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About Moink Meat Box

Fans of Shark Tank might recognize Moink Box from season 10. They were offered a deal, and since that fateful appearance on Shark Tank, they have grown into a multi-million dollar business that has added a growing number of family-run farms to their network of farmers offering ethically sourced, humanely raised meat.

The entire Moink Meat philosophy centers on offering ethical meat from small farms and supporting local farming businesses instead of feeding into the major meat industry that follows completely different standards.

Today, they operate as a meat subscription service that ships to the contingent United States. We tried them out to see how their quality and value compare to other meat subscription services.

Here’s how they stand up.


If you’re not accustomed to enjoying meats from smaller, ethical family farms, the meat from Moink Box might taste a little different. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef have a slightly different flavor and texture. Moink meat overall has an exceptional taste, but it might not be what everyone is used to.

Large Beef Chuck Roast

You might also notice that some of the cuts are smaller, like chicken breasts, for example. Theirs are pasture-raised and free from hormones and antibiotics. They’re the size that chicken breasts should be, not the monstrous ones you find in the grocery store. Although the size might be different, the taste is right on par.

Meat Selection

Moink quality meat products are sourced from small family farms. In exchange for not supporting the big meat industry, you get a smaller selection with Moink, but they have more than enough variety that should cover all your meat needs.

Moink offers a selection of grass-finished beef, free-range chicken, pasture-raised pork, and wild-caught salmon.

For beef, you have choices such as grass-fed ground beef, large perfectly marbled chuck roast, flank steak, boneless ribeye, NY Strip steak, and 16-ounce French ribeye. If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, you might want to check for a pulse.

Meat Selection

Chicken options are pretty standard, with antibiotic-free chicken drumsticks, wings, tenders, boneless skinless breasts, ground chicken, and a whole chicken to choose from.

Other selections include options like pork breakfast sauces, ground pork, beef kabobs, bacon brats, short ribs, leg of lamb steak, and wild-caught salmon.

When you choose your Moink box, there will be some preselected items that appear in your order. You can go with this curated box or make substitutions for any items with a simple click.


Quality is one of the top priorities for Moink Box, so you can expect their quality to be top tier. All of their products are sourced from a family farm in their network, where the beef is grass-fed and grass-finished, pastured pork is the standard, no growth hormones are used, meats are antibiotic-free, and farmers are committed to raising animals humanely and ethically.

Once your Moink subscription box arrives at your door, the quality and freshness are immediately evident. Meats are butchered and trimmed to maintain the best flavor and quality. Overall, Moink does an above-average job in the quality department, far exceeding anything you’d at the average grocery store.

Packaging & Recycling


Moink Box pricing is pretty straightforward. They offer a standard box with a variety of meats and a no-pork box that features a selection from Moink farmers, minus any pork products.

Each of the boxes costs $159 and contains anywhere from about 11-15 lbs of meat. The weight varies depending on what you choose and the fact that some options have bones that will add a little heft to the total weight.

You decide how frequently you want your box shipped, and it’s super easy to skip a week if your freezer is already well-stocked.

You can also add extra items to your Moink Box, at an extra charge, of course. You can also order an extra box if you’re stocking up or have a special occasion coming up. This is perfect for entertaining, especially during the holidays.

Another area where Moink earns bonus points is with their always free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Pricing Moink Box

Moink Box ships all of its subscription boxes in ec0-friendly, insulated boxes. This keeps your meat super fresh and is also easy to recycle. They also add in some dry ice to keep your shipment frozen and maintain the high quality until you have the chance to unpack it.

On average, with the eco-friendly insulated box and dry ice, your delivery should stay frozen for 4-5 days from when it is shipped. This is comforting in the case of shipping delays, or if you’re not able to be home at the exact moment, your order arrives.


Moink Boxes have only grown in popularity since the Moink - Shark Tank agreement. We’ve seen their business grow, with online sales totaling millions of dollars each year.

Moink Box meats are all sourced from small farmers who are all committed to ethical farming on every level. Although they work with farmers across the United States, most of their products come from local farms.

Moink Box is owned by Lucinda Cramsey and her husband, Adam.

The Bottom Line

Moink Boxes are great if you’re a meat-lover that enjoys supporting the small farm and ethical treatment of animals. Their quality and taste are above average, and they offer enough selection that you can easily find something for the simplest family mean to a more sophisticated dinner party.

The best part is that this high-quality meat subscription service is affordable compared to other companies, and they offer free shipping. Now is the perfect time to stock up your freezer with a Moink Box.

7 thoughts on “Moink Meat Box Review”

  1. A link on the internet caught my husband’s eye. He suggested I might like to give this a try. So, I am. Will let you know soon how it turns out for me.

  2. I love moink! The meat is different. The grass fed steaks are darker and richer than grain fed. I think it is much more flavorable. Live their bacon, too. Just did fried chicken drumsticks last week! French ribeye (tomahawk) or bone in are large and juicy. I am a fan!

  3. I had gone to the Moink website first. (I kept hearing their commercials on the radio, so, decided to check it out). I saw the box is $159. A bit pricey, but willing to try it. I then went back to Google and saw this post. I figured it would give some more information. Very helpful. But there were four green boxes that said to try a box for 50% off. But when I clicked on it, I was sent back to the Moink website, and the price of the box was still showing as $159. Where is the 50% off? I will still probably try this after I clear out my freezer, as I have no room for all this meat right now. But I was interested in the 50% off, and it’s not showing that.

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      Sorry MoinkBox is not offering the 50% off. I have asked them for a new coupon code and they are currently running this special: FREEFILET22 Get a free Filet Mignon added for free to every order for a year (new subscriptions only)

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      While the term “organic” is reserved for produce (any plant based products), Moink is 100% Grass fed, 100% Grass finished (which is the gold standard for meat quality. Their meat is free of sugar, nitrates, nitrites, food dyes, GMO grains, saline solutions, and any and all other sorts of junk. Their pork and chicken are free of antibiotics, hormones, GMO grains, confinement buildings, and sketchy growing practices. And their salmon is wild-caught from one of the last independent fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Check them out:

  4. I’m gonna give it a try. I will come back and give you a 100% accurate detailed OPINION OF MINE LOL. I’m banking on 1 of the World’s best meat companies. Almost all the rest are China owned or full of useless drugs to make bad quality be deemed eatable by the Government but you can bet our Government folk probably eat Moink Meat too. All other Animals are raised in confinement and are walking in feses all day long. CANT WAIT FOR REAL MEAT FINALLY.

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