Meal Delivery Boston

Meal Delivery Boston

In a busy city like Boston, quick, healthy meals are a must. Meal delivery services are an alternative to eating out that both your waistline and wallet will thank you for. We have scoured several meal delivery companies in the Boston area to find the best.

In our research, we analyzed important considerations such as freshness, quality, cost, and taste, among others. With these considerations in mind, we have crowned Territory Foods the best meal delivery service in Boston for their variety of options, attention to nutrition, great taste, and responsible ingredient sourcing.

We found 5 other meal delivery services in Boston that passed our strict requirements. If you are looking for quick, healthy meal delivery in Boston, these companies reign supreme.

Best Meal Delivery Services in Boston

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Territory Foods


Territory Foods

Territory Foods holds up in every category. It won our high marks for its focus on nutrition, freshness, variety, and responsible sourcing. A few key details that make them stand out are:

  • A robust team of nutrition advisors and independent local chefs
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients, free of any antibiotics, hormones, gluten, refined sugars, or dairy
  • Focus on freshness with delivery available twice a week
  • Select up to 18 meals from their 50+ options each week including breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections
  • Cost is $10.95-$13.95 per meal with a $7.95 shipping fee

Feast & Fettle


Feast & Fettle

Feast & Fettle is a meal delivery service in Boston that boasts a delicious chef-prepared menu that stands out with the ability to choose the sides separately from the entrees. Their family-style packaging and full-flavor, yet simple menu options make Feast & Fettle the best family-friendly meal delivery. A few key benefits of Feast & Fettle are: 

  • Less than a 10-minute cook-time
  • Delivery twice a week for freshness
  • 3 vegetarian and vegan-friendly options weekly
  • Hearty portions packaged family-style
  • Starts at $99 a week for two entrees with four sides

Food and Figure


Food & Figure

Food and Figure stand out from other meal delivery services due to its focus on fitness and custom plans. Food and Figure specializes in consultation-based meal prep services. A few benefits of Food and Figure include: 

  • Fitness focused prepared meals
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • In-person or virtual consultations
  • Costs vary depending on your needs

Al Fresh Co

Al Fresh Co

Al Fresh Co is a new wave of meal delivery in that it brings meal kits sourced and designed by local farmers to your door with great attention to sustainability. They deliver on bikes! Some key benefits of Al Fresh Co include: 

  • Sustainability focused on reusable or biodegradable packaging and a small carbon footprint
  • 4 fresh menu options each week
  • Each kit serves 2, though multiple kits can be ordered each week
  • Prices are $10.50 per serving

Best Nationwide Meal Delivery with Service to Boston

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Martha & Marley Spoon


Marley & Spoon is a meal delivery service that has partnered with Martha Stewart to bring you a meal kit that you can have ready in just 6 steps and under 30 minutes. Its affordable pricing makes it our Best Value winner. Key benefits of Marley & Spoon include:

  • 29 recipes every week in a variety of cuisines
  • Pre-measured ingredients and instructions with photos
  • Martha Stewart’s favorite spice blends
  • 5 categories to fit your goals: health/diet, vegan/vegetarian, meat and fish, under 30 minutes, and family-friendly
  • Pricing from $7.77-9.99 per meal

Fresh N Lean

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If you are looking for specific diet options, Fresh N Lean provides stand-out meal delivery. They focus on meal prep service rather than kits you have to cook. Some key benefits to Fresh N Lean are: 

  • Health prepared meals ready in 3 minutes
  • Meals can be frozen for up to 6 weeks
  • High protein, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, and Low-carb meal prep options
  • In-season, locally sourced produce, with all non-GMO ingredients
  • A la carte or weekly subscriptions with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack selections
  • Starting at $11 per meal

Boston Meal Delivery Buying Guide

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Meal Delivery vs. Food Delivery

Though Boston has many great restaurants that offer food delivery services, meal delivery, and meal delivery kits are different from your standard take-out.

Meal delivery services give you the option to order meals ahead of time and have them delivered to you either in the form of pre-packaged ingredients with instructions or as prepared meals that only require reheating. The companies we have selected and rated today are not food delivery, but rather meal delivery services that are available in Boston.

Prepared Meals vs. Meal Kits

Meal delivery services can be divided into two categories: prepared meals and meal kits.

Prepared meals are meals that are cooked in a commercial kitchen, packed up, and shipped to your doorstep with reheating instructions. Meal kits are pre-portioned packaged ingredients accompanied by a recipe to follow, delivered to your door for you to cook yourself.

Deciding between prepared meals and meal kits is an important consideration before selecting a meal delivery service in Boston. Prepared meals do not require any cooking, only reheating which is great for those who are short on time, don’t want to cook, or don’t know the basics of cooking.

Meal kits are perfect for those who have a basic knowledge of cooking, are looking for new, inventive meals, and the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store.

Territory Foods, Feast and Fettle, Fresh N Lean, and Food and Figure are all prepared meal delivery services in Boston, while Al Fresh Co and Marley and Spoon fall into the meal kit category.

Dietary and Nutrition Considerations

Everybody has different diets they follow, beliefs, nutrition needs, allergies, and preferences. When selecting a meal delivery service in Boston it is essential to consider your own dietary and nutrition needs and preferences.If you are looking for diet-based meal delivery, go with Fresh N Lean, but if you are concerned about allergies and nutrition, Territory Foods is the way to go.

Customization, Cost, & Commitment

Every meal delivery service has varying customization options, pricing, and commitment terms.


Customization is crucial for meal delivery because it should be convenient and fit for your lifestyle. Every one of the companies that we reviewed has some customization options; however, Food and Figure is the most customizable as they design a meal plan specific to you.


Meal delivery can get expensive due to shipping logistics, packaging, and upscale menus. However, there are still some meal delivery kits under $10 a serving like Marley and Spoon. Meals under $10 are less expensive than eating out most times.

It is also important to note that most meal delivery companies have different meal plan options that you can choose based on budget. For instance, you can often choose plans with fewer meals for a lower overall cost, or sometimes you can increase the number of meals per week for savings per portion.


Many meal delivery services have recurring plans which auto-renew. Be sure to look if there is any commitment before signing up. Oftentimes, you can pause weekly deliveries temporarily, but ensure you look at their policies.
Freshness, Ingredients, Portion Sizes

Menu Selection

One of the most vital things to look at when selecting a meal delivery service is the menu selection. Most of the time, menus will vary from week to week so that you can always try something new. However, since every person has different tastes, you’ll want to ensure the menu lines up with foods you like to eat or want to try. If you’re looking for prepared meals with the most menu options, go with Territory Foods!

Key Takeaways

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Though each of these companies brings its own great features, our clear overall winner for the top meal delivery company in Boston is Territory Foods. It wins our overall title due to its reasonable cost, wide selection, attention to nutrition, and clean ingredients.

Our selection for the most family-friendly is Feast and Fettle. Though it lands on the pricer side, Feast and Fettle package their prepared meals family-style instead of individually encouraging traditional family dinners without the stress of cooking. Their menu is simple enough to be kid-approved while satisfying the adults with attention to flavor.

Finally, our winner for best customization is Food and Figure. Customization is a big selling point for meal delivery and since Food and Figure bases your meal plan on a personal consultation, they are clear winners in that category.

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