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Meal Delivery Seattle


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Seattle is a city that values their time and their health. Though Seattle has many great restaurants, meal delivery services are an affordable alternative that your waistline will thank you for. We have researched the companies that deliver meals in Seattle to bring you the best.

When looking at the options, we analyzed essential factors such as quality, freshness, cost, taste, and nutrition. With these in mind, we have deemed Maven Meals the best meal delivery service in the Seattle area for its customization options, wide variety, and budget-friendly price.

Six other meal delivery companies surpassed our strict judgment. If you are looking for an affordable, healthy alternative to eating out in Seattle, consider these options.

Maven Meals


maven meals

Maven Meals wins our best overall title in Seattle for its commitment to sustainability, freshness, and taste. In contrast to a lot of meal services, Maven Meals is not a subscription because they believe that every family has different needs (true!). Here are some key benefits to Maven Meals:

  • Weekly delivery with 15-20 new breakfast, lunch, dinner options every Monday
  • Mix and match all food options, meaning you can pick sides separately
  • Option to order fridge and pantry stables like dressings or trail mix
  • Filters during menu selection for allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Focus on local and seasonal ingredients 
  • Meals start at just under $5 per

Meal Pro​


Meal Pro Box 1

Meal Pro is a meal prep service that stands out for its customizable and well-portioned prepared meals. Some benefits of Meal Pro are:

  • Vacuum-sealed for freshness and leakproof for on-the-go
  • Customizable food portions and ingredients
  • Expert chefs and in-house nutritionists
  • All-natural ingredients– hormone-free, organic, low-sodium
  • Points system for loyalty
  • Price starts at under $10 per meal

Fresh Meals


Fresh Meal

Fresh Meals is a company serving the surrounding Seattle area. They provide fresh and healthy prepared meals. Key benefits of Fresh Meals include: 

  • Rotated menu every three weeks and delivered weekly
  • Extra meals can be frozen to last longer
  • Meals developed by nutritionists and prepared by a professional chef
  • Reduced packaging waste for sustainability
  • Prices start at $10.99

The ACME Box

The ACME Box

The Seattle-based ACME Box offers curated or build-your-own meal kits that focus on local ingredients and sustainability. The ACME Box is our pick for the best family meals. Benefits of The ACME Box include: 

  • Attention to local, in-season produce
  • Minimal packaging for sustainability 
  • Curated themed boxes or an option to build your own and add on pantry and fridge staples
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Options for dietary restrictions 
  • Prices start at $6 per serving

Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners is a meal kit service with locations in a few states, including a location serving Seattle. Dream dinners send you all the ingredients you need for a meal already pre-measured and pre-chopped for you to cook at home. Some key benefits of Dream Dinners are: 

  • Monthly extensive menus to choose meals from 
  • Frozen sides and sweets to add to your meals 
  • Medium and large sizes to fit your family 
  • Prices starting at $15 for select medium meals that serve 2-3

Best Nationwide Meal Delivery with Service to Seattle

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Green Chef

Green Chef Meal Delivery

Green Chef is a meal kit company that focuses on easy-to-follow recipes for every healthy lifestyle. They stand out due to their diverse, flavorful menus. Some great benefits of Green Chef include:

  • USDA certified organic company
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered plans
  • Restaurant worthy meals with cultural inspirations
  • Meals start at $11.99 per serving


gobble box 900

Gobble is a meal kit delivery service that states their meals can be made in 15 minutes or less because their staff chops and prepares all the ingredients for you. Recipes focus on dishes that can be made in one pan or skillet. Other key benefits include: 

  • Gluten or dairy-free, low carb, and veggie options
  • An option between classic kit and lean and clean kit (low carb, low calorie)
  • Plans for 2-4 people with your choice of a number of meals per week
  • Chefs do all the peeling, marinating, and chopping for you
  • Prices start at $11.95 per person

Seattle Meal Delivery Buying Guide​

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Picking the right meal service for you can be intimidating, but don’t worry, we have made it simple with this quick buying guide for Seattle area meal delivery.

Prepared Meals vs. Meal Kits

These delivery services fall into two categories: meal kits and prepared meals. They are quite different.

Prepared meals are pre-cooked for you and then shipped to your doorstep. You simply just have to reheat prepared meals. Meal kits provide ingredients and a recipe delivered for you to cook yourself.

If you are on the go or want to refrain from cooking, prepared meals are the way to go, whereas, if you still want the fun of cooking but don’t want to go to the grocery store or come up with meals, meal kits are better.

Maven Meals, Meal Pro, and Fresh Meals are meal prep delivery services in the greater Seattle area, while The ACME Box, Dream Dinners, Green Chef, and Gobble are meal kit options.

Prepared Meal Kits vs. Whole Ingredient Meal Kits

In this article, we have reviewed two different types of meal kits. We established above that meal kits are different from prepared meals, but there is actually a big difference in prepared meal kits versus whole ingredient meal kits.

Whole ingredient meal kits have just the right amount of ingredients for your dish, but you still have to wash, peel, and chop all of the produce and handle the preparation of the meat.

With prepared meal kits, the ingredients come to you pre-measured but also already prepared, meaning the veggies are chopped, and the meat is ready to go.

Prepared kits can often save a lot of time, so it is an important factor to consider when shopping for meal kits.

Dietary and Nutrition Considerations

Dietary and nutrition preferences can be vital when making a decision. Always ensure that the company you select can meet these needs.

Maven Meals and Meal Pros are the go-to if you have dietary and nutrition concerns.


Customization provides variety for the different lifestyles of people. Every company has some level of customization options, but Maven Meals, Meal Pros, and The ACME Box have the most customization options.


Meal delivery services can get expensive because of the restaurant-quality ingredients, logistics, and packaging, but there are still several options for less than you would spend on takeout.

Additionally, many companies allow you to save by either bundling meals or ordering them a la carte. Always check with the individual companies because there are always ways to meet your budget!


Some delivery services have auto-renewing plans, so be sure to look at their policies if you need to cancel or take a break.

Menu Selection

Menu selections are one of the most important considerations as everyone has different tastes and desires variety. Ensure that there is enough variety to keep you interested and that there are meals that you want to try before going with a company.

Bottom Line

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Every one of these companies offers wonderful meals delivered to your door in Seattle. Still, our clear overall winner for the top local company is Maven Meals for its options and affordability.

Our selection for the best family meal service in Seattle is The ACME Box. Their large menu options and focus on getting the family around the dinner table make them our go-to for families.

Finally, our winner for the best Paleo meal delivery service is Green Chef with its bold flavors and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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