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Martha Stewart Wine Club Rose Box

As a wine lover, there’s nothing better than having an expertly curated wine delivery show up on your doorstep. Wine clubs have been around for a while, but none of them have Martha Stewart’s name attached, except for one.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is a premier wine delivery service, and we had the chance to try it for ourselves. Here are our thoughts about every detail of the wine club, from variety, packages, and shipping, to cost and customer service.

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Martha Stewart Wine Club Overview

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is a wine service that offers its customers access to a variety of exquisite wines, all hand-picked by Martha Stewart herself. What sets Martha Stewart Wine Co apart from other wine clubs is a combination of quality and affordability. .

Customers can choose to receive a curated box that matches their wine preference, or they can purchase individual bottles. Either way, you or the lucky person you gift this service to, is going to enjoy a great variety of wines, with each bottle being a true winner in terms of taste, nuance, and affordability.

Wine Variety

The Martha Stewart brand is known for excellence across all of its ventures, so it doesn’t surprise us that its wine club is no different. Martha Stewart Co offers a great selection and variety of wines from all around the world. Currently, Martha Stewart’s Wine Club features a collection of more than a hundred different wines, from famous and boutique wine brands from the most prominent wine regions in the world. The selection includes a variety of red wines, white wines, and rose wines.
Martha Stewart Wine Club wine

When you sign up for the Martha Stewart Wine Club, you can choose to have a box of hand-selected wines, either red, white, or a mixed box, sent to you. There are also themed wine packs that you can order, such as wines for entertaining or seasonal sips selections.

The available selections and wine packs from the Martha Stewart Wine Club change periodically. When your order a box or wine pack, you’ll receive selections from the wines that are currently available. If you’re interested in a particular wine, you may want to purchase it individually rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that it shows up in your next shipment.

Martha Stewart Wine Club wine

To offer a sampling of what you’ll find on the Martha Stewart wine menu, a few selections from each category include:

Red Wines: 2019 Fair Oaks Ranch Reserve from the United States, 2019 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge from France, 2019 Due Mari Maremma Toscana IGT from Italy, a 2022 Fuerza de la Tierra Tempranillo from Spain, and a 2021 Laughing Bird Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia.

White Wines: 202 Belfiore Chardonnay Veneto from Italy, 2020 Roche Mazet Chardonnay from France, a 2020 Bayshore Vintners Pinot Grigio from the United States, 2020 El Macho Blanco from Spain, and a 2021 Duck Point Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Rose Wines: 2020 Racine Rose from France, 2020 Santa Vida Carmenere Rose from Chile, and a 2020 Finca Del Marquesado Rosado Rioja from Spain.

Martha Stewart Wine Co Wine Packs

Boxed Wine French Classic Reds pack

There are a variety of special wine packs for every occasion. These wine packs range from three to twelve bottles, depending on the theme of the box. All wines are pre-chosen for you, and being part of the wine club offers you exclusive access to these expertly curated boxes.

To give you an idea of some of the wine packs that are available, we like the Entertaining Essentials which is a half case (six bottles) and includes a variety of wines for your entertaining needs. The Entertaining Essentials pack might include a Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and a Rose.

Another option for cozy nights is the Fireside Cabs pack, featuring six bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon from the major wine-growing regions. Typically, you’ll receive two bottles of each of three different cabs.

All of the special wine packs are listed on the Martha Stewart website, so you can see exactly what’s included. There are also descriptions of tasting notes for each selection that comes in the box.

Monthly Membership

There are a couple of different ways to take advantage of Martha Stewart Wine Club’s pricing and selection. You can sign up for the subscription service that delivers twelve wines to your door once every twelve weeks. You’ll be charged for your wine delivery once your order is processed.

You’re also welcome to order from the Martha Stewart Wine Co as a guest. As a guest, you’re able to choose from the current selection. You can choose as many or as few as you want, but you’re going to save money on shipping if you order at least a half case.

If you subscribe to the regular wine delivery service, you can always choose to add an extra bottle or add one of the special wine packs to your order.

