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The Mediterranean diet is one that’s rich in luscious fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, healthy fats, a bit of dairy, and maybe a glass of red wine here and there. The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest dietary lifestyles, but it can be time-consuming (not to mention expensive) to follow every day.

If you love the idea of embracing this lifestyle but love the idea of simplifying life in the kitchen even more, here are a few Mediterranean diet meal delivery services worth considering.

Sun Basket

Best Mediterranean Delivery Service

sun basket box

Sun Basket is one of the few meal delivery services that offer a specific plan tailored to the Mediterranean diet. Sun Basket’s Mediterranean diet meal plan includes meals that feature an abundance of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, sustainably sourced proteins, healthy fats, and specially created spices that bring each dish to life.

Sun Basket offers an average of 6-7 Mediterranean meals to choose from each week, sometimes more. If you choose one of their other plans, meals that fall into the Mediterranean guidelines are easily identified on their website.

Key Benefits

    • Specially dedicated Mediterranean meal plan with at least 2-3 new options each week
    • Uses organic produce and sustainably sourced proteins in their meals
    • Offers meals that require a minimum amount of prep as well as heat & eat options
    • Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen
    • Economically priced meals, shipped to most areas of the continental United States (with a few exceptions)

Silver Cuisine by BistroMD

Most Mediterranean Meal Variety

Silver Cuisine box

Silver Cuisine is a meal delivery service that caters to the senior crowd but honestly, they offer meals that anyone can enjoy. Silver Cuisine focuses on nutritional quality, taste, and portion sizes that appeal to more mature diners. As part of their service, they offer a selection of Mediterranean inspired dishes.

Silver Cuisine wins as the Mediterranean meal delivery service with the most variety because they offer more than 50 meals that are aligned with the Mediterranean dietary philosophy. Think along the lines of grilled salmon with champagne sauce or guilt-free ricotta crepes with berry compote.

Key Benefits

    • 55 Mediterranean inspired dishes to choose from, offering exceptional variety
    • Priced well for health-conscious seniors on a budget but shipping is extra
    • Shipping is pricey at $19.95 per order
    • Frozen, heat & meals
    • A la carte selections allow you to mix and match

Home Bistro

Runner Up

Home Bistro Meal Delivery

Home Bistro is a meal delivery service that caters to a variety of different dietary lifestyles. As part of their lineup, they offer a Mediterranean plan that features 10 meals that are aligned to the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

All of Home Bistro’s meals are heat & eat, arriving frozen at your doorstep. While the meals come with microwave instructions, they’re all designed to be boiled in the bag. While not specifically stated, the cooking method used might affect taste and quality based on what some reviewers have had to say (chicken was chewy after being microwaved, etc.).

Key Benefits

    • Mediterranean bundle includes 10 meals
    • No need to pick through meal options finding Mediterranean compliant dishes
    • Somewhat pricey compared to other companies but a payment plan option is available for one-time purchases
    • Some meal components come packaged separately, making prep/cooking more challenging
    • Home Bistro doesn’t receive the best customer reviews for taste

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Blue Apron is arguably one of the most well-known meal delivery services on the market today. Rather than offering heat & eat meals, Blue Apron ships ingredients, and instructions for meals that are easy to prep and cook. Blue Apron offers a decent selection of meals to choose from, however, they typically offer only a couple of Mediterranean options per week.

Something to consider if you’re looking for a Mediterranean meal delivery service is that Blue Apron’s reviews are a mixed bag. If you don’t eat only Mediterranean diet style meals, then Blue Apron might be more of a viable option for you.

Key Benefits

    • Limited options with only 1-2 Mediterranean meal selections per week
    • Inconsistent with Mediterranean options, with some weeks offering more than others
    • Ingredients are delivered fresh, requiring preparation and cooking
    • Reasonably priced compared to some other meal delivery services
    • Mixed customer reviews

Buying Guide


Mediterranean Diet Fundamentals

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the dietary lifestyle and associated longevity of those living in the Mediterranean region. Studies show that the people living in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea suffer from less chronic ailments, like heart disease and cancer, than those of us living in the United States.

The premise of the Mediterranean diet is pretty simple. Lots of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like fish and chicken, healthy fats, and some dairy. An occasional glass of red wine also isn’t shunned.

The Mediterranean diet is about eating healthy foods but not feeling deprived. It’s about eliminating processed foods, heavy red meats, extra sugar, and eating more simply for both health and enjoyment.

Heat & Eat Vs Meal Prep

When choosing a Mediterranean meal delivery service, you’ll want to consider your preference between heat & eat or meals that require some prep and cooking. Most meal delivery services offer one or the other, with only a few offering both.

Heat & eat meals are the simplest option. These meals come either fresh or frozen and need nothing more than to be popped in the microwave or heated up in a pan. If you prefer to be in and out of the kitchen as fast as possible, this is the type of meal service for you. The overall winner, Sun Basket, is one of the few companies that offer both types of meals.

Other services like Blue Apron ship whole or lightly prepped ingredients to you. From there, you follow the instructions on a recipe card and cook your meal. These meals usually take no longer than about 30 minutes to prepare. If you enjoy cooking or want to share cooking a little time in the kitchen with friends or family, meal prep options are a great choice.

Fresh Vs Frozen

You’re going to find that each meal delivery service delivers their packages either fresh or frozen and that each company stands very firmly on the reasons for their preference. Fresh might seem better but this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re not going to eat your meals right away.

The issue with frozen meals, like the ones from Silver Cuisine, is that they can become a little watered down and bland when heated. If you honestly don’t have a preference in fresh vs frozen, consider how long you need the meals to last in your refrigerator or freezer when making your choice.

Ingredient Quality

Let’s be honest here. It doesn’t matter how good the spices or sauces are if the main ingredients aren’t up to your standards. Of course, you want freshness and good texture but you should also consider other factors that are important to you, such as organic produce or sustainably sourced proteins.

Meal Variety & Taste

How many different options does the company offer? When you’re following a special eating plan, like the Mediterranean diet, having a variety of meals that taste really good is important.

Silver Cuisine is an example of a Mediterranean meal delivery service with incredible variety. Others, like Blue Apron, don’t cater as much to Mediterranean diets, having only a couple options.

Bottom Line


The Mediterranean diet is a great (and delicious) way of eating healthy and enjoying life. Mediterranean diet meal delivery services are a great way to add some simplicity and variety to your life in the kitchen.

Sometimes a little creativity is needed in finding Mediterranean style dishes from meal delivery companies but the ones listed here, like Sun Basket and Silver Cuisine, offer plenty of exciting options to enjoy.

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