The Best Meal Delivery Service for New Moms

Best Meal Delivery Services for New Moms

It’s easy to take having a healthy meal together with your family for granted, but to new parents, it’s a concept that quickly becomes elusive. Time and energy are both in short supply for new moms, with meal planning and cooking not on the list of priorities. We looked at many options to find the best meal delivery service for new moms and their families.


Best Meal Delivery Service for new Moms

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There are several reasons why Freshly wins as the best overall meal delivery for new parents. For starters, their prepared meals are delivered fresh, so as a new mom, you get to savor fresh foods that taste like they were prepared in your own kitchen.

Freshly also hits a few points that are important to new moms. Freshly offers nearly 40 meal options on their menu, providing a great variety whether the meals are just for the new mom or for other members of the household who are also a little stressed and sleep-deprived.

Freshly breaks their meals down into 4 different categories, including one called FreshlyFit. Meals in this category feature healthy ingredients and a good balance of macronutrients for new moms who need nourishment but are also thinking about losing some of the baby weight and fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothes.

All the meals in the FreshlyFit category come in at about 500 calories and are portioned perfectly to satisfy the surge of appetite that sometimes comes with breastfeeding – all while being healthy. Freshly also offers a decent selection of meals for special dietary needs, so if you need to avoid dairy, gluten, or other common food allergens, they got you covered.

All of Freshly’s meal options are heat & eat, with pricing that’s based on how many meals you purchase per week. Their 12 meal plan is the most economical, at $8.49 per meal.


Best Meal Choices

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Sunbasket has some of the best meal choices of meal kits for parents we’ve looked at. Sunbasket is unique in that they offer both heat & eat options and meal kits, designed with everything you need to prepare the meals right in your own kitchen.

This works great for both new parents that just want to stick something in the microwave and those that don’t mind a little time in the kitchen but want to streamline and simplify meal prep. Between the meal kits and heat & eat options, Sunbasket offers more than two dozen meal options on their menu every week.

Sunbasket’s menus cater to a wide range of dietary lifestyles and preferences. Each meal is clearly tagged for special dietary needs, including diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, Mediterranean, and Lean & Clean options. Sunbasket’s meals are created with organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Additionally, Sunbasket offers some breakfast options, snacks, smoothies, and a la carte options to simplify mealtime.

Daily Harvest

Best Quick Breakfast & Lunch

How To Cancel Daily Harvest Fast & Easy

Quick, easy, and nutritious is what matters when it comes to sneaking in a fast meal, especially right around breakfast and lunchtime when everything seems to be happening in a flurry with a new baby. Dairy Harvest is a way to get a nutritious meal that’s also simple and tastes great.

Daily Harvest specializes not so much in complete dinners but rather smaller meals that are built completely on fruits and vegetables, delivered to your door, and ready in minutes. Daily Harvest offers a completely vegan menu of smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, soups, and nibbles.

Daily Harvest delivers quick meals with fresh, not frozen, ingredients that require at most one step to prepare. Smoothies need to be blended. Some bowls, like the oat bowls, require simple heating. Because each meal is based on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, they’re packed with nutrition. Plus, many of them can be eaten with one hand – helpful if you have a baby in the other.


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Sprinly is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that offers meals created from fresh, organic ingredients, no artificial preservatives, no refined sugar, and all 100% gluten-free. Their meals are delivered premade and fresh, never frozen. All you have to do is heat & eat.

Sprinly is a great option for new parents that already eat a primarily plant-based diet or are looking to become healthier now that they’re responsible for this new little life (or even lose some of the pregnancy weight). With Sprinly’s focus on quality, organic ingredients, you know you’re getting the absolute best from them.

Sprinly offers three different plans – 6, 12, or 18 meals per week. All plans include free delivery. They’re currently only serving parts of the east coast, midwest, and southern regions, so you’ll want to check if you’re in their delivery area.

Sprinly is famous for its gluten-free pasta and veggie-spiral noodle bowls. They also offer gorgeous salads, just bursting with so much color that your mouth will start watering just looking over the menu. Selections per week are limited to about six on average. Sprinly’s customers claim that the portions are more than satisfying and always hit the mark where taste is concerned.


