Mexican Meal Kit Delivery

Mexican Meal Kit Delivery

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Mexican meal kit delivery is an exciting way to change up the food that’s served in your home. If you’re getting tired of eating the same meals week after week, ordering Mexican meal kits will bring just the right type of variety to your plate and save you time on grocery shopping! Discover the bold flavors and fresh ingredients in these Mexican meal kits and transform the way you eat one delivery at a time.

Mex Grocer


Mex Grocer box

Mex Grocer is an online grocer and meal delivery service that’s been helping families create authentic Mexican dishes at home for more than 22 years. The best part about Mex Grocer is the variety of products available to customers.

You can browse Mexican food recipes and order individual ingredients, purchase snacks, sauces, and salsas, or shop for prepared Mexican food. This isn’t a meal kit service, but that’s what we love about it! You have the freedom to choose what type of ingredients or meals you want to order, how often you want to order, and how to enjoy that fantastic food at home.

There are more than 200 of the biggest Mexican food brands available from Mex Grocer. Customers can order anytime, with no order minimum and no subscription for future orders. Orders ship across the entire USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, which many meal delivery services don’t offer. All orders more than $60 receive free shipping, and it’s easy to hit that dollar amount with so many tasty items to choose from!

Mex Grocer prepared meals are made using high-quality ingredients with flavors the whole family can love. Tamales are one of the best-selling prepared meals at Mex Grocer because they’re quick, easy, and delicious. If you’ve never prepared tamales at home, don’t worry, they also sell all the cookware you need to get the food on the table!

Mex Grocer has a fantastic selection of Mexican chips, candy, beverages, canned food, produce, cheese, dips, and spreads that will make a great addition to your kitchen. There are even authentic Mexican dessert recipes and ingredients that will make you feel like a professional pastry chef! The products are reasonably priced, with many costing even less than they would at a traditional grocery store.

Key Benefits

  • More than 200 Mexican brands to choose from
  • Free shipping for orders $60 and more
  • Shipping to all of the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii 
  • Products include snacks, meals, fresh produce, sauces, salsa, authentic Mexican cookware, and more.
  • No minimum order amount
  • No subscription

Marley Spoon


Martha Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is a subscription service offering meal kits with unique spice blends, highly-curated ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes. There are more than 100 recipes to choose from each week. The exact number of those recipes that are Mexican dishes does vary, but there’s always a good selection of Mexican food to choose from.

Some of the most popular Mexican meals from Marley Spoon include vegetarian Tex Mex bowls, a Mexican chili bowl, chicken pinchos salad with chipotle corn salsa, and Mexican meatball tacos. You’ll find classic Mexican ingredients in these recipes, like bell peppers, black beans, shredded chicken, salsa verde, pico de gallo, and more. 

All Marley Spoon ingredients are carefully selected to maintain high-quality meal kits. Each recipe comes together in 6 steps or less with pre-portioned ingredients that eliminate food waste. There’s not an option for a gluten-free box, but there are plenty of no-gluten-added recipes. 

Meal kits from Marley Spoon are a wonderful way to gain confidence as you cook and learn to bring more Mexican flavor to your plate. The menu is updated weekly, and you can skip a week, change delivery dates, or change the number of servings per meal anytime. Marley Spoon has a great reputation in terms of their customer service and their environmental commitment to carbon neutrality and recyclable packaging.

Marley Spoon makes cooking Mexican meals simple and easy. You’ll be proud to serve the food you prepare, and the time saved on grocery shopping and meal planning will transform your relationship with meal times!

Key Benefits

  • 100+ Weekly recipes
  • 6-step recipes with pre-measured ingredients 
  • Curated ingredients and unique spice blends
  • A flexible subscription allows you to skip weeks or change subscription dates.
  • Recyclable packaging
  • The brand is committed to carbon neutrality. 
  • Excellent customer service



Mexi Kit Birra Beef Tacos Kit

Mexi-Kit is one of the few Mexican food delivery kits that ships fully prepared Mexican meals. Each fully prepared meal is made by chefs, packaged, and shipped quickly for optimal freshness. There are different sizes of meal kits available to serve your family the perfect portion.

The most popular meal kit from Mexi-Kit is their tacos. There are Birra beef tacos, carnitas tacos, and chicken tinga tacos. Elotes, quesadillas, and churros are other tasty dishes you can order from Mexi-Kit. If you’re serving a crowd, the Carne Platter is a fuss-free solution that’s ready in less than 5 minutes! Additional salsas and chips can be added to get more servings out of the dishes too. All Mexi-Kit tortillas are gluten-free, which is a nice touch that makes the meals more inclusive for customers with gluten sensitivities. 

Mexi-Kit doesn’t require a subscription to order, but you can get a discount by signing up for a flexible subscription. In addition to the tasty prepared, pre-packaged meals, Mexi-Kit has a selection of recipes so you can make Mexican food from scratch when you have the time. 

