Noom Vs Trifecta

Noom vs Trifecta

Trifecta has officially become more than just one of the best meal delivery services on the market. Their new app allows you to transform your health with a combination of healthy food, personalized tools, and community support. Noom uses a different approach to weight loss and offers daily learning opportunities. We compared Noom VS Trifecta in all the most important categories so you can find the best fit for your health journey.

Noom and Trifecta are both health-focused weight-loss companies that use a mobile app to connect with customers anytime, anywhere. The revolutionary app designs by both companies make it possible to do everything in one app that used to require 3, 4, or more apps. While Noom and Trifecta have a lot in common, they’re quite different in a head-to-head comparison.

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Community Support

Community support is a big part of the Noom and Trifecta apps. Having a community to talk to, ask questions, seek advice, and get support from during a lifestyle change is an essential part of success. The Trifecta app has more than 10,000 active members working to support each other. The supportive peer community gives you a place to share before and after photos, connect with other members, and feel supported along your journey.

Noom offers a similar sense of community support on a much larger scale. Across all the Noom apps, there are more than 45 million registered users!

The app includes specific support groups to connect you with other users sharing similar goals. Round-the-clock access to coaching and SOS plans will ensure you never feel alone, as you can be connected to the online community as often or as little as you like.

Weight Loss Strategy


Noom Support


Overview of Trifecta Nutrition

There are many different ways to approach weight loss. While it’s hard to say what the “right” way to lose weight is, there are some clear differences between the Noom and Trifecta weight loss strategies.

Noom uses a lifestyle-based approach to losing weight that works to change your habits for long-term health benefits. Their weight-loss strategy begins with science-backed research that puts psychology at the forefront.

Daily interactive articles educate users and work to transform the way they think about weight loss. By eliminating the belief in “good” and “bad” foods, Noom users are encouraged to choose whole, nutrient-dense, healthy foods that fuel their bodies and make them feel good from the inside out.

You don’t have to track calories or macros to use the program, although it is encouraged. Noom also promotes an overall healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep and exercise to supplement your healthy food choices. Another unique aspect of the Noom weight-loss strategy is daily weigh-ins. By weighing every day, you’re always in the know about what’s happening with your body, so you can adjust your food and lifestyle accordingly to reach your healthy weight goals.

On the other hand, daily weigh-ins can lead to disordered eating habits for some people. If you have a history of disordered eating or find yourself obsessing over the number on the scale each day, Noom may not be right for you.

Trifecta takes a simpler approach to weight loss through calorie tracking and macros. You simply share your weight loss goals and current weight. Then Trifecta creates a personalized program that will make those goals a reality.

Trifecta users get ready-to-eat meals and use the Trifecta App to track their intake. Ultimately, weight loss is science. By managing the calories going in versus the calories your body naturally burns each day, weight loss will be the natural result.

Menu & Food


Noom Weight app


Trifecta meals

Noom does not provide any prepared meals, meal kits, snacks, or meal plans. Noom users are left to their own devices when it comes to grocery shopping, meal prep, and eating choices. Noom does teach the benefits of choosing whole, nutrient-dense foods, but it’s up to you to use what you learn in your day-to-day life.

Trifecta’s healthy meal delivery services offer prepared nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also add meal-prep items like lean meat and veggies to your meal delivery kits that will fit into your meal plan.

Most of the menu items from Trifecta are organic and sustainably sourced, and all Trifecta meals are 100% gluten-free. You can choose the number of meals per week included in your subscription plan and change your plan at any time. Some other meal delivery services don’t offer the same type of flexibility, which is one of the biggest benefits of Trifecta meal delivery service.

One of the big benefits that come with fully prepared meals and pre-made meal plans is that Trifecta users will know what a well-balanced, perfectly portioned meal looks like. This creates healthy eating habits and prepares you for life-long success. That knowledge can then be used to start making your own healthy meal choices if/when you stop ordering pre-made meals from Trifecta.
































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14 Entrees

Clean Eating
























Noom and Trifecta offer different services to their subscribers, so it’s no surprise that their pricing varies drastically. A Noom subscription costs a flat rate depending on the number of months you subscribe for. Users can subscribe for as short as one month at a time for $60 or as long as one year at a time for $199.

The longer the subscription you purchase, the cheaper it is per month. The monthly subscription rate includes full access to the app community, health coaching, and weight loss tools.

The Trifecta app is much more affordable at just $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year ($5.83 per month) if you purchase a yearly subscription. That price includes premium access to the app community, macro tracking, personalized diet plans, coaching, and more. Trifecta prepared meal delivery service costs an additional fee.

The cost of Trifecta meal delivery depends on how many meals you order at a time and what meal plan you’ve chosen. Meal plans start at $99.99 per delivery plus a $9.99 delivery fee for each shipment in the contiguous United States.

The vegetarian and vegan meal plans are the cheapest, while the Clean Eating, Whole30, Paleo, and Keto meal plans that include meat/seafood are more expensive. The most you could pay per serving is $15.86, and the least you could pay is $12.86 per serving.

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Customer Service




Customer service is an important factor in any business, but especially when that business impacts your health. Trifecta and Noom both offer multiple forms of customer service, including online chat support, phone support, and a customer support email address. The customer support teams can help change your subscription, answer questions, and ensure you’re utilizing all the benefits that you’re paying for.


Trifecta Meal Delivery Service

It was a close call between Noom and Trifecta, but Trifecta’s meal delivery service came out on top. The added convenience of pre-made meals delivered each week in conjunction with the app could be the difference between a success story and just another failed diet plan. Plus, it’s a better value for your money than Noom’s weight loss programs.

Noom may offer more education on the psychology and science behind healthy eating, but that’s something you can research yourself online if you use Trifecta.

The peer-support community that promotes accountability will make you feel supported and encouraged as you follow your Trifecta meal plan. The Trifecta app offers almost the same experience as the Noom app, plus the addition of guess-free meals brought to your door.

Choose Noom if You: 

  • Like flexible eating
  • Don’t mind meal planning, shopping, and cooking for all your meals
  • Want to learn the psychology behind weight-loss
  • Want to make a total lifestyle change
  • Want a large, interactive support community
  • Have food allergies or dietary restrictions and want to avoid prepared meals

Choose Trifecta if You:

  • Don’t want to spend time shopping, planning, and prepping
  • Want a meal delivery service instead of only an app
  • Enjoy the variety of flavors and foods that meal delivery services offer
  • Prioritize good customer service
  • Want a better total value for the cost
  • Prefer prepared meal plans delivered to your door
  • Want customized macro and calorie tracking on the app

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