Meal Delivery in Pittsburgh

Meal Delivery in Pittsburgh

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Are you tired of cooking? We don’t blame you, but a delicious meal with minimal effort is no further away than your local meal delivery service in Pittsburgh. We checked out the local meal prep companies that serve Pittsburgh and judged them on everything from variety to quality and price.

Pittsburgh Fresh emerges as our top choice, but others also have our mouths watering. Your search for a super easy mealtime stops here, with these meal services in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Fresh


Pittsburgh Fresh Meal

PGH Fresh is one of the most versatile and complete meal delivery services in Pittsburgh, PA. They deliver fresh, healthy meals that are fully prepared to your door, or you can opt to pick up your order instead. PGH Fresh works off a subscription model, but you can also purchase individual entrees without any commitment.

Their subscription model is set up a little differently than other meal delivery services. Instead of signing up for a set number of selections, you choose how much you want to spend per week – $50, $75, $100, or $125. You then choose items from their menu to reach that limit. The more you spend per week, the larger the discount you receive. The menu includes a variety of entrees, family portions, a la carte items, and drinks.

Key Benefits

  • Delicious, fresh meals for pickup or delivery, with no prep work
  • Many gluten-free and dairy-free options but also go above and beyond to accommodate special dietary needs when they can
  • Catering also available
  • Good flexibility and you don’t have to use all of your subscription credits at once
  • Great selection of fresh juices so you can enjoy healthy food on the go

Chip & Kale


Chip Kale Meal

Chip & Kale is a plant-based meal kit delivery company serving the Pittsburg, PA, area. Each week their menu offers five delicious vegan meals featuring fresh vegetables, plant-based protein, and healthy grains. The process is simple. You order online, and they deliver the meal kits to your door once a week.

The weekly menu of meal kits isn’t super huge, featuring five selections each week. You’ll get five entrees, so equal portions of each depending on which plan you choose, but if you don’t like a selection, you’re able to swap it out for more of another meal.

Key Benefits

  • Limited menu, but a good variety of flavors
  • You prepare the meals from scratch, using the pre-portioned ingredients that come with the meal kit.
  • Healthy, plant-based meals that save you time in the kitchen and at the grocery store
  • Choose between four or eight servings of each of the five dishes for your plan
  • Gluten-free package available
  • Some dessert options

Fresh Prep


Fresh Prep Meal

Fresh Prep is a great option for meal delivery in Pittsburg, PA if you love variety. Their weekly menu features breakfast dishes, lunch & dinner, salads, vegetarian options, and bulk foods. Some categories like breakfast and vegetarian have only a few selections, but they get points for offering at least some options.

Menu selections include classic favorites like grilled chicken breast with broccoli and rice, stuffed peppers, and shrimp stir fry. There’s enough variety that non-picky eaters should have no problem finding something they enjoy.

Key Benefits

  • Order with or without a subscription, with a minimum order of 5 meals
  • Rotating menu featuring local, seasonal ingredients
  • Weekly and monthly subscriptions, although monthly subscriptions are shipped all at once so you’ll need room to store all those meals
  • Two-month obligation with subscription packages
  • Meals start at $12, with discounts going to subscribers

Bleu Box

Bleu Box Meal

Of all of the Pittsburgh meal delivery services on our list, Blue Box is the one that comes out as the most committed to quality ingredients. Their list of weekly options isn’t huge – usually just a couple of entrees, plus small plates and dessert, but what they do offer are entrees and plates that are created with delicious, high-quality food.

Their ingredients are hormone-free and feature fresh, antibiotic-free beef, local produce, and organic options when they’re available. You can count on these entrees having great taste.

Blue Box is a meal kit delivery service, meaning the end product will be cooked by yourself, at least in part. With their subscription plan, you can choose between 2 or 4 servings, so this delivery service even works well for a family.

Key Benefits

  • Subscriptions include three preselected meals, dessert, and granola squares
  • Weekly selection features decadence like a cheese board and chocolate truffles
  • Flowers and even a dog biscuit treat are available as add ons
  • Simple recipes for classic cuisine

Kerry Out Nutrition

Kerry Out Nutrition Meal

Kerry Out Nutrition aims to help people eat healthy, even if they don’t have the time to shop, cook, or prepare delicious food themselves. With Kerry Out Nutrition, you place your order of 5 meals or more and then pick them up about 24 hours or so later. They do offer a quantity discount, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Some choices include a Red Lentil Veggie Feta Pasta that’s packed with veggies, a Chickpea Cobb Salad with loads of plant-based protein, and a Chipotle Shrimp Bowl that makes it easy to want to stick to your diet.

Key Benefits

  • Meals designed with healthy eating in mind
  • Heat and eat meals, plus filling and satisfying salad option
  • Not a food delivery service – you go there when your order is ready
  • Entrees start at about $15 per serving
  • No commitment

Fare at Home

Fare at Home Meal

A Fare at Home in Pittsburgh, PA, does all the shopping, prep, and cooking for you. All you have to do is dig in and enjoy your dinner! They use fresh ingredients to prepare delicious gourmet-style meals.

With A Fare at Home, you can phone in, order online, or drop off your order. They also always have individual meals available if you’re short on time and just want to grab something for a quick lunch or dinner. They don’t offer a delivery service, so you do need to go and pick up your order when it’s ready.

There aren’t any complicated subscription models with this company. It’s pretty simple. You order what you want, with no commitment or meeting a minimum order amount.

Key Benefits

  • At least a dozen entree choices at any given time
  • With most entrees, you can choose between 2 or 4 servings
  • Don’t have time to cook? These are all heat and eat
  • Bring in your own casserole dish, and they’ll fill it to save on packaging
  • Simplify your life with tasty gourmet style meals
  • Pick up instead of meals being delivered

Buying Guide

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If you’re living and loving in Pittsburgh, PA, there’s no reason you have to resort to fast food or takeout when you’re short on time. Let someone else do the cooking for you with these great delivery services and meal prep options.

We think Pittsburgh Fresh is the cream of the crop, but we’d be happy to fill our tummies with any company on this list. It’s time to start enjoying food again, and these options in Pittsburgh are the gateway to a delicious life.


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Which food delivery is best in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh Fresh is one of the great local food delivery services in the area. Their food is great, and they work off strong business ethics. Other locals services are great too, or you can also try one of the many national companies to have meals delivered in the area.

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