley Spoon offers an exceptional selection of meals that are easy to prepare and feature the freshest possible ingredients. This meal delivery service offers a fresh, creative, and convenient meal option.

Let’s break down a few of the pros and cons of both Blue Apron and Marley Spoon.

Table of Contents

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon box and bg 600



Blue Apron

blue apron meal delivery sm



Dietary Options

Marley Spoon


Blue Apron

Both services offer some basic dietary options like vegetarian meals, but Marley Spoon also offers gluten-free and dairy-free meals.

Blue Apron has partnered with Weight Watchers to provide a few weight loss options each week. They also have Mediterranean and diabetic-friendly meals.

Meal Prep & Variety

Marley Spoon


Blue Apron

So, this is where Blue Apron and Marley Spoon really begin to set themselves apart. Everyone has their own preferences here, and for some, less is actually more. You might not like having so many options to choose from, or you might be drawn more to the style of dishes than the variety offered.

Blue Apron is the service that you’ll find appealing if you don’t like being overwhelmed by choices. Blue Apron offers 6 meals each week for families, with 12 meals offered in total each week. Not an incredibly huge selection, but definitely enough that you’re likely to find something you’ll enjoy cooking and eating.

Marley Spoon nearly doubles Blue Apron’s offerings with 22 meal options per week. This is great if you love variety and enjoy feeling a little more creative in the kitchen.

What about ease of preparation? Both services offer meals that are great if you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. You don’t need any advanced culinary skills. Marley Spoon does provide a few options that are specifically listed as “easy” if you’re just starting to get comfortable with cooking.


Marley Spoon


Blue Apron

Blue Apron commits to Non-GMO ingredients, but cannot guarantee organic produce or grass-fed, wild-caught meats and seafood.

Marley Spoon offers no guarantee on ingredients, except to say they offer the freshest ingredients possible.

Taste & Sample Meals

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon sample meal re
  • One-Pan Smoky Pork Tenderloin
  • Buffalo Turkey Lettuce Wraps
  • Hand-Cut Peanut Noodles

Blue Apron

Seared Steaks and Calabrian Chile Butter 500
  • Seared Steaks & Calabrian Chile Butter with Collard Greens & Cheesy Potatoes
  • Mediterranean Farro Bowls
  • White Cheddar Cheeseburgers

Once you get your meal kit unpacked, it’s going to take anywhere from about 25-40 minutes start to finish before you have a meal on the table. This is fairly standard for meal kits, and not bad at all considering all the advantages of a home-cooked meal.

Overall, once the food on your plates makes it to your lips, the quality of both services is pretty good. Blue Apron offers a lot of diversity in their options, so it’s a great fit if you like a classic meal one night, and then want to get a little adventurous the next.

Marley Spoon’s menu is designed with Martha Stewart’s influence, and it shows in the end product. While Marley Spoon’s dishes are more classic, the spice mixes and fresh flavors show through in each dish. If you like fresh, classic flavors that will please most palates, Marley Spoon is the best option.

Concerning serving sizes, these two services are comparable. Servings sizes are satisfying, although, with some dishes, Blue Apron portions seem to be a little on the small size. For the average appetite, this is barely noticeable. For the hearty appetite, you might want to supplement with a salad or additional side dish.


Marley Spoon

Recipes Per Week 2 People 4 People
Two $10.25/serving $8.49/serving
Three $8.99/serving $7.49/serving
Four $8.49/serving NA
Five NA NA
Six NA $6.39/serving

Blue Apron

Recipes Per Week 2 People 4 People
Two $9.99/serving $8.99/serving
Three $9.99/serving $7.99/serving
Four N/A $7.49/serving

For most people, price is just as important as convenience when choosing a meal delivery service. Both Marley Spoon and Blue Apron offer pricing that is comparable with other major meal delivery kits. The main differences are in the details.

The price difference between Marley Spoon and Blue Apron is marginal. Still, Marley Spoon will run sales that make the overall cost of their service lower and much more competitive. If you’re looking at comparable ingredients and quality, why wouldn’t you want to save a couple dollars per serving?

An advantage that Blue Apron has over Marley Spoon in the pricing department is shipping. Marley Spoon offers a flat shipping rate, which is convenient because there are no surprises. However, Blue Apron only charges shipping on their smallest meal kit. All other options are free of shipping charges.

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Packaging & Recycling

It’s always exciting to open up a meal kit, but sometimes the packaging seems a little overzealous. Meal delivery kits use an abundance of packaging because it’s necessary to keep all the ingredients fresh and to preserve flavor.

Both companies like to pride themselves on minimal and eco-friendly packaging, but there is one noticeable difference. Many of the ingredients for Blue Apron are vacuum-sealed, which isn’t bad in itself. The issue is all the extra plastic that surrounds some of the ingredients. A piece of protein might have several inches of excess plastic all around the perimeter.

That type of waste doesn’t seem to be so much of an issue with Marley Spoon. Marley Spoon also has an advantage in this department because their packaging is mostly recyclable.

Customer Service

Marley Spoon


Blue Apron

Marley Spoon makes skipping a week, pausing, or cancelling a breeze. And, it even allows you the chance to skip up to 8 weeks in the future. 

Blue Apron, on the other hand, makes cancellation a full time project. In fact, there are numerous horror stories of folks having to call the company to request an email to then follow the link to cancel. 


Marley Spoon

Overall, in the matchup of Marley Spoon vs Blue Apron, Marley Spoon emerges as the winner. Their classic flavors, easy and one-pot dishes, make them perfect for families, busy professionals, and anybody who wants to explore creativity in the kitchen.

Now that your taste buds are fired up, you can learn more about each service by visiting the Marley Spoon and Blue Apron websites. Bon Appetit!

Choose Marley Spoon if you:

  • Want more variety each week
  • Love tacos – Marley Spoon offers a Fiesta Box, which includes everything you need for a perfect #TacoTuesday for 4-8 people
  • Like Very detailed instructions
  • Want One-pot meal options
  • Are budget conscious

Choose Blue Apron if you:

  • Love to cook a wide variety of international recipes
  • Appreciate simplicity in choices and preparation
  • On the Weight Watchers diet plan
  • You’re a wine lover
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