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No sodium meal delivery services

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More meal delivery services have been offering low-sodium meals and no-sodium meals to meet the dietary guidelines of their customers. Using a meal delivery service takes the guesswork out of your sodium intake and makes it easier than ever to eat healthily. If you’re interested in trying a low or no-sodium meal delivery service, consider one of these companies!

No Sodium Added vs. Low Sodium

Eating a low-sodium diet is directly linked to lower blood pressure and a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and more. There’s no doubt a low-sodium diet is healthy, but what about a no-sodium diet?

While it’s impossible to cut out all sodium, you can lower your daily sodium intake to a fraction of what it used to be by eating low-sodium meals with 200 mg of sodium or less per serving. Calculating sodium intake at home can be difficult and overwhelming, but that’s when low-sodium meal delivery services come in.

Before we dive into the best options for no-sodium meal delivery, it’s important to understand what no sodium actually means and how it’s different than low sodium. Meal delivery services may label meals as low sodium or no sodium added. If you see the “no sodium added” label, these foods are as close as you can get to sodium-free meals.

Sodium naturally occurs in many ingredients, but if no sodium is added, the meals usually contain less than 200 mg of sodium per serving. It’s virtually impossible, not to mention dangerous, to eliminate all sodium from your diet. The naturally occurring sodium in foods isn’t near the levels that are added to processed foods; our bodies need at least a small amount of naturally occurring sodium to function normally.

To be labeled as low sodium, meals must contain less than 600 mg per serving. Low-sodium foods could contain added sodium as long as they stay under the 600 mg per serving threshold.



MamaSezz Meal Delivery

It’s hard not to be inspired when you read the story of Mamasezz. The company founder was inspired to transform the diet for herself and her family when she found herself pregnant, struggling with high blood pressure that caused an emergency early delivery of her child. At the same time, her elderly mother was going through a congestive heart failure diagnosis with a short life expectancy.

After learning the benefits of a low-sodium, plant-based diet, the family started to change their eating habits. Cutting out processed foods and animal products and a lower sodium intake successfully reversed the high blood pressure and congestive heart failure diagnosis for the family! It quickly became a goal to share this healthy lifestyle change with the world, and Mamasezz was born.

Mamasezz delivers ready-to-eat meals to your door with no subscription required, but you can sign up for automatic deliveries if that’s more convenient for your lifestyle. There are two SOS (salt, oil, and sodium) free meal plans offered by Mamasezz. Meals from Mamasezz have a taste of home and comfort you’d find in mom’s meals.

The Chef AJ Always Prepared SOS Bundle includes eight multi-serving SOS-free products prepared by Chef AJ. You’ll find items like a breakfast scramble and quinoa stack in the bundle. While you can’t choose your own bundle items, it’s easy to get added variety by incorporating fresh vegetables and mixing some of the bundle items.

The TruthNorth Bundle is created for optimal health with 8 SOS-free-multi-serving products. Some items in this bundle overlap with items from the Chef AJ Always Prepared Bundle, but there are items only found in this bundle, like breakfast smoothies and a ricotta-style mushroom and tomato bake.

Food from Mamasezz is made with love that comes through in each delicious bite. The quality of the products offered, ease of ordering, and reasonable price point made this an obvious choice for the top spot on our list!


  • Vegan
  • Less than 5 mg of sodium per serving
  • Zero waste facility – packaging can be returned for recycling and reuse
  • Automatic deliveries are available but not required
  • Meal hack recommendations for added variety
    Meals arrive ready to heat and eat
  • Free of gluten, refined sugars, oil, and peanuts


  • You can’t choose your meals in salt-free bundles
  • Multiple servings per product package – you have to portion them yourself if you’re being calorie conscious.
  • Vegan – for some, this is a pro; for others, it’s a con.



Mealpro Box

MealPro makes eating a low-sodium diet effortless with a bundle of 20 low-sodium meals. This includes ten different meals, with two of each meal in the bundle. The variety offered across those ten meals is quite impressive. With chicken, turkey, salmon, tilapia, and even eggs being the star of the meals, you won’t have to eat the same type of food twice in a row.

Unfortunately, there are two meals in the low-sodium bundle that exceed the 200 mg limit for foods to be labeled as having no sodium added. Both meals still contain less than 300 mg of sodium, but there’s no way to opt-out of those meals or swap them for another meal in the bundle.

