Meal Delivery in Hawaii: Local and National Meal Delivery Services

Meal Delivery in Hawaii

Living in Hawaii means that sometimes it’s a struggle to get things delivered to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the convenience of meal delivery services. Here’s a rundown of local and national meal delivery options that serve Hawaii, including the best in the area.

Local Hawaii Meal Delivery Services

Good Clean Food Hawaii


Good Clean Food Hawaii Meal

Good Clean Food Hawaii is touted as being Oahu’s #1 meal prep company, and from what we see, it’s hard to argue. They offer fully prepared meals that taste great and are well suited for many types of dietary lifestyles.

Good Clean Food’s menu changes twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, with more than 25 choices on each weekly menu. They offer specialized meal plans for paleo, keto, and vegetarian diets, with some plant-based meals available. All of their meals are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugars.

Key Benefits

  • Specializes in clean eating with restaurant-quality heat and eat meals
  • Meals are low sodium and fit well with many types of diets
  • Choose to pick up your meals or have them delivered to your door
  • Locally pressed, fresh juices and juice cleanses are available
  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, starting at about $10 per portion

Aina Meals


Aina Meals

Aina Meals strives to help the people of Oahu eat healthier and live happier, less stressful lives. This meal prep delivery service offers dishes that are a combination of local and international flavors. The prepared meals are perfect if you love food but aren’t fond of meal prep, shopping, or the cooking involved.

Each week offers a predetermined menu of healthy goodness. If you have an allergy or special dietary needs, Aina Meals is happy to work with you ad help you find the best food plan for your lifestyle.

Key Benefits

  • Choose between the 10, 21, or 90 meal plan
  • Pickup is free, or have your order delivered to your door for free
  • Find macro nutritional information for each meal on the website before you shop
  • Nice variety of flavors and cuisines


FitYou Meal

Sometimes you don’t want an entire meal delivered, but instead, just the protein to either support your high-protein diet or build a delicious meal around with your own sides. This is where Fit4You enters the picture.

They have a weekly menu that changes, with several bulk protein options to choose from. Pick your proteins, and the Fit4You chefs will prepare them to perfection with mouth-watering flavors. This meal prep service is wonderful for saving you lots of time cooking at the stove and giving you more time to enjoy dinner.

Key Benefits

  • Several protein options each week to choose from
  • Pick up or delivery available
  • Great for those on high-protein diets and busy individuals or families
  • Highest quality food includes chicken, turkey, and USDA prime sirloin steak
  • A cooler must be provided if you won’t be home to accept your meals at the time of delivery

Taylored Meals

Taylored Meals

If you’re looking for fresh and healthy meals that you simply have to heat and eat, then Taylored Meals is a great option if you live in the general Kailua-Kona area. Their menu changes weekly and features a selection of perfect dishes for anyone who wants to eat healthily but feels as if they’re constantly on the go.

Each meal comes with 4 – 5 ounces of protein, with animal and plant-based protein options available. Meals are accompanied by fresh, in-season vegetables that have been crafted into delicious side dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available, as well as some vegan offerings.

Key Benefits

  • Order meals for pickup or delivery
  • Full entrees and simple meals are available
  • Most meals are gluten-free
  • Raw vegan desserts are available
  • Prices start at $10.50 per portion for the simple meals

Happy Bento

Happy Bento

Happy Bento offers chef-prepared, healthy meals in Hawaii. All of their fully prepared meals are nutritionist-designed and prepared by a chef to taste as good as they are good for you. Happy Bento often partners with doctors and caregivers to supply therapeutic meals for their clients. All of their meals are healthy, but they also consider individual special dietary needs.

Happy Bento has one of the larger weekly menus of prepared meals of the meal delivery companies that serve Hawaii, with more than twenty heat and eat dishes each week.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal order of 4 entrees
  • Shipping is free to all customers
  • Great for new parents and seniors
  • Great for people with special dietary needs
  • A good macro balance between protein and carbs
  • Meals start at $12.99 per serving



Calabash is a different type of meal service in Hawaii. Calabash is stocked in certain Foodland locations, and when you order from Calabash online, you pick up your order from the closest Foodland location. If you want delivery, you can take advantage of the “Foodland to You” service if you live in an available zip code. You can also walk in and purchase without ordering, but planning ahead makes things a lot easier.

