Meal Delivery in Milwaukee

Meal Delivery in Milwaukee

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There are some great places to eat in Milwaukee, but you’ve grown tired of the take-out scene. You crave food made from scratch but just can’t seem to find the time. Meal delivery is a popular option, but you don’t have to rely on big companies like Blue Apron. The city has lots of great options for local delivery just waiting to serve you.

Our top choice is Miltown Eats for their quality meal kits, fresh ingredients, and variety. They also receive great reviews from their customers. Others, like Origin Meals and Delish Delivered, made it to the top of our list. Check them out and see what they each have to offer.

Miltown Eats


Miltown Eats Meal Box

If you like to cook but don’t like spending hours in the kitchen or the shopping and prepping that comes with preparing a dish you cook yourself, Miltown Eats is a tasty, fresh solution for dinner – and they deliver everything you need for a home-cooked meal right to your door.

Unlike the other meal services on our list, Miltown Eats offers meal kits instead of fully prepared dishes. They create the recipes, gather and prep the ingredients, then deliver it all to you in one nice little package with easy-to-follow directions. You get to cook and have a little fun in the kitchen without all the stress.

Miltown Eats has one of the best local reputations of the companies on our list. They also offer delicious selections that both adults and kids will love. Think along the lines of Mediterranean flatbread, pork vindaloo, and west African chickpea stew.

More Benefits of Miltown Eats:

  • Meal kits are a great easy solution for weeknight dinner
  • The selection of meal kits isn’t large but usually features at least two or three vegetarian options each week
  • Choose between 2-serving and 4 -serving plans, with your choice of 2,3, 4, or 5 meals per week
  • Contact them if you need to tailor your meal kits to meet your special diet or allergen preferences
  • Offers “Baby Eats” as an add on so you can have a home-cooked meal for the youngest members of your family
  • Prices start at less than $10 per serving

Origin Meals


Origin Meals Meal Box

Origin Meals is a different type of Milwaukee meal delivery service. Like the others on our list, they offer great food that’s healthy and delicious. We also like them for their variety, their use of local ingredients, plus their commitment to sustainability and the community.

Their entrees are filling and satisfying, and they’re also Whole30 diet approved, so they’re a great option if you’re looking to eat cleaner and healthier overall. They offer flexibility in their subscription plans, and their menu features favorites like Chicken with Jalapeno Slaw, Turkey Tetrazzini, and Classic Bolognese Ragout with gluten-free pasta.

More Benefits of Origin Meals:

  • Choose how many portions you want each week – 3, 6. 10, or 15
  • Meal selections include heat & eat options for nutritional balance, keto, and paleo
  • They use 100% grass-fed beef, free-range turkey, antibiotic-free chicken, and wild-caught salmon
  • No artificial preservatives or processed ingredients
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Prices start at $10.99 per serving for the largest meal plan

Delish Delivered


Delish Delivered

Delish Delivered makes it possible to enjoy delicious dishes without the hassle of grocery shopping, prepping food, or cooking. For those in the Milwaukee area, especially anyone with a hungry family at home, Delish Delivered is a great option for meal delivery.

We like that they have an ever-changing weekly menu that includes dishes suitable for either lunch or dinner. Some weeks also have muffins or other sweet treats that would work for breakfast on the run. You choose the entrees you want, with no commitment, and you choose if you want an individual or family portion of each dish.

More Benefits of Delish Delivered:

  • Local company started by a single mom who was struggling to put home-cooked, healthy meals on the table for her kids
  • Small but satisfying selection of choices each week – expect 6-8 meal options weekly
  • Family-sized meals with the convenience of having them delivered to your door
  • They deliver for no extra charge in the Milwaukee area
  • Individual meals start at $12.95 per portion, family-sized portions start at $32.95

The Real Good Life

The Real Good Life Meal Box

The Real Good Life takes the stress out of meal prep with meal plans that are ideal for singles and households of all sizes. Each week, they offer a different menu featuring freshly made entrees and side dishes. The meals are mostly nutritious and healthy, but they understand that sometimes you just need to indulge, so they include a sweet treat or two too.

The Real Good Life uses fresh seasonal ingredients in their meals. Examples of what you’ll see on the menu include Chicken Larb with Coconut Rice, Veggies & Noodles in Peanut Sauce, Creamy Tuscan Chicken with Noodles, and Thai Basil Beef. Dessert selections include Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cotton Candy with Pop Rocks, lemon bars, cakes, and more.

More Benefits of The Real Good Life:

  • Meals add flavor and balance when eating healthy – after all, you deserve a little dessert after a hard week
  • Choose their subscription plan or opt-out and order a la carte
  • Minimizes wasteful packaging and demonstrates social responsibility
  • Choose plans for 1, 2, 4, or 6 serving sizes
  • Heat & eat meals make a great gift for someone with a new baby, starting a new job, or with mobility issues (gift certificates are also available)
  • Prices vary, but the average price for an individual portion is $12.50

Healthy for Life

Healthy for Life Meal Box

Think of how easy it would be to eat healthy, delicious meals and function properly throughout the day if someone else was doing all the cooking for you. Healthy for life takes their customer’s nutritional needs into consideration and provides freshly prepared meals to help you reach your weight loss and other healthy goals.

Choose between three plans based on your target daily calories, then pick a menu. From there, just pick up your meals or have them delivered, and enjoy. Some selections from their rotating menu include Almond Baked Cod with Couscous, Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice, and Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Lemon Aioli.

More Benefits of Healthy for Life

  • Choose meal plans of 1200, 1500, or 2000 daily calorie counts
  • Choose the traditional or vegetarian menu – menu customization is also available
  • Prepared fresh with whole, nutrient-dense foods
  • Complete meal plan for weight loss, with no extras like shakes or bars to purchase
  • Pricing starts at $88 for a partial week plan

Bottom Line

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You can eat tasty food without a lot of fuss in Milwaukee. You just need to connect with one of these great delivery services in your local area. Support small local businesses, improve your health, and satisfy your hunger all at the same time.

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