The MealPro meal delivery service model isn’t a subscription, but you can opt for automatic deliveries if you want. The low-sodium meal plan from Meal Pro will still allow you to have a low sodium intake, but there will be four meals (2 of each of the 2) that have too much sodium for a true “no sodium” diet.

All meals are clearly labeled with sodium and cholesterol content, so it will be easy to avoid those items if you want a true “no sodium” diet. Give the meals to a friend or family member and let them try MealPro meals if you don’t want to eat them. You can also freeze the meals and eat them at a later date when you’re less strict on your low-sodium meal plan.


  • The low-sodium bundle includes a great variety of food
  • Heat and eat meals
  • Average of 152 mg sodium per serving


  • 2 of the low-sodium options contain more than 200 mg of sodium per serving
  • You can’t choose what meals you get
  • Large delivery size – 20 meals is a lot for some people. Meals you won’t eat within 3-4 days have to be frozen.

Splendid Spoon


splendid spoon noodles

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery subscription service that’s 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They have a selection of low-sodium meals, which all contain less than 12% of the daily recommended sodium intake, although the options that meet the “no sodium” requirement of 200 mg are limited. Weekly meals are rotated, so you won’t be stuck with the same menu for every order.

Some of the low-sodium meal options with less than 200 mg of sodium include:

  • Tangy ginger noodles
  • Brown rice taco grain bowl
  • Coconut curry rice bowl
  • All smoothies

If you want meals that meet these stricter dietary restrictions, begin by filtering to low-sodium meals. From there, you’ll have to check each meal individually for the sodium content before ordering. Fresh meals from Splendid Spoon are shipped weekly, but you can cancel or change your subscription anytime.


  • Vegan
  • Good low-sodium selection, all of which include less than 12% of the recommended daily sodium value
  • Gluten free and non-GMO
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Limited options with less than 200 mg of sodium
  • Subscription requires an order of 7, 14, or 21 meals at a time.

Magic Kitchen


Magic Kitchen Shipping

Magic Kitchen is a meal delivery service that uses chef-prepared meals to cater to low-sodium diets, diabetic diets, dialysis patients, and more. Their meal kits include frozen meals that are ready to heat and eat, no prep required. This makes it easy to control your salt intake without preparing meals from scratch.

Magic Kitchen has a section of low-sodium meals, but meals only need to be less than 700 mg of sodium to fit in this category. Nutrition labels clearly state the sodium of individual products, but it’s more time-consuming to inspect each item before ordering.

There’s no need to subscribe. Just order when you want meals delivered. Most meals include more than one serving per package. The listed nutrition info is for one serving, so it’s important to properly portion out one serving to get the most out of your low-sodium meal kit.


  • Affordable
  • No subscription
  • Most meals in the low-sodium category have less than 500 mg of sodium
  • Nutritionally balanced meals prepared by chefs


  • Meals are frozen
  • “Low Sodium” meals are less than 700 mg of sodium; individual labels have to be read to find items less than 200 mg.

What to Look For

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No Sodium Added in All Meals vs. Checking Every Label

Some meal kit delivery services have no sodium added in all meals, while others just have a low sodium category with meals less than 600 mg. Using a service with no sodium added in all meals is easier because you don’t have to spend time checking the sodium on every label.

If you don’t mind the extra step, you can use any company with a low-sodium filter and then manually check each label to find items with less than 200 mg of sodium.

No Sodium Meal Variety

No one wants the same meals every week in their low-sodium meal deliveries. If variety is important to you, companies with rotating weekly menus are ideal. Other companies, like Mamasezz, don’t offer a rotating menu but have tips on mixing and matching parts of your meals for added variety.

Keeping fresh vegetables on hand is another way to add volume and variety to low-sodium meals, but some prep and cooking are required if you go that route.

Choose Your Own Meals vs. PreChosen Bundles

Some companies let you make your own bundle by choosing your meals, while other meal delivery services have pre-chosen meals for their low-sodium bundles. This all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer low-sodium meal plans, but they don’t have to think about or even choose meals. Other people like the ability to choose their own meals to fit their preferences.

Meal delivery companies that do allow you to choose your own meals may require you to choose a certain number of items at a time to make a complete order.

Key Takeaways

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If one thing is clear, it’s that there aren’t many truly no-sodium meal delivery services to choose from. You can still find plenty of lower-sodium meals made with plant-based, organic ingredients, though.

Before you limit yourself to true no-sodium meals, it’s worth talking with your doctor to get their professional opinion. Would a low-sodium diet be more suitable for your lifestyle? If so, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot more variety in your meals and meal delivery service provider.

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