Meal Delivery in Las Vegas

Meal Delivery in Las Vegas

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There is always something to do in Las Vegas, which means that residents are always on the go. Eating out is nice every once in a while, but eating out at restaurants daily can add up in cost and get unhealthy quickly.

Why Meal Delivery in Las Vegas?

Meal delivery is a great alternative to getting takeout because not only do you not have to cook. You get affordable, health-conscious meals delivered to your door. When searching for the best meal delivery company in Las Vegas, there are a few aspects of each company to consider, including taste, freshness, customization, pricing, and quality.

We know it can be overwhelming, so we have done the research for you and have found the best meal delivery services in Las Vegas. Fit Meals 4U tops our list as our overall winner for their attention to same-day delivery, clean ingredients, dietary considerations, variety, and overall full service.

Eight other companies met our strict requirements with two runners-up, 702 Prep, the best overall runner up and Gourmet Cave, the best for the Paleo diet. Let’s look at what each of these nine meal delivery companies has to offer and how to choose the best one for you.

Fit Meals 4U


Fit Meals U Meal Box

Fit Meals 4U is a new approach to a meal prep company offering same-day delivery! Some of their prepared meals include Sweet and Sour Chicken, Bison and Penne Pasta, and Salmon Teriyaki with Brown Rice. Other benefits to Fit Meals 4U include:


  • Vegan, paleo, and keto selections
  • Choose same-day delivery, custom meals, or bulk ordering
  • Add on extras like breakfast, snacks, beverages, and sauces
  • Organic ingredients where possible
  • Transparent nutrition information
  • Meals vary depending on ingredients but can be found as low as $11 each

702 Prep​


Prep Meal

702 Prep is bringing the residents of Las Vegas prepared meals to their homes every Monday. Their fan-favorite menu items include a Pepperjack Guac Burger, Chicken Elote, and Dijon Almond Crusted Cod. Some benefits of 702 Prep include:


  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and low carb options
  • Chef prepared with over 50 years of combined experience
  • Meals catered to goals like losing weight, building muscle, or maintaining
  • Dishes range from 300-500 calories
  • Cooked fresh on Sunday and delivered on Monday
  • Prices are mostly between $10-$12

Gourmet Cave​


Gourmet Cave Meal BOx

Gourmet Cave specializes in paleo and keto meal prep delivery in Las Vegas. Their healthy meal options include a Bulgogi Beef Bowl, Chicken Shawarma, and BBQ Pork Bowl. Besides catering to two popular diets, there are other benefits to Gourmet Cave, such as:


  • Order a la carte or through meal plans
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections
  • All meals are free of gluten, legumes, grains, soy, and dairy
  • Specific reheating instructions that take under 5 minutes
  • The nutrition information on every meal
  • Entrees range from $10.50-$11.00

Meal Prep Las Vegas​

Meal Prep Las Vegas Meal Box

Meal Prep Las Vegas believes that “failing to prep is prepping to fail.” They are helping Las Vegas residents reach their goals with delicious meals that are prepared for them. You’ll find dishes such as Herb Marinated Steak, Cajun White Fish, and Sweet and Spicy Chicken on their menu. Key benefits of Meal Prep Las Vegas include:


  • Three protein portion sizes – 4, 6, and 8 ounces
  • All meals are organic, non-GMO, and free of preservatives
  • Add extras like breakfast and homemade sourdough bread
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian selections
  • High protein dishes with clean ingredients
  • Entrees range from $6.99-$10.99

Foodie Fit Meals

Foodie Fit Meals

Food Fit Meals is a meal prep service in Las Vegas that delivers to your doorstep. Try delicious menu items such as Al Pastor Chicken Tacos, Beef and Broccoli, and Pad Thai Noodle Salad. A few great benefits of Foodie Fit Meals include:


  • Two portion sizes- Lean and Bulk
  • Choose from signature meals or build custom meals
  • Breakfast, entree, snack, and dessert selections
  • The transparent nutrition information on every meal
  • Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen
  • Entrees range from $5.99 and up