Key Benefits

  • Fully prepared Mexican dishes ready to serve in 5-minutes or less
  • Gluten-free tortillas
  • Large meal kit platters to feed a crowd.
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Optional subscription to save on orders.
  • Authentic recipes with bold flavors

Hello Fresh

Where Does HelloFresh Deliver

Hello Fresh is a meal kit service that doesn’t specialize in Mexican dishes, but that doesn’t mean Mexican flavors aren’t an important part of the weekly menu! Some of the most popular meal kits from Hello Fresh are Mexican meals. The chipotle chicken and rice bowl, smothered chicken enchiladas with sour cream, and blacked fish tacos with caramelized pineapple and red cabbage slaw are a few of the top-rated Mexican meal Kits from Hello Fresh.

Many of their Mexican meal kits include some variation of crema, a sour cream-based sauce that is very popular in Mexico. You can learn how to make your own pico de gallo, guacamole, and more with simple preparation instructions that can be saved and reused whenever the urge strikes. 

Hello Fresh makes it easy to get dinner cooked and on the table in no time, with many recipes taking 30 minutes or less. The meal kits are highly-customizable with family-friendly, pescatarian, and vegetarian options. Many recipes have the option to swap protein or sides to fit your flavor preferences too.

The Hello Fresh menu changes each week with a flexible subscription design. You can choose a delivery date, skip a week, change your upcoming meals, and cancel your subscription anytime online or on the Hello Fresh app. We love Hello Fresh because their meal kits prove you don’t have to be great at cooking to cook great food! In addition to the Mexican meals, there are plenty of global flavors to discover every week.

Key Benefits

  • The updated menu each week
  • Family-friendly and vegetarian meal kits
  • Simple recipes that come together quickly
  • Preportioned ingredients eliminate food waste.
  • Flexible subscription
  • Recyclable packing
  • Affordable price point

Be Prepared Emergency Essentials

Be Prepared Emergency Essentials

Be Prepared is very different from the other meal delivery companies on our list. Instead of shipping meal kits for your weeknight dinners, they ship meal kits that can save your life in an emergency situation. Be Prepared is an emergency essentials delivery service that aims to help people be prepared for the unexpected.

Their products aren’t all the same type of foods, but they do have a good selection of Mexican meals. Products can be ordered individually, or you can stock up with the large Mexican meal kit. The Mexican meal kit has an impressive 192 servings with 123 calories per serving. The entire kit takes 8.4 gallons of water to prepare.

Be Prepared stresses the importance of keeping enough water on hand to prepare your meal kits and extra to drink. The Mexican meal kit has a shelf-life of 25 years, so it’s an investment that will last! The kit can be used to make tacos, burritos, nachos, and more. When a disaster strikes, such as a tornado, hurricane, power outage, flood, or fire, your family will have the supplies needed to stay healthy without leaving your home.

The shelf-stable food isn’t just for disasters, though! If you take long hiking trips where you need nutrition on the go, there are smaller 2-serving pouches of shelf-stable food like Mexican-style chicken and rice. Be Prepared may not be a traditional meal kit delivery service, but they’re filling an important need for people who want to prepare for the worst before it happens.

Key Benefits

  • Shelf-stable food that’s good for years
  • Emergency meal kits keep your family prepared for natural disasters
  • No subscription
  • Other emergency supplies like water, lights, air purifiers, and medical supplies.
  • Large servings of flavorful Mexican food

Green Chef

Green Chef

Green Chef is another meal kit service that doesn’t focus only on Mexican cuisine, but you’ll find Mexican options on each of their weekly menus. There are 32 menu options to choose from each week with a flexible subscription that makes it easy to change your delivery date, skip a week, or change the size of your upcoming delivery. 

The recipes included in Green Chef meal kits are chef-curated, nutritionist-approved, and built around certified organic produce. All the recipes are simple, with most being done in 30 minutes or less. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten-free, or have specific health goals in mind, Green Chef has a meal plan to match!

Unfortunately, Green Chef doesn’t offer as many Mexican options per week as some other meal delivery services, but what they do offer tastes incredible. Baja-style potato tacos with chipotle aioli, corn, roasted red peppers, and guacamole are one example of a Mexican vegetarian meal on the menu this week. 

Some recipes feature Mexican-inspired flavors with modern recipes like corn and bean stuffed peppers with rice, creamy chimichurri sauce, roasted tomatoes, and rice. You can view the menu for the current week and up to two weeks in advance to choose the best Mexican-inspired meals for your household. If you want to get more from your Green Chef subscription, consider adding some of their 10-minute lunch options or chef brunches.

Key Benefits

  • 32 delicious weekly recipes
  • Flexible subscription
  • Multiple meal plans to accommodate special dietary needs
  • Nutritionist-approved recipes made with certified organic produce
  • Simple, easy-to-follow recipes

Key Takeaways

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  • There are limited meal kits offering specifically Mexican meals, but many meal delivery services include Mexican meals in their weekly menus.
  • Mexican meals can feature a variety of flavors that are family-friendly and fit into specific dietary needs.
  • Flexible subscriptions or no subscriptions are preferred by most customers.
  • If you love the taste of Mexican food, meal kits make a good alternative to takeout.
  • Mexi Kit has heat-and-eat Mexican meals that are ready in minutes.
  • Meal kits help save time and eliminate food waste with preportioned ingredients.

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