Calabash offers five entree meal kits and five side dish meal kits on each weekly menu. You can mix and match as you choose. Calabash claims that each meal takes less than 30 minutes, but many meal kits can be made in under 20 minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Meal choices flavorful and satisfying
  • Each meal kit offers two standard size portions
  • Not many special diet or vegetarian options
  • Pick up locally, or delivery is available in select zip codes
  • Locally sourced ingredients that support Hawaii’s local economy

Fresh Box

Fresh Box

Fresh Box is a meal kit delivery option that provides services to Oahu (service to the other islands is not available at this time). Each week you receive three delicious kits with all the ingredients you need to create a meal in your kitchen that tastes like it was made from scratch, but with no fuss, and in about 30 minutes.

Fresh Box offers two weekly menus – their standard menu and a gluten-free menu. Each box you receive will have one of each of the three meals on your chosen menu. Meal kits are packaged to serve two, so you get a total of six portions with each delivery.

Fresh Box is a smaller company, so choices are limited. They do accommodate special requests and dietary needs as they’re able. You cannot pause or skip a week, but you can cancel your subscription and sign up again when you’re ready. Currently, they’re unable to ship outside of Oahu.

Key Benefits

  • Carefully chosen restaurant-quality meals
  • Recipe cards are emailed to save paper, but you can request paper copies
  • Cancel your subscription easily at any time
  • Relies on local farmers and vendors
  • Seafood is sustainably caught
  • Family Box ranges in price from $156 – $200 per week depending on the plan and whether premium options are chosen

National Meal Delivery Services That Ship to Hawaii

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modifyhealth meal delivery

While ModifyHealth is a national meal delivery service, they offer FREE shipping to Hawaii, which is a rare find, and why they are our favorite National meal company in Hawaii!

Modify Health is focused on gut-friendly, low-FODMAP  or Mediterranean meals that are fully prepared for you. All you have to do is heat them up and eat them.

Their service also offers a GI-trained dietician on their mobile app, taking health a step further. They only use grass-fed meats and wild-caught or sustainably farmed seafood.

Key Benefits

  • Free Shipping to Hawaii
  • Heat & Eat service focused on a Mediterranean or low-FODMAP diet
  • Grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood
  • Vacuum-sealed packaging extends freshness 7-10 days
  • Registered GI-trained dieticians help you along your journey
  • Prices range from $9.95 for breakfast to $12.95 per serving for lunch/dinner entrees

Most of the meal prep and delivery services on our list serve Oahu specifically, and even some of those prefer to have you pick up your meals rather than ship them. If you love the idea of meal prep services but want more options, some national meal delivery companies deliver to Hawaii.

This list includes the main meal delivery services that ship to Hawaii. Please note that shipping times may be longer and that additional shipping fees are often applied. These shipping fees can be quite costly in some cases, adding anywhere from $40 – $150 to your order.


Do any meal delivery services deliver to Hawaii?

Yes, there are meal delivery services that deliver to Hawaii. There are several like Good Clean Food Hawaii that serves Oahu, and other national companies like Fresh N Lean and Pete’s Paleo that also deliver to Hawaii.

Does Blue Apron deliver to Hawaii?

No, Blue Apron doesn’t deliver to Hawaii at this time but check back for updates.

Does HelloFresh deliver to Hawaii?

At this time, HelloFresh does not deliver meal kits to Hawaii or Alaska.

Key Takeaways

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If you live in Hawaii, there’s no reason you to let your hunger take over when you have so many great options for prepared meal delivery and pickup from both local and national meal delivery companies. Our overall favorite is Good Clean Food Hawaii, but there are so many others that offer meals created by chefs or a nutritionist to help you live a healthier, more enjoyable life. Dig in and enjoy.

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