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When you have a new baby at home, what you really want is a delicious, home-cooked meal that takes practically zero effort and time to get on the table. Gobble delivers with new parent food delivery with an emphasis on 15-minute meals.

Gobble meal kits include fresh, not frozen, ingredients. So, there’s no thawing involved in the meal prep. Gobble has two separate plans – the Classic Dinner Plan or the Lean & Clean Dinner Plan.

There are about 24 meal options each week on the Gobble menu, and these include a few breakfast and dessert options. Each meal is tagged for potential allergens – ideal if you’re nursing a baby with food sensitivities. Plus, most meals can be customized in some way, such as switching out one type of protein for another.

With Gobble, you’re going to find that the ingredients in your meal kit are prepped more thoroughly than meal kits from other companies. This is part of their magic for saving you time in the kitchen. The menu is diverse, and you’ll no doubt ask yourself how some of these dishes can be prepared in 15 minutes, but they truly can.

Meals start at $11.99 per serving, which is more than what you’ll pay for other services but keep in mind that more of the prep is done for you, and meals from other services will usually take at least twice as long to prepare.

Gobble doesn’t deliver to Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Home Chef

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Home Chef is a great meal kit delivery option when you’ve got a slightly larger crew to feed at home. If there are older children in the house, or maybe you have house guests there to help take care of things around the house and help as you recover, Gobble is a perfect meal solution.

Home Chef offers both meal kits to prepare simple, delicious meals in your kitchen with precut and measured ingredients and a selection of oven-ready meals prepared and delivered in an oven-safe container. All you do is heat and eat, enjoying a warm, comforting meal with your family.

Home Chef’s menu also includes grill-ready meals, perfect for sitting outside and getting some fresh air while you enjoy a meal, along with healthy entree salads, a culinary collection, and more. Another reason Home Chef is good for whole family meals is their diversity and range of flavors.

Home Chef offers about 15 meal options each week, some of them being 15 minute or fewer meals. Many of the meals are classic but brought to life with new flavors. Think along the line of meatloaf with spiced brown sugar glaze or a chipotle lime cheesesteak sandwich—simple, well-liked favorites with a bit of a new twist.

For whole family meals, Home Chef is also a great option because of their pricing. You get fresh ingredients, tasty recipes, and satisfying portion sizes starting at only $6,99 per meal. Some meals can be customized, and you’ll be asked about dietary preferences when signing up.

Pete's Paleo

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Paleo is a popular dietary lifestyle, but Paleo “rules” can make it difficult to easily plan and prepare meals when you’re at home with a new baby. When looking at the different Paleo options for meal delivery, Pete’s Paleo comes out on top for their fresh, delicious prepared Paleo meals.

Pete’s Paleo’s menu changes seasonally to provide the freshest, best tasting, prepared meals. With about 10 options on the menu each week, each meal is packed with a perfectly portioned 5 ounces of protein and 7 ounces of Paleo-approved veggies.

The Pete’s Paleo site helps you view each seasonal menu, and it gives you a breakdown of the macro count of each dish. If you’re trying to juggle Paleo meal planning with a newborn, Pete’s Paleo is a lifesaver.

Pete’s Paleo costs a little more than most other meal delivery services. Prices range from about $14-$16 per meal. For that, you’re getting perfectly portioned Paleo meals that are fresh and ready to heat & eat. Pete’s Paleo uses organic ingredients, along with hormone-free and grass-fed proteins whenever possible. A vegetarian and keto menu are also available.

Baby Food Delivery

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Eventually, that new baby of yours is going to be ready to explore the world of solid foods. There’s an undercurrent of debate between those who make their own baby food and those who choose premade baby food options. Regardless of the side you’re on, the truth is that fed is best, but you still want to make sure you’re filling that little tummy with only the highest-quality foods.

Two services, Yumi and Little Spoon, stand out for offering prepared baby food delivery that will completely simplify your life while allowing you to rest easy, knowing your baby is getting top of the line nutrition and ingredients.


