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Gift-giving isn’t always easy, and some people are near impossible to buy for. A meal delivery service gift is an option that most anyone would appreciate. If you’ve never given this type of gift before, the options and fine print can be overwhelming. Here are the basics you need to know on how to gift a meal delivery service.

Using Groupon to Give a Meal Delivery Gift

Meal delivery service costs more than if you were to head to the grocery store, shopping list in hand. For many, the benefits of not worrying about meal planning, dealing with crowded stores, or running out for that one ingredient they forgot is well worth the cost. If you’re thinking about a meal delivery gift, using Groupon is one way to slash the costs significantly.

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You can almost always find a Groupon deal for your favorite meal delivery services, like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, and more. On average, Groupon deals cut the cost of a meal delivery service gift by about 50%.

Groupon offers a selection of different gift options. The one you’re going to find the most frequently is 50% off a week’s worth of meals or the equivalent – like three meals for two people. Occasionally, you’ll find other offers like a percentage off a specified number of a la carte selections.

The beauty of Groupon for a meal delivery service gift is that they make it so incredibly easy. All you do is click “Give as Gift” instead of “Add to Cart”, and Groupon guides you through the rest. You can even add a personalized card to send along with your gift.

One word of caution here. Always read the fine print to know if you’re giving a one-time gift, or if you’re signing up for a subscription. The answer isn’t always clear in the bold print of the offer.

Purchasing Gift Cards

Another option for sharing the gift of simple, easy meals is a meal delivery gift certificate. This could be a good option if you use a meal delivery service you love and want to share or if you already know the person you’re looking for a gift for already uses a specific company.

Meal delivery gift cards are also a good option when you’re looking for a gift for someone with special dietary needs or preferences. It isn’t always easy to find a great Groupon deal for a completely vegan or whole foods compliant eater.

The downside of purchasing a gift card for a meal delivery service is that you’re going to spend more than if you were able to find a deal on Groupon. Rarely does a meal delivery company offer a discount incentive for gift giving on their website, and this can end up costing you about twice as much.

Electronic gift cards that are delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox have a definite convenience factor, but they are the best choice if you were hoping to at least print something off to gift wrap or present. You’ll also want to make sure that your recipient knows to expect something. Otherwise, an email might get overlooked or routed to their spam folder.

The advantage of meal delivery gift certificates is that almost all of the major meal delivery services offer them. Here’s a breakdown of which companies offer gifting options.

Meal Delivery Services Offering Gift Cards


How to gift a meal delivery service?

Whether you choose Groupon or have something special in mind for a gourmet meal gift delivery, giving the actual gift is easy. If you’re on Groupon, simply click the option to give as a gift and fill out all the necessary fields. Every meal delivery service that offers gift cards has an easy-to-find option on its website. Our chart above gives the links to all meal delivery that has gift cards.

Can I give a meal delivery service gift without a subscription?

The general consensus here is yes. Meal delivery services love the idea of their product gaining exposure and possibly a new customer. In addition to gift card services, many companies also allow you to make one-time purchases of meals without a subscription, which is great for trying them out.

Will the recipients of my gift be able to choose their own meals?

In most cases, yes, although there may be some restrictions based on the gift option selected. If you opt for a meal delivery gift certificate, you typically choose an amount, and then the recipient chooses their meals – like any other type of gift card. Occasionally, you might find a Groupon deal that’s a little more specific.

Will I be notified when they use their Groupon or gift certificate?

You will typically receive an email confirmation that your gift was sent. However, you typically won’t be notified when the person actually uses their gift certificate.

What happens if they’re not satisfied with their meal delivery gift?

Purchases made using a meal delivery gift card or Groupon offer typically fall under the guidelines of the company’s normal policies for handling customer satisfaction issues and returns. If you’re purchasing this gift for a picky eater, it’s worth the few extra minutes to check out the return policy first.

Does a meal delivery gift card cover shipping charges and/or taxes?

There isn’t an across-the-board answer to this question, but in most cases, yes, shipping costs are included. You’ll want to read the fine print just in case and make sure that the person you’re sending the gift to lives within the company’s delivery area.

Bottom Line

A meal delivery service gift is one that most anyone would love. Groupon partners with some of the most popular meal delivery services and offers some incredible deals. Going with a gift card from a meal delivery company offers more options, but might cost a bit more. Either way you go, giving the gift of a meal delivery service is easy, and sure to be greatly appreciated.

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