Diced Kitchen​

diced kitchen Meal Box

Diced Kitchen offers chef-prepared meals without the hassle. Their fan-favorite meals include Blackened Cajun Chicken and Garden Rice with Zucchini, Turkey Bacon Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken, and French Onion Naked Turkey Burger. There are some great benefits to Diced Kitchen, such as:


  • Breakfast, entree, salad, and snack selections
  • Order a la carte, chef’s choice meal bundles, or great food in bulk
  • Menus change twice weekly
  • Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and seafood is wild-caught, and meats are butchered in-house.
  • Keto friendly and gluten-free options
  • Entrees range between $10-$12

Pure Fit Meal Prep​

Pure Fit Meal Prep Meal Box

Pure Fit Meal Prep helps you reach your fitness goals with their prepared meals delivered to you. Select your meals from a tasty menu that includes dishes like Mushroom Onion Gravy Burger, Kung Pao Chicken, and Turkey Bolognese. Benefits of Pure Fit Meal Prep include:


  • Order signature meals or build your own custom meals
  • Select from two protein portion sizes- 4 or 6 ounces
  • New menus and delivery twice a week for freshness and variety
  • Get extras like breakfast, salads, and snacks
  • Made fresh and delivered refrigerated but can be frozen up to two weeks
  • Signature entrees start at $8.45

Tastee Meal Prep​

Tastee Meal Prep Meal Box

Tastee Meal Prep brings you prepared meals to fit your lifestyle and goals. Choose from a weekly menu with options such as Thai Chicken Wrap and Green Grapes, Creamy Skinny Shrimp with Spinach, and Spicy Marinara Beef with Pasta. Besides getting tasty meals, benefits to Tastee Meal Prep include:


  • Meals are under 500 calories
  • Locally sourced produce
  • Get meal plans like Weight Loss, Maintenance, Keto, and Bulk Zone
  • They offer customization options like vegan or vegetarian and accommodations to food allergies and dislikes
  • Orders are prepared and delivered on the same day for freshness (Sunday)
  • Pricing starts at $9.00 per serving

Chef Matt’s Meals​

Chef Matts Meals

Chef Matt’s Meals is a meal prep delivery service run by Chef Matthew Riddle, a well-known native Las Vegas chef. With this meal prep, you choose your meal plan based on your diet and the number of meals you need, then Chef Matt selects dishes perfect for you and has them delivered to your door. Some benefits of Chef Matt’s Meals include:


  • Low carb, keto-friendly, and vegetarian plans
  • Accommodations for allergies and strong dislikes
  • All meals are 600 calories or less
  • The menu changes regularly with 80 items that are chosen from by Chef
  • All selections are perfectly individually portioned
  • Pricing starts at $60 for 6 meals a week


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Which food delivery service is best in Las Vegas?

The best food delivery service in Las Vegas is Fit Meals 4U, with their same-day delivery, variety, and clean ingredients.

Buyers Guide to Healthy Meal Delivery in Las Vegas​

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With so many options for meal delivery in Las Vegas, it can be hard to choose which is best for you. Here are some things to consider before deciding which meal delivery company is the right one.


We all lead different lives, which means that customization is an important factor to consider in meal delivery companies. Look for the option to customize portion sizes, ingredients, number of meals, and more.

Find what is most valuable to you to be able to change and ensure that the meal delivery service you choose offers a comfortable level of customization for you.


As we all know, it is not just dinner time that gets hectic and shouldn’t be the only meal we eat on a busy day. If you need help with on-the-go snacks, beverages, and breakfast so that you can skip the grocery store altogether, choose a meal delivery company that offers all of the extras you need to get you through the day.

Dietary Considerations

From allergies to dietary preferences like adhering to a vegetarian diet, meal delivery should meet your needs. Ensure that the company you choose considers and caters to your specific needs.

For instance, if you are on a Keto or Paleo diet, you might go with Gourmet Cave which specializes in those diets. Regardless of your dietary needs, take a deeper look at your options with each company before deciding.


Whether you are in the fitness industry or just trying to get nutrient-dense, healthy meals that taste great, look for a meal delivery company that has transparent, detailed nutrition so that you can account for what you are eating in meeting your goals.

You will also find companies on this list that offer meal plans that cater to specific health goals, so those could be a big factor in making the best choice for you.

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