Martha & Marley Spoon Review

Martha & Marley Spoon Review

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Marley Spoon Menu

Marley Spoon is great for families seeking diversity in their food options that are kid-friendly and satisfying in portion size.

They highlight meal characteristics such as low-calorie or vegetarian in the weekly menu, but in order to determine the nutrition and allergens of each serving, you will have to individually examine each meal.

Marely Spoon displays their meal menus by categories such as meat, fish, or veggie. The majority of meals are to be cooked in under 30 minutes with premeasured ingredients used in 6 simple steps. Instructions are clear and simple so you can efficiently make a meal without unnecessary stress.

Many special options are provided each week such as protein variety packs, dessert kits, and a global pantry pack which brings essential global flavors to the table that culturally change every week. Weekly special packs give you suggestions of potential recipes to be made, but ultimately you decide how to best utilize your special ingredients.

Marth spoon menu options

Ingredient Quality

Marley spoon does not guarantee that their ingredients are non-gmo, organic, grass fed, or wild-caught, but they do make an effort to provide ingredients that are seasonal to encourage overall freshness and quality of taste.

They offer a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options, and each meal is promised to include spice blends and seasonings favored by Martha herself. The ingredients and produce are always fresh and prepared, never frozen.

Their menus will always include what ingredients you need to have ready beyond what’s included in each box. They also make sure to mention what kitchenware and gadgets you will need so you can be prepared to make your meal.

Meal Prep & Taste

four-cheese ravioli alla norma
Four-Cheese Ravioli Alla Norma
Seared Steak & Salisbury sauces
Seared Steak & Salisbury Sauce

We ordered two meals pictured above that were easy to cook, yummy, and provided ample portions to satisfy your hunger. The Seared Steak & Salisbury sauce was a delicious meal that any American family would love. The portion size was perfect, and the food was so yummy!

The four-cheese ravioli alla Norma was easy to make but due to an eggplant turning rotten, the recipe lost one ingredient. Regardless, the food was still yummy and simple to cook. We would love to try the recipe with eggplant next time!

Martha and Marley Spoon’s price is determined by portion, amount of meals per week, and whether the meal serves 2 or 4 people. The price per portion is slightly lower for meals that serve 4 rather than 2.

Prices & Coupons

Typically, the average price per portion for 3 meals a week runs between $$8.99 and $9.99 based on the number of people it will serve. Marley Spoon makes it easy to choose a vegetarian box when deciding how many servings and meals per week to order.

Weekly Meals

Price per Serving
2 People

Price per Serving
4 People
















Shipping is consistently $8.99 for all boxes. You also will see the total per week price with the shipping amount.

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Packaging & Recycling

Martha and Marley Spoon pleasantly surprised us with reduced plastic packaging. A bulk of ingredients can be found in the paper bags provided, and only items that required secure packaging (meats or cheeses for example) arrived in plastic packaging.

While their packaging was recyclable, the ice packs were not reusable. Click here for complete recycling details for Marley Spoon.

Customer Service

Martha & Marley Spoon makes it easy to skip, pause and cancel at anytime. You can also change serving size, and recipes before shipment takes place.

The reviews on Martha & Marley Spoon are mixed, some saying the meals were easy and shipping was a breeze. Others were furious with customer service, unhappy with missing ingredients, and damaged packages.

site page

Pausing/Cancel Account

It’s very easy to manage your Martha & Marley Spoon account from the settings tab. It has everything you need from pausing specific dates, setting delivery dates, and cancelling your account. 


A. Totals range from $9-$10/per person per serving plus $9 shipping per box, so your monthly costs will depend on the quantities you order.

A. Martha and Marley Spoon guarantee ingredients will stay fresh for 4 days after delivering, excluding ingredients such as fish. We would recommend using the produce within 2 days to ensure nothing becomes rotten or of lesser quality.

A. They deliver to most of the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska, and offer an easy option to plug in your zip code and see if they deliver to you.

A. Martha and Marley Spoon notify you with an email 10 days before your delivery date what your meal choices are for the week. There are always 22 options, and you can swap out recipes under your “my account” information.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we enjoyed our Martha and Marley Spoon meals as they were very easy to make and were tasty recipes.

What we liked:

  • Large recipe selection with many traditional and unique options.
  • Filling portion size that left us full
  • Clear instructions with extra ingredients and kitchenware needed
  • Easy, simple, 6 step recipes in under 30 minutes.

What we didn’t like:

  • Quality of ingredients and freshness could use improvement
  • Not many options for specific diets or allergies.

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