Martha Stewart Wine Club Rose Delivery

A Year of Wine

Martha Stewart Wine Co offers their A Year of Wine program, that’s perfect for wine lovers that want to sample the best of what the Martha Stewart Wine Cub offers. A Year of Wine is a half-case wine club, where you receive a beautifully curated six-bottle collection at one of two different intervals.

You can choose to have six bottles shipped every seventeen weeks, averaging three times a year. With this subscription, club members receive a total of 18 bottles of red wines, white wines, and other assorted favorites.

Martha Stewart Wine Club Red Wine
Martha Stewart Wine Club White Wine

The other option is to have your six-bottle shipment sent every four times a year, every thirteen weeks. This option lets you sample a total of 24 different wines during the year. Each bottle is from a different brand or wine region, offering a unique compliment to your dinner parties or quiet evenings at home.

To sweeten the deal, Martha Stewart Wine Co also includes suggestions for food pairings with each bottle of wine. You can find the recipes easily right on the Martha Stewart Wine Club site.

The Year of Wine wine club by Martha Stewart gets great reviews for the selection and quality that’s included with each box.


Martha Stewart Wine Club delivers to all states where the private shipment of alcohol isn’t prohibited by law. Currently, the states that Martha Stewart Wine Co can’t ship to include:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Oklahoma
  • Mississippi
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

Martha Stewart Wine Co shipping costs vary, depending on the size of your order. If your order contains three to five bottles of wine, the cost of shipment is currently a flat rate of $14.95.

If you order a half or full case, the wine shipments are free. The shipping discounts for half and full cases are not applicable with other discounts, promotions, or offers where restrictions apply.

Please note that you also must be at least 21 years old to order from the Martha Stewart Wine Club, and delivery service people will be required to verify your age.

Cost & Coupons

The price of the Martha Stewart Wine Club depends on what type of wines you choose, whether they’re offered in a box or pack, and if you choose a partial, half, or full case.


Price per Bottle

Seasonal SIPS

$13.99 - $22.99


$14.99 - $25.99


$13.99 - $25.99 


$13.99 - $22.99 

Wine Packs

$54.00 - $210.49

When you sign up for the Year of Wine by Martha Stewart Wine Co, you can expect to pay an average of $15-$17 per selection. If you prefer to choose a wine pack or shop a la carte, you’ll see a larger range of prices, but they’re all the wines are still very affordable.

For example, the New Arrivals wine pack costs $78 for four bottles, averaging a little under $20 each. Most selections are priced between $15 and $25.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is also known for offering some great deals and sales on the price of their wine. You might score a deal on your introductory shipment, but you should also be prepared for the price to jump back up to normal with future shipments. There is almost always an introductory offer or other special offers and deals, so keep your eye out. Also, remember that the price of shipping is free if you order at least a half case or full case of wines.

Customer Service

Martha Stewart Wine Co gets great reviews for their customer care. They make managing your subscription selections right from their site. If you want to pause, change the delivery date, or cancel your subscription, simply contact customer services at 1-888-212-8197 to speak directly to a representative.

Martha Stewart Wine Customer Service


It’s easy to give the gift of Martha Stewart Wine Co. You can either choose a la carte wine selections to give as a gift or send A Year of Wine to someone special.


The price of the Martha Stewart Wine Club depends on which wines you choose, and if you subscribe for recurring shipments. On average, the price of a bottle of wine is $15-$20, which is very affordable for the quality.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is one of the easiest to manage wine subscriptions. You can choose one of the curated boxes to have delivered at set intervals, or order as few as three selections a la carte whenever you want.

The easiest way to cancel your Martha Stewart Wine Club membership is by contacting them directly at 1-888-212-8197.

Final Thoughts on Martha Stewart’s Wine Club

We thoroughly enjoyed our selections from Martha Stewart Wine Club and found them all to be delicious. We also liked the food pairing that was suggested, and the flexibility to order a la carte rather than always committing to a recurring box. It would be nice if they added some more subscription options to their year of wine, and we’d really like to see a few of Martha’s nibbles and snacks offered on the site as well.

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