Yumi Box Image

Yumi uses only certified organic ingredients in their baby foods. They offer four different stages of solids, from pureed single foods that are perfect for when baby just starts on solids to finger foods for toddlers.

With Yumi, you can expect some standards, like pureed peas or pears, but you’ll also find more unusual combinations, like dragonfruit chia pudding or purple sweet potatoes and blackberry.

Each meal option lists exactly how many ingredients it contains. Meals are prepared fresh, jarred, and shipped to you. They stay fresh for up to 7 days in the refrigerator or two months in the freezer. Cost ranges from $3.75-$4.30 per meal, depending on the quantity ordered.

Little Spoon

little Spoon Meal Delivery

Little Spoon offers everything from fresh, organic meals for your baby to vitamins and child-friendly natural remedies. Their baby foods are made in small batches, with no heat processing, preservatives, or additives. Plus, they have a menu of more than 100 rotating flavors.

Little Spoon’s baby food menu can be filtered out by texture, making it easy to find meals for your baby’s stage of development. They use interesting flavor combination to expose your baby to new, healthy foods in a way they’ll enjoy. They almost always have a few special seasonal blends to try as well, like the Gingerbread “Cookie” made with pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, pear, and spices.

Babyblends start at a low cost of $2.74 per meal. Once your little one advances beyond the blends, you can order from Little Spoon’s selection of meals for toddlers. Each nutritionally balanced meal cost less than $5.

What's Important To New Moms

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When coming up with this list of the best meals for new moms delivered, we considered all the details that really matter to new parents. If you’re thinking of simplifying your life with a meal delivery service or giving a gift to the new parents you know, these are the things to consider. 

Prepared Meal Delivery

Meal delivery comes with two options – meal kits with ingredients that are prepared and cooked in your home or completely prepared meals that are heat & eat. Freshly is an example of prepared meal delivery, while other services like Sunbasket offer both. 

Many new parents prefer prepared meal delivery. The less time they spend in the kitchen cooking, the more time they can spend with the baby – or even sneaking in the elusive shower or nap. Prepared meals are an excellent choice for new moms because they involve less standing on their feet, helping them recover from childbirth or C-section delivery. 

Nutritious Meals

The sleep deprivation, new demands, and healing involved in the post-partum period put incredible stress on a mother’s body. We all require nutrition but a new mother really needs it. It’s simply too easy to reach for whatever is fast and convenient, and those options aren’t always the healthiest. 

The meal services on this list all do a good job of providing balanced nutrition, even for new moms who are following a special diet. Pete’s Paleo will help her stick to her Paleo eating plan while Daily Harvest will ensure she has a quick, nutritious, fruit and veggie-packed breakfast or lunch. 

New mothers are told to rest and take it easy but for many women, worrying about when and how the pregnancy weight will fall off is something that’s on their mind right after the baby is born. These meal delivery services can help her achieve her health-centered goals, all while making sure nutrition never takes a back seat. 

No Meal Planning 

There are all sorts of planning that goes on before a baby is born. Sometimes elaborate meal plans and meal prep take place, but it’s another story once the baby is here. No new parent has the time or energy to meal plan, and this can cut into the nutritional quality of their food and their grocery budget. 

With a meal delivery service, most of the planning is done for you. You choose the meals you want, and the company takes care of the rest. Most meal delivery services provide several options for how many meals you want to be delivered each week. 

No Grocery Shopping

The last place a new parent wants to spend any time is the grocery store, especially if they have to bring the baby with them. This past year has brought additional concerns of Covid exposure, and overall, it’s just a good idea to limit grocery shopping as much as possible. 

Meal kits are delivered right to your door with no contact, no risk of exposure, and no need to change out of your comfy clothes to go to the store. 

Bottom Line

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What’s the best meal delivery service for new moms? Well, Freshly is the overall winner here, but each company on this list provides a great service to new parents. Personal preferences and lifestyle factor into which one is best for you. The next time the baby is asleep, take a few minutes and look over the menus. It’s a guarantee you’ll find one that appeals to you. 

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