Meal Delivery in Cincinnati

Meal Delivery in Cincinnati

Best for Whole30 Diet

Best for Families​

Each day, your typical options when you’re hungry are cooking or eating out. Sometimes, we don’t want to do either of those. It could be that you don’t to cook, the fact eating out is expensive and unhealthy, or it could be both. Meal delivery services are an amazing alternative to both in Cincinatti, especially if you choose prepared meal delivery.

These services provide healthy meals that require little to no cooking delivered directly to your door. Skip the grocery store and eat healthy, delicious dishes at home.

There are several options for food delivery services in Cincinnati; however, there are some things to consider before choosing a company. You should always look at the freshness, quality of ingredients, customization, and variety. Don’t get overwhelmed. We have done the research for you to find the best of the best in Cincinatti.

We have crowned Metabolic Meals as the best overall meal delivery service in Cincinnati for their attention to dietary considerations and clean ingredients. Five other companies have met our strict judgment, including our two runners-up, Heirloom Chef, the best for the Whole30 diet, and Dinners to Doorbells, the best for families. Let’s take a look at these top Cincinnati meal delivery companies.

Metabolic Meals


Metabolic Meals Box

Metabolic Meals delivers entrees designed to help you reach your health goals directly to your door. Some of their meals include ‘Everything’ Grilled Chicken with Herb Roasted Veggies, Heritage Pork Italiano with Tuscan Parmesan Vegetable Medley, and Grass-Fed Beef Barbacoa with Mexican Rice. Key benefits of Metabolic Meals include:


  • All options are gluten-free and without wheat, soy, refined sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors
  • New menu of 30 recipes every week
  • Choose your own dishes with the My Choice Plan or get a chef and nutritionist designed plan with the Chef’s Choice Plan
  • Organically grown ingredients and free-range, grass-fed proteins
  • Completely biodegradable and recyclable package
  • Selections start at $9.95 per serving

Heirloom Chef


Heirloom Chef Meal Box

Heirloom Chef brings healthy and creative chef-prepared meals directly to your door in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Make eating healthy with their tasty dishes such as Braised Beef Ragu, Roasted Pork Loin with White Wine and Dijon, and Buffalo Chicken Mac N’ Cheese. Benefits to using Heirloom Chef include:


  • Whole 30 approved
  • Add ons such as dressings, salads, soups, desserts, and snacks
  • Attention to wholesome seasonal ingredients with vegetarian and vegan options
  • Portions range from single portions to family-style with 6 servings
  • All selections are gluten and dairy-free
  • Pricing varies depending on portion sizes

Dinner to Doorbells


Dinner to Doorbells Meal Box

Dinner to Doorbells is a family-style meal delivery service that saves you the hassle of shopping, prepping, and cooking. A few of their delicious choices include Tarragon Chicken Sheet Pan Meals, Sausage and Shells, and Taco Casserole. A few key benefits of Dinner to Doorbells include:


  • Portions from 1-6 servings
  • More than just dinner – salads, sides, breakfast, extras, and by the pound options
  • Menu changes weekly
  • Customization options to avoid common food sensitivities
  • Low carb, keto, and vegan selections
  • Entrees start as low as $6 per serving

Lean Kitchen Company

Lean kitchen Meal Box

Looking to outsource your meal prep? Lean Kitchen company is providing healthy meal prep in Cincinnati. A few of their protein-packed dishes include Baja Chicken with Carrot Fries, Cheesy Beef Street Tacos, and Buffalo Ranch Cauliflower Bowl. There are some great benefits to Lean Kitchen Company such as:


  • Breakfast, entree, snack, low carb, and vegan options
  • Transparent nutrition facts and ingredients listed on the label
  • Full line of nutritional supplements
  • Chef created, made from scratch
  • Perfectly individually portioned
  • As low as $8.50 per meal

Kate’s Catering and Personal Chef Services​

Kates Catering and Personal Chef Services Meal Box

Kate’s Catering and Personal Chef Services delivers exactly what you want for dinner. Build your personalized menu and have it shipped to you. A few of their sample dishes include Fajita stuffed Grilled Flank Steak, Spiced Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple Salsa, and Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese with BBQ sauce. Other great benefits of Kate’s Catering and Personal Chef Services include:


  • Chef-inspired prepared dishes
  • Can modify to accommodate allergy restrictions
  • The choices change weekly and includes vegetarian options
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Focus on local suppliers and some organic ingredients when possible
  • Selections start at $7.00 per serving

Midwest Meal Plans​

Midwest Meal Plans Meal Box

Midwest Meal Plans understands the convenience factor of meal delivery. They have built a menu that is not only nutritious and convenient but also delicious with dishes such as Blackened Whitefish with Mexican Street Corn, Bacon Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps, and Coconut Chicken Curry. A few of Midwest Meal Plans key benefits include:


  • Customization options to build your own plate
  • Order in bulk or choose chef-inspired entrees
  • Breakfast, entree, salad, and dessert options
  • Selections for paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and diets that are free of gluten, nuts, and dairy
  • Entrees are individually portioned
  • Start as low as $7.95

Buyers Guide for Cincinnati Meal Delivery​

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With so many options, it can become overwhelming; however, to make it easier, here are some things to consider before making your selection.


Meal delivery services should fit your lifestyle, which means that they need to have some type of customization options. Many of the companies on this list take that into consideration.

Midwest Meal Plans allows you to build your own meals, while Heirloom Chef offers multiple serving sizes, and Dinner to Doorbells provides the option to customize to accommodate food sensitivities. You should always choose a service that has the level of customization you need to work for you.

Frozen vs. Fresh

Meals often get delivered either refrigerated or frozen. There are benefits to both. Refrigerated meals are easier to reheat but do not last as long, whereas frozen meals last longer but take a little longer to reheat. Some meals can get delivered refrigerated and can be frozen later as well. Decide which one works best for your schedule.


We all have a budget. Luckily, meal delivery services are affordable. Most of them cost less than going out to eat and allow you to quit spending time shopping and prepping. Also, keep in mind that you can easily make these services fit into your budget either by ordering more to get a discount or just by ordering less and supplementing them.

Nutrition and Dietary Considerations

One of the great benefits of meal delivery is that you can order food that tastes great and is healthy, too. Many of the companies on this list provide nutrition information and selections for specialized diets. If this is important to you, always look for that in your selection.

Get Delicious Meals Delivered in Cincinnati

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Get real food that taste great delivered in the greater Cincinnati, OH, area. Meal delivery is a great way to make your week easier. You’re going to absolutely love all of the extra time you’